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PARALYSIS is an often overlooked and underrated band from Louisiana. Formed in 1989, they hit the underground brutal death metal community with their first demo "Plegia" which got some good reviews in many zines at the time. After that demo, the band released a limited '91 promo demo that was only distributed to labels/zines which led to a deal with the now-defunct "Grind Core International" label for a full length. This release would see the light of day in mid '92 as the "Patrons of the Dark" CD, which established them as a solid + promising force in the early '90s death metal underground.

Unfortunately, the release never reached its potential, as it was lost to many fans in the sea of new bands/releases still being pumped out of the early '90s death metal explosion. Also, it was released on mid-level label called "grindcore international" which had a pretty mediocre roster of bands/releases at the time (although they WERE responsible for some killer debut releases by THERION, BROKEN HOPE, etc). Still, those who heard the band came to love their no-frills straight forward style w/ Bass-Heavy sound + the EXTREMELY guttural vocals of frontman Ben Falgoust. Some time after the release of "Patrons..." the band dissolved with Ben moving on to success with his later projects SOILENT GREEN + GOATWHORE. The vocal approach in these bands is a stark contrast to the early Gutturals he was known for, but are also a testament to his diversity as a premier vocalist in extreme music. -

This page was created not only with the old school fans in mind, but also as a glimpse into the past, for the many legions of Goatwhore/Soilent Green fans who may have never heard this material.

Band Members
Last Known:
BEN FALGOUST - Vokills (Soilent Green, Goatwhore, Hangnail)
GALITO - Guitar
ALEX JOHNSON - Drums (Severed Mass)

Former Members:

1990 - Plegia Demo

1.Human Refuse02:57
Total playing time10:51

1991 - Demo

Recorded May 31, 1991 and mixed June 3, 1991 at Festival Studios by Michael
Borrello, Rick Maiser & Paralysis.
1.(Intro) The Curse of Immortality01:29
Total playing time10:27

1992 - Patrons of the Dark

Full-length, Grind Core International

1.The Curse of Immortality01:49
3.Schorched By Demons04:06
5.Patrons of the Dark05:12
6.Shroud of Iniquity03:18
11.Gates Reflected06:05
12.The Immortalist02:56
13.Descent Into The Pale Hour02:23
Total playing time45:03

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Stressball - Above The Surface Demo (1997)

1997 - Above The Surface

New Orleans' Stressball were formed in the early '90s and consisted of vocalist Steven Gaille, guitarist Lennon Laviolette, bassist Eddie Dupuy, and drummer Joseph Fazzio. Building their unusual sound from a number of heavy metal and hardcore influences, the group released a single, eponymous album in 1994 before fading into oblivion. On their perplexing 1994 self-titled debut, Southern originals Stressball manage to defy most expectations of what more heavy metal should be, or at least what it usually is: fast-paced, overwhelming, and LOUD. Instead, unnaturally subdued heavies like "Dust," "Colum," and "Empty Promises" casually contradicted these seemingly inexorable maxims with patient, slow-burning intensity. Like Pantera playing at half the volume and half the speed (double kick drums and all), Stressball cook up a mysterious gumbo of sound that combines elements culled from death metal, hardcore punk, and Southern sludge. And if comedic legend Sam Kinison had a son singing for a heavy metal band, he may well have sounded like Stressball screamer Steven Gaille. This album is unquestionably unique, and it's therefore little wonder that Crash Music eventually unearthed it for reissue in 2003. ~ Ed Rivadavia, All Music Guide

Track Listing:

3.Above the Surface02:44
4.Bigger Through God03:31
7.No Escape03:26
8.Wall of Rape03:15

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Scrotel Eclipse of the Heart

Scrotesque is a New Orleans death/gore grindcore band birthed around December 2001. Orginally formed as Devin Jones - guitars; Nathan Bergeron - bass, vocals; Keith Johnson - vocals; and Brian DiVincenti - drums, percussion. In the midst of opening for such acts as Goatwhore, Valume Nob, Exhumed, Bongzilla, the Red Chord, Black Dahlia Murder, and Bile; Scrotesque was further enhanced by the guitar talents of Jason Cook haling from the local heavy metal band Detonate. With the lineup complete, Scrotesque went on to open for such acts as Cattle Decapitation, Cannibal Corpse, Suture, as well as many other death metal, grindcore, and black metal greats. However, due to personal reasons, frontman Keith Johnson has left the band. -taken from their myspace page

2005 - Once Upon the Crotch

1.My Hamster's Name is Gore

2.Maggot Infested Vagina Milkshake

3.Satan is a Popsicle

4.Necropedophiliac Foreplay

5.Your Twat Smells Like an Astray

6.Crucifixion Makes Me Hungry

7.Fucking the Babyshitter

8.Fisting Fight (A Tale of Tug-O-War)

9.Here's a Tissue for your Agoraphobic Nosebleed

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Eyehategod 20th Anniversary Show 8-29-08

Live recording of EHG's set at their 20th anniversary show last year.


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It's Official.....

Well, welcome aboard. Here at Nola 504 and More I will be sharing music from the smelly city that I call home. What kind/genre you ask? Well, I guess It will all depend on my mood from day to day. I tend to listen to mostly sludge/stoner/doom metal, and I have a lot of classic NOLA stuff so, if you have similar tastes, stay posted. Once I get used to this whole blog thing you will be seeing lots of good stuff here, bra!