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The Pallbearers - Sex Crime Of The Century (2008)


In 1997 The Pallbearers were born into this craphole of a world as a four piece drunken punk blast of disgusted hate and pure violence. They started off under the name "Street Trash" and had a set list that was about 15 minutes long and consisted of 12 extremely fast songs pulling influence from Poison Idea and early dri. They played their first gig as "The Pallbearers" at the Dixie Tavern with Blanks 77 and the Anti Heroes on one nasty summer night. The first song performed, "Beat My Bone", ended with vocalist, Richie Roachclip, strangling a member of the audience with his mic chord and then-guitarist, Seth Buttsac, relentlessly kicking at peoples faces in defence of a sudden drunken attack! This was the first of many violent shows by The Pallbearers. in 1998 they played a show with Eyehategod that resulted in a 30-man-fistfight on Canal street. In 2000 they played the State Palace Theater with 3 straight-edge bands and still manged to instigate a borderline riot of drunken rage. This chaotic nature obviously carries into the sound of studio material the band has laid down in the past. They were featured on a dwarves tribute on transparent records in 1999 performing the track "Insect Whore". Soon after in 2000 they released an 11 song 7" vinyl entitled "Drinkin' With The Dead" which featured chilling cover art by drummer Bill Heintz. While it lasted, Transparent Records was the perfect label for The Pallbearers, featuring such bands as The Undead, The Fartz, and Human Buffet. Their last release with Transparent was an Accused tribute called "Mechanized Death" where they covered "f*%k!n for bux" in all it's splatter-thrash glory. After all that crap settled they dove into the horror film industry with New Orleans' own Terroroptics on a project called "Attack of the C*%kface Killer". With Richie's gore fx knowledge on hand and Bill's artistic desire to gross people out the results were no less than offensively disgusting. While working on the film they put together a GG Allin tribute show and learned about 30 of his songs to be performed on august 1st 2001 at the Dixie Tavern with support from The Headwoundz, Fight the Goober, and The No-shows. Around that time they scooped up a new guitarist (Andy) and bassist (Marvin) which led to a chunkier and more precise sound for the band. Not only did the music evolve a bit, but so did the lyrics. The theme's became more elaborate and of course...sicker. Songs like "Crooked Crematory", "Busride Boom", and "Ripped to s..!ts" started popping up on their live sets and it really gave the drunks in the crowd a bit more to move to (they could actually pit instead of just beating the crap out of each other). In 2003 the gang worked on the next Terroroptics film project, "Stabbed in the face", which took a more serious approach to traditional film making than their previous efforts. in 2005 The Pallbearers were featured on the "Lewd Conduct" compilation released by local label, Rectum Records, which includes 26 bands from Louisiana. on august 5th 2005 they played a Lewd Conduct cd release show with Manwitch, The Sutures, and Suffocating Lindsay at Lounge Lizards on Decatur sporting the current line up with Howie Doin on bass and Brun on guitar. A few weeks after, the stinkin' hurricane hit and they all fled to four points of the compass. After reforming from evacuation they began playing shows as soon as possible, the scene was dead but soon came around as people returned. 2006 brought 2 releases from The Pallbearers on Rectum Records. First up was "Cult Classics", a collection of the early recordings ranging from 1997 to 2001. Second was "Video Nasties", a collection of songs recorded from 2002 to 2006.  Over the years the pallbearers have performed with such acts as: Dead Kennedys, Fear, d.r.i., Agnostic Front, The Nobodys, The Offenders, Verbal Abuse, The Regulations, Toys that kill, Bulemics, Defiance, The Casualties, The Ghouls, The Independents, Reason of Insanity, D!ck Delicious, The Helltones, Debris Inc, Fyp, Rancid vat, Eerie ln., Murder junkies and many more. - taken from their Myspace

After playing for 11 fucking years The Pallbearers have recorded their FIRST EVER studio album.  2008's "Sex Crime of The Century".  Clocking in right over 22 minutes, this album will rip and fuck your face from start to finish.


  2008 - Sex Crime Of The Century

1.  Phantasm, Shredding With The Dead
2.  You Or Them
3.  Maggots In Her Muff
4.  Crazy Fat Ethyl
5.  Maniac Intruder
6.  You're a Specimen
7.  Goregasm
8.  18th Floor
9.  Snake In The Bush
11.Death (The Whore)
12.World Up My Ass
13.Sex Crime Of The Century

Playing Time: 22:50

Well, hopefully they don't mind me posting this up but The fucking Pallbearers are just tooo damn good  for the world outside of New Orleans not to hear.  Be sure to check out The Pallbearers on MyspaceRectum Records, and Terroroptics Studios.  Also be sure to check out the trailer for Terroroptics film "Goregasm", which can also be purchased from the webstore at Terroroptics Studios.


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Thou - To Carry A Stone EP (2008)



2008 - To Carry A Stone EP

Track Listing:

1. They Stretch Out Their Hands
2. The Road Of Many Names

Length: 00:10:41

Here's another release from Louisiana's doom monsters THOU.  As with all there other releases, these two songs are fucking epic.

The artwork on all of Thou's releases are enough reason to purchase them.  Just look at it! 


Now go buy it!

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Gurf Morlix - Last Exit To Happyland (2009)

"Austin’s Gurf Morlix fifth album, Last Exit to Happyland, has an enigmatic title, which seems appropriate as Morlix is an inscrutable artist. There’s no song or lyric that makes reference to Happyland, heaven, paradise, or any synonymous places, although there are allusions to times of reckoning, judgment day, and selling one’s soul to the devil. “Last exits”, vis a vis last chances, don’t seem an option to the people that inhabit his tunes. Instead they find themselves at the “End of the Line”, on a “Hard Road”, or if they are lucky, at the “Crossroads”, as indicated by the aforementioned song titles.

If that suggests darkness, well, duh! “You’re gonna get caught and you’re gonna bleed,” the Texan tells us, but he does this in a tender voice to gentle, or at least subdued, music. Life sucks. There’s that hurricane that wiped out New Orleans, women that leave you, and friends that kill themselves on this disc. This may not be blues music, but Morlix confronts some of life’s bleakest moments. Part of what makes him unfathomable as an artist is that he sees this with clear eyes and doesn’t whine about it. He just tells it like it is and uplifts the listener through the force of his music.

Morlix, who not only sings and writes all the songs on the record but plays all of the instruments on it (but drums) and produced it at his home studio, understands the mighty power of music. The gospel- inflected “Drums from New Orleans”, which features moans and wails from Ruthie Foster, discusses how the mysterious sound of late night radio from the Crescent City opened up new worlds and saved a lonely child from the cold, cold North. The kid is Morlix himself, a Buffalo, New York native who moved south soon after graduating from high school to start a musical career.

The other song clearly about a real person is the lilting shuffle, “Music You Mighta Made.” The song was written for his old friend and fellow musician Blaze Foley, whose suicide was also noted in Lucinda Williams’ “Drunken Angel” (that Morlix produced). Morlix’s tune melodically recalls the music Foley used to make and the gentle soul he used to be to those who know and loved him.

Living in this world is rough, but Morlix can find sweetness in the struggles. He knows a “life of trying” has its on rewards. Some of this is expressed by the female voices that harmonize with him on this record. Besides Foster, Patty Griffin joins in on three songs and Timbuk3’s Barbara Kooyman sings on another. Morlix employs these women’s voices sparingly, but to superb effect so that when you hear them you can’t help but pay attention to what they are singing. When Griffin and Morlix’s voices mesh on “I Got Nothin’”, the effect causes the listener to shiver at the nakedness of the emotions expressed.

And, of course, much of the credit must go to Morlix’s own voice. He doesn’t have a great range or sense of phrasing. Instead, he knows how to sing in a controlled fashion that allows for the lyrics and the instruments to serve the songs. It’s a neat trick, for this allows him to convey his music in a conversational and intimate manner. This album whispers instead of shouts, and that makes it all the more powerful in its execution" ~

1. One More Second
2. Walkin' To New Orleans
3. Crossroads
4. She's A River
5. Drums From New Orleans
6. Music You Mighta Made
7. I Got Nothin'
8. Hard Road
9. End Of The Line
10. Voice Of Midnight

GM - L.E.T.H.L : Awright.....


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J.B Beverley and The Wayward Drifters - Watch America Roll By (2009)


2009 - Watch America Roll By

It’s a time-honored tradition: the life-on-the-road sophomore album. And with the title of Watch America Roll By, J.B. Beverley and the Wayward Drifters willingly stand by tradition on Album Number Two; fortunately, Beverley’s worldview is broader than that of his tour van. Guitarist Beverley (ex-Murder Junkies!) and the Drifters (banjo/dobro/mandolinist Dan Mazer and upright bassist Johnny Lawless) may be all over the literal map—hitting the highway on jaunty opener “Interstate Blues”, hanging out with a hobo on “Gonna Ride a Train”, and making like Reverend Horton Heat’s kid brother on “Drug Train”—but these peripatetic souls know exactly how they want to get wherever it is they’re going: with plenty of old-school fiddle-and-banjo-soaked honky tonk. Too, the band tosses out the requisite shout-outs to their country forebears Messrs Cash and Williams Sr. either explicitly, as on the title track, or implicitly (“They’ll Only Play My Music When I’m Dead”), as any respectful country band should. Of course, the band pulls off the highway long enough to flip the bird to some women who’ve done Beverley wrong—“I Don’t Give A Damn” (“I’d chop off every finger I got / If it keeps me safe from you”... though presumably he’s keeping one finger intact) and “Thank You For Giving Me The Blues”, before putting the rubber back on the road, cackling all the way. Thank goodness someone remembered that road trips are supposed to be fun. - review by Stephen Haag

Track Listing:

01.  Interstate Blues
02.  Watch America Roll By
03.  Walked Across Texas
04.  They'll Only Play My Music When I'm Dead
05.  Me and My Blues
06.  I Don't Give a Damn
07.  Thank You For Giving Me the Blues
08.  Gonna Ride A Train
09.  End Of The Road
10.  Drug Train
11.  Don't Need No One
12.  Favorite Waste Of Time

God Damn I love this album.  I have a feeling that Beverley and the gang will be around longer than many people think.  With the current "Traditional Country" revival that's going on right now, these guys are right up front with names like Dale Watson, Wayne Hancock, Hank III and etc. 


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Angry Johnny and The Killbillies - Killville Auto Salvage Vol. 1 (2000)


2000 - Killville Auto Salvage Vol. 1

Track Listing:

01. Never Be Over You
02. Ain't What It Used to Be
03. Bottle of Wine
04. Wrecking Ball
05. I Bought You Some Roses
06. Don't Love Me No More
07. Shotgun
08. Poserville
09. Only Make You Cry
10. Still Love You Anyway
11. A Love More True
12. Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
13. My River Run Dry

Size: 69.98 MB

More mayhem from Killville Massachusetts. For those of you who can't get enough of Angry Johnny & The Killbillies. The Killville Auto Salvage series is a collection of rarities, alternate takes, and miscellaneous oddballs spanning 2 decades of "bloodgrass".

I fucking love this stuff. If you like the rest, be sure to check this one out.


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Zebra - 3.V (1986)


1986 - 3.V

 The album 3.V by Zebra was released in 1986 on Atlantic Records. All tracks were written by Randy Jackson. Doug Stone from allmusic gave the album 4.5 stars, saying "3.V has that certain something extra: more than an album, 3.V opens the mind of an unheralded genius."

Track Listing:

1.     "Drive Me Crazy"        
2.     "Can't Live Without"      
3.     "He's Making You the Fool"
4.     "Time"
5.     "Your Mind's Open"      
6.     "Better Not Call"      
7.     "You'll Never Know"      
8.     "About to Make the Time"  
9.     "You're Only Losing Your Heart"
10.     "Hard Living Without You"
11.     "Isn't That the Way"  

This is probably the most "well known" release by Zebra. I love this album.  Do the right thing and...

Kilgore (Demo '96) - Vual (Rehearsal Takes '04)

This is a pretty rough post but the music is so damn rare, and it's in 320, I figured I'd throw it out there. I have no idea what the names of the songs are. Hell, I have no idea where I GOT this cd from...

Tracks 1-7 are from a demo by Kilgore, Sammy Duet and Zak Nolan's band pre-Goatwhore. It's evil and blackened like GW so if you dig that you'll probably dig this...

Tracks 8-10 are basically 3 one-minute rehearsal takes from the never completed album by Vual, which was Sammy and Kelly Pitre (Audie's brother). No vocals on those, just music. Good to have for any NOLA underground completist...

Kilgore / Vual : Awright.....

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Angry Johnny and The Killbillies - What's So Funny? (1998)


1998 - What's So Funny?

Track Listing:

1.  All American Girl
2.  High Noon In Killville
3.  Disposable Boy
4.  The Joneses
5.  Henry
6.  Shitty Day
7.  49
8.  Sent Him Home
9.  My Ghoul Maggie
10.Devil's Run
11.Won't Get Me Out Of Your Mind
13.Walking Alone
14.Kill Again
16.Davie and Jeannie
17.Old Boyfriend
18.A Love More True

They're on the loose again. Set to thrashing guitars, saxophone, tuba, and banjo, this sonata for serial killers is far too well done to dismiss as novelty. But it's Angry Johnny's punked-up vocals and obsessed songwriting that you'll really remember. Of course, after listening to this stuff, you'll want to drive a stake through the heart of anyone who ever looked at you cross-eyed. - Alanna Nash

Don't miss this folks!  Them good 'ol boys from Killville are back to fuck you up and leave you smiling.


Zebra - No Tellin' Lies (1984)


1984 - No Tellin' Lies

Track Listing:

1.   Wait Until the Summer's Gone
2.   I Don't Like It
3.   Bears
4.   I Don't Care
5.   Lullaby
6.   No Tellin' Lies
7.   Takin' A Stance
8.   But No More
9.   Little Things
10. Drive Me Crazy

No Tellin' Lies is Zebra's second album, and is also their most overlooked work.  Songs like "But No More" and "I Don't Care" are enough reason to love this album.  If you liked their first album, be sure to check this out. Also make sure you visit The Door for official news on the band.


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Zebra - Self Titled (1983)

Zebra is a hard rock band that came together in 1975 in New Orleans, Louisiana. It features Randy Jackson (guitar and vocals), Felix Hanemann (bass, keyboards and vocals) and Guy Gelso (drums and vocals). Their mainstream debut on Atlantic Records was in 1983, highlighted by the singles "Tell Me What You Want" and "Who's Behind The Door". Like Twisted Sister, Zebra cut their teeth on the East Coast club circuit, frequently playing at clubs on Long Island, NY.  Zebra started their career by playing covers of Led Zeppelin, Moody Blues and Rush songs: it was their early fans' reaction to their Led Zeppelin renditions that helped convince the band to bring their act to New York.  They had introduced their original material into their cover sets years before they were signed to Atlantic Records, including "The La La Song", "Free" and "Bears" (originally entitled "The Bears are Hibernating").  Zebra had been noticed as an original act to contend with by local colleges and even had some of their early original performances recorded by Long Island FM radio station WBAB, culminating in the inclusion of one of their songs on a release of "WBAB's Homegrown Album", which commemorated some of the station's best local acts and performances culled from their on-air "Homegrown Hour" program.  The band continued to tour throughout the 1980s and 1990s, and in 2003 released their first album of all-new material since 1986. A DVD of recent live performances, mostly from a show at the House of Blues in New Orleans, was released in the summer of 2007. - taken from Wikipedia

1983 - Zebra

Zebra is the debut album by American hard rock band Zebra, released in 1983, eight years after they were founded. The album features all original material, with the exception of "Slow Down," a Larry Williams tune best remembered in a 1964 cover version by the Beatles. It is generally considered the band's strongest work, featuring minor hits "Who's Behind The Door?" and "Tell Me What You Want."
Dream Theater covered "Take Your Fingers From My Hair" for the special edition of their 10th studio album, Black Clouds & Silver Linings.

Track Listing:   

1. Tell Me What You Want
2. One More Chance 
3. Slow Down
4. As I Said Before
5. Who's Behind the Door?
6. When You Get There
7. Take Your Fingers From My Hair
8. Don't Walk Away
9. The La La Song

Everyone in South Louisiana knows who Zebra is.  They are probably the most underrated band of their time.  I still to this day do not understand how these guys aren't well known.  

 Check them out here


Morning 40 Federation - S/T

2004 release from these crazy NOLA vets that somehow causes the listener to start drinking heavily before the first song is even over. Every friggin' time! Gotta thank Swampchode for turning me onto these guys in the first place. Very cool...

"Formed in 1997 in New Orleans, LA, by saxophonist and vocalist Josh Cohen and trombonist and lead tubaist Space Rickshaw, Morning 40 Federation soon made waves locally at house parties and small clubs and bars. After achieving a more "secure" lineup -- including Bailey Smith (guitars), Ryan Scully (guitars), Steve Calandra (bass), and Mike Andrepont (drums) -- the band began to attract some important attention, and after self-releasing two full-lengths, You My Brother in 2000 and Trick Nasty in 2002, Morning 40 Federation -- or the 40s, as they were labeled by those "in the know" -- scored a record deal with M80 Records. Their first work for their new label, the self-titled Morning 40 Federation, was critically well received. Their next studio foray, Ticonderoga, was released to even more plaudits in 2006." ~ Chris True, All Music Guide

M40F : Awright.....
Awesome interview w/ the band : Here

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Batmobile - Rockabilly Tracks (2003)


2003 - Rockabilly Tracks

Track Listing :

01 Can´t Find My Way Back Home
02 Girls Girls Girls
03 Aardvark Blues
04 All By Myself
05 Earthquake
06 Frenzy
07 Gorilla Beat
08 Grab The Money And Run
09 Hard On Rock
10 Little Pig
11 Love Disease
12 Ravin´ Women
13 Sinners Rock
14 Sweet Love On My Mind
15 Zombie Riot
16 Rock This Planet
17 Roll On
18 Rockinÿ Rooster
19 Racing With The Sun
20 Killer Crew

Here's another GREAT album by Holland's Batmobile.  If you enjoyed the others, don't miss this one. I listen to these guys at least once a week. Psycho/Rockabilly music is fucking addictive man. I used to hate this stuff.


Do you think tonight is gonna rock?

For the first time since 1992, Exhorder and Crowbar will share the same stage at Metal Gras 2010 on Friday, February 12th with Flesh Parade opening.  The show will take place at The Hangar, located at 1511 S. Rendon in New Orleans.  Tickets are $20.00 with doors at 9pm, show starts at 10.  Go to for additional information and updates


I think so!
Don't worry Devildowninga, I'll try to get some footage for ya!

Beherit - Oath Of Black Blood

2004 re-issue of the classic 1991 release. The black metal cliches "raw" and "primitive" barely scratch the surface of this one. Check this out from Encyclopaedia Metallum -

Turbo Music sent a large sum of money to the Beherit members to record "The Oath of Black Blood" album, though they didn't expect that Holocausto and friends would spend all of money on drugs and booze. In the end, there was no album, so Turbo Music decided to release the "Demonomancy" demo along with "Dawn of Satan's Millennium" 7'' as a full length. It is still widely regarded as their first album."

Whether that story's true or not, Oath Of Black Blood and Drawing Down The Moon are Beherit essentials!

"One of the darkest, most brutal, most perverse creatures of the blackest abysses south of heaven! In the year 1991 "The Oath Of Blood" marked the debut-album of Finnish psychopaths BEHERIT. 99% of all Metalians hate them to the blood, while the rest truly worships them. These hell's children offer everything that the underground of the "black" scene would use as ideal: An absolutely subterranean production, most primitive songs and an atmosphere that is so cold like flames from hell!

No band ever has been deeper in the underground as BEHERIT here! Even the prime examples for the nihilistic sound like old DARKTHRONE or BLACK FUNERAL sound like mass-compatible chart-breakers compared to this one! The best produced track is the intro, but what then breaks loose is the pure hell (for each HiFi-friend!). Ten hardly definable walls of white noise, straight-ahead. No lyrics have been printed, I'm not even sure, if there are any to be found. And if so, then would they be too extreme for this world?

Those, who enter, let loose all hopes. Because this groats is the weirdest noise that you could possibly imagine. And therefore it cannot be more cult!!! And now all: THE DEVIL HAVE SONS THEY CALL BEHERIT. (Quote from the info-sheet of Turbo Music - just as much cult as the band itself.) Watch out for the re-release, which should be out any day now. You can get it from every mailorder and the bedlam next door" - Metalobserver

  1. Intro
  2. Metal Of Death
  3. The Oath Of Black Blood
  4. Grave Desecration
  5. Witchcraft
  6. Goat Worship
  7. Demonomancy
  8. Black Mass Prayer
  9. Beast Of Damnation
  10. Hail Sathanas
  11. Dawn Of Satan's Millenium
Beherit - OOBB : Awright.....


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Angry Johnny and The Killbillies - Hankenstein (1996)


1996 - Hankenstein

Track Listing:

1.  Life, Love, Death, and the Meter Man
2.  Mr. Undertaker
3.  202
4.  Jesus, Please Come on Down
5.  Prison Walls
6.  Chainsaw Charlie
7.  Poor Little Raccoon
8.  Brand New Girl
9.  Whiskey
10. Jawbone
11. Meet My Maker
12. Racing the Train
13. The Creep
14. Bug Band
15. Drag Racing the Devil

Words cannot describe how much I love this album.  Angry Johnny is a crazy sumbitch.  Be sure to check this out, especially "Poor Little Raccoon".  This is alt country with a little comedy thrown in, and these boys do it well.


Rotting Christ - Aealo

So, the new Rotting Christ is here (sorta :D). I've heard really mixed reviews on this one, but I happen to enjoy it. It's definitely Rotting Christ moved in a different direction. Anyway, here it is for you to judge for yourself. As always, if you like it, buy it!

  1. "Aealo"
  2. "Eon Aenaos"
  3. "Demonon Vrosis"
  4. "Noctis Era"
  5. "Dub-Saĝ-Ta-Ke"
  6. "Fire, Death and Fear"
  7. "Nekron Iahes..."
  8. "...Pir Threontai"
  9. "Thou Art Lord"
  10. "Santa Muerte"
  11. "Orders From The Dead (Diamanda Galas cover)"

Deadeyejack - Bastard Sons Of The West

I need to thank Phillip from the band Deadbird and Cheeto from Sludge Swamp for this one. Released in 2005, this cd has been getting ALOT of play around my house and it's too good not to share. These guys are from Arkansas and they've got the whole southern heavy metal/sludge thing down pat. Goood stuff...

"DEADEYEJACK was birthed in '03, and has shared the stage with a lot of great bands, including: NEBULA, BLACK COBRA, MINSK, OCEAN, DIXIE WITCH, AMPLIFIED HEAT, DEADBIRD, SHITFIRE..etc.

"This is all, all that matters and destroys."

Members of DEADEYEJACK are rumored to also be in these bands: DIRTMOTHER, DEADBIRD, WITCHES TIT." - From their Myspace

Deadeyejack - BSOTW : Awright.....


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ray Wylie Hubbard - Dangerous Spirits

1997 release by the great RWH. This one is a little more country than blues (not a bad thing at all) and includes one of my all time favorite RWH songs "The Last Younger Son". If you're questioning whether or not you want to check this guy out then that song's a hell of a place to start, as well as "Last Train To Amsterdam", "The Ballad Of The Crimson Kings", etc...

"Hubbard may have written "Up Against the Wall Red-neck Mother," but the song couldn't be farther from the meaning of his music. He's lived much of his life on the road--touring steadily for some 25 years now--leading from the birth of progressive country in Dallas and Austin, to fitful honky tonk recordings, to his country folk masterpieces Loco Gringo's Lament and the recent, and perhaps best, Dangerous Spirits. Hubbard has a wind scratched voice and a disposition both philosophical and spiritual that celebrates the beauties that, as he sings in "Ballad of the Crimson Kings," "sparkle and fade away." Hubbard's lyrical vision is fierce and unflinching, encompassing the existential shock of Flannery O'Connor and the mystery of fellow Texas troubadour Townes Van Zandt." --Ray Francis Kasten

  1. Dangerous Spirits
  2. If Heaven Is Not A Place To Go
  3. Without Love ( We're Just Wastin' Time)
  4. Hey That's All Right
  5. Last Train To Amsterdam
  6. The Last Younger Son
  7. Ressurrection
  8. Crimson Dragon Tatoo
  9. The Sun Also Rises
  10. The Ballad Of The Crimson Kings

RWH - Awright.....

Monarch - Die Tonight (2007)


2007 - Die Tonight

Track Listing:

1. Swan Song
2. Winter Bride

This is Monarchs' third full length album.  With only two tracks, this monster still clocks in at right under 40 minutes. There are a lot of mixed reviews about this album, I personally think it's one of their better releases so I figured I'd share.  Thanks go to my friend Skaven for the recommendation.

Check them out on Myspace


Shoot The Hostages - No Witnesses

Absolutely BRUTAL punk/crust/metal filth from Massachusetts. Also recommended to any fans of Eyehategod, Buzzoven, Fistula, Noothgrush, Weedeater, etc...This shit is mandatory!

"shoot the hostages played shows and put out a 7" and a cd. they did a u.s. tour and broke up soon after returning home. more bands should follow their example and break up before they start to suck. it would make the world a better place. seriously. although the band no longer performs together, they still accept gifts and cash donations. speaking of which, there's talk of a discography coming out that includes all the comp songs and covers. you should totally buy that shit." - Myspace

Tracks :

1 If You Ignore the Problem
2 It Will Go Away

3 Cant Even Afford the Bullets
4 Put to Sleep
5 Takeover
6 The Last Temptation of Crust
7 Small Unmarked Bills
8 What Kind Of Party Is This?
9 Hippies Drugs and Promiscuity
10 Whatever Happened to Good Old Fashioned Apathy
11 Dead Cop, No Doughnut
12 Anything I Want
13 On Your Knees
14 (Live from Linwood)

STH - Awright.....


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The New Orleans Bingo! Show - Vol. II For A Life Ever Bright (2008)


2008 - Vol. II For A Life Ever Bright

Beginning in humble circumstances playing to the rear end of a fried chicken shack, traveling the far reaches of the world from the U.S. to the Continent to the corners of the Far East and landing right back where they started in the storied and seedy streets of the French Quarter, The New Orleans Bingo! Show remains a curious spectacle, a thrilling phenomenon and one of the very finest entertainments on the theatrical stage today.  Dressed in black, white and red like the leering faces on a good poker hand, the Bingo! Show is a multimedia stage experience that includes original black-and-white silent films, aerialists, dancers, ingénues, clowns, audience interaction, bingo games, slapstick comedy and shady characters who remind you that every stage door opens into a dark alley.  Ringleader – or ringmaster – Clint Maedgen, a Louisiana native and sixteen-year New Orleans resident, writes love songs to the bohemian beauty of downtown New Orleans with heartbreaking purity and unimpeachable chops; his songs swell with tenderness and crackle with sinister menace in equal parts. Rounded out with occasional upright bass, organ, musical saw, theremin, siren, pantomime, flashlight, found percussion and suspicious behavior, the band is a Brechtian cabaret funneled through New Orleans' Ninth Ward via the noir surrealism of Twin Peaks.
In recent years, The New Orleans Bingo! Show has forged a deep involvement with the New Orleans traditional jazz institution the Preservation Hall Jazz Band– touring with them, joining the show and working with the band to update, twist and preserve the unique quality that is New Orleans-style showmanship.  But as in the finest dime museums, sideshows and collections of oddities since the dawn of vaudeville, seeing is believing. So step up to the ticket booth, surrender a nominal sum and allow yourself to be astonished, amazed and amused by America's best-loved musical gameshow cabaret –  The New Orleans Bingo! Show. - official bio from their page here

Track Listing:

      1.   NEW ORLEANS
      5.   MID-CITY BABY
      6.   LOST AND FOUND
      8.   JOHNNY CHRIST

I absolutely LOVE these guys.  I had meant to post this up a while back when Devildowninga had sent it to me, but things were kind of hectic at the time and it somehow slipped my mind.  With the Superbowl win still fresh, the only thing on my mind as of late is NOLA so I figured this was perfect timing.

It's the Bingo! Show bruh!

Don't forget to check them out here!

Ray Wylie Hubbard - Delirium Tremolos

This is the 2005 release from the king of Texas cowboy/blues. Another mandatory addition to any outlaw country/southern rock collection...

"It seems strange that folks like Ray Wylie Hubbard once lived such wild lives but have been able to make solid comebacks later in life. Strange, because Hubbard, on Delirium Tremolos, sounds as good as he ever has. Better yet, the album has a nice, mellow country sound, and Hubbard has discarded, for the time being, his penchant for preachy, comic songs. It doesn't hurt that the album's been produced by Gurf Morlix, nor that he's joined by great harmony singers like Patty Griffin and Eliza Gilkyson. Hubbard's choice of songs are solid too, combining deep but real lyrics ("And the rock and roll gypsies are ridin' tonight/ On the carnival strips they'll stay") with good melodies and hooks. The first three songs, "The Beauty Way," "Rock and Roll Gypsies," and "Dallas After Midnight," are all keepers, and a beautiful start to a solid album. Other good songs include "This Mornin' I Am Born Again," a gospel-flavored hymn that even pagans should dig. Delirium Tremolos only runs 45 minutes, which means that Hubbard and Morlix resisted the temptation to fill the disc with less than satisfactory material. Roots fans and anyone who enjoys good songwriting will want to pick up a copy." ~ Ronnie D. Lankford, Jr.

  1. The Beauty Way
  2. Rock and Roll Gypsies
  3. Dallas After Midnight
  4. Torn in Two
  5. Drivin' Wheel
  6. This Mornin' I Am Born Again
  7. Dust Of The Chase
  8. Roll and I Tumble
  9. Cooler-N-Hell
  10. Choctaw Bingo

RWH - Delirium Tremelos : Awright.....

Skinkrawl - 3 Song E.P.

This is the last recording Skinkrawl made before Katrina came through and scattered everybody, essentially ending the band. However, I did see where they just played a live show in NOLA on 1-19-10 with some new members so maybe we can keep our fingers crossed for some new material soon?

  1. Emotional Suspended Animation
  2. Eternity Purified
  3. Preconceived
Skinkrawl - 3 Song E.P. - Awright.....

Monday, February 8, 2010

Thou - Through the Empires of Eternal Void EP (2009)


2009 - Through the Empires of Eternal Void EP

Track Listing :

1. Into the Void
2. Sweat Leaf
3. Lord of This World
4. Black Sabbath

How can you go wrong here?  It's Louisiana's doom monsters' THOU showing respect to the godfathers doom!  I love the way they took a hold of these songs and put their sound all over it. I rock this one constantly, check it out!


Superbowl Champs!!


Boy, I'm still recovering from last night!  What a game!  That's exactly what the city needed.  Huge congratulations to Coach Peyton, Tom Benson, all of the team, and the WHO DAT NATION!

It's also exactly what I needed, as I've had some bullshit happen over the last few days. It's good to see the team that you've stood behind your entire life FINALLY make it.  WHO DAT!? 

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Wounded Kings - Embrace of the Narrow House

Really cool band from Dartmoor, and if there's one thing the Brits can do better than us, it's gotta be old school doom. Pretty traditional doom, but more trudging than what you'd usually expect from the style.

1. Embrace of the Narrow House
2. The Hours
3. Melanthos
4. The Eighth House
5. Master of Witches
6. Shroud of Divine Will
7. The Private Labyrinth


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sons of Perdition - The Kingdom Is on Fire (2007)


 2007 - The Kingdom Is on Fire
Track Listing:

This Land Is Cursed
02. The Party
03. Anhelo
04. There Is a Judgment
05. Blood in the Valley
06. Burial At Sea
07. Cannibals of Rotenburg
08. All He Wants (is My Blood)
09. An End to All Flesh
10. Death of a Shuckster
11. The Legend of Saw Jones
12. Fall to Your Knees
13. I Wanna Go to Heaven

Here's another Outlaw/Alt./ Traditional Country album that gets played frequently at my house.  If you liked all the other country stuff that I've posted, and for some reason you have not heard these guys, then you need to....


The Sacred Mushroom - Self Titled (1969)

1969 - The Sacred Mushroom

Track Listing:

1. I Don't Like You
2. You Won't Be Sorry
3. Catatonic Lover
4. All Good Things Must Have An End
5. I'm Not Like Everybody Else
6. I Take Care
7. Mean Old World
8. Lifeline

Sacred Mushroom -- led by future Pure Prairie League member Larry Goshorn (guitar/vocals) and featuring brother Danny Goshorn (vocals) -- were a short-lived rock/blues quintet based in Cincinnati, OH. Their efforts coalesce on this, the band's self-titled debut (and only) long-player. The album contains a blend of proficient originals as well as a pair of well-chosen cover tunes, such as the blues standard "Mean Old World" and the Kinks' "I'm Not Like Everybody Else." While their name conjures images of late-'60s psychedelic or acid rock, Sacred Mushroom's roots were decidedly more bluesy than trippy. Likewise, their harder-edged performance style is well served by the tight and somewhat pop-driven arrangements, resembling artists such as the Allman Joys, Kak, or the pre-Blue Öyster Cult Stalk-Forrest Group. A few of the Larry Goshorn-penned tunes are certifiably lost classics. These include the up-tempo rocker "Catatonic Lover," which features some lyrical chord changes reminiscent of "3/5's of a Mile in 10 Seconds" by Jefferson Airplane, and the Chicago blues-style waltz "All Good Things Must End." The latter is highlighted by some inspired harp playing from Rusty Work. The opening track, "I Don't Like You," is a funky rocker spotlighting the Goshorn Brothers' tight harmonies as well as Larry's distinctive lead electric guitar licks. Another standout is their reworking of "I'm Not Like Everybody Else." The track retains a timeless pop sensibility that incorporates interweaving acoustic and electric guitar lines. "Lifeline," the most extended track on the disc, recalls the electric blues of seminal Fleetwood Mac or Stan Webb's Chicken Shack. Along the same lines is the blues boogie rendering of "Mean Old World," which might easily be mistaken for an obscure version by a mid-'60s lineup of John Mayall's Bluesbreakers. - review taken from

I personally love this album, I find myself listening to it pretty much every time that I have a day off of work.  It's great stuff to sit back and get baked to, that's a fact.


Thou - The Retaliation Of The Immutable Force Of Nature (2008)


2008 - The Retaliation Of The Immutable Force Of Nature
Track Listing:

01. What Blood Still Flows From These Veins
02. Acceptance 

Here is two mega-heavy-as-fuck songs from Louisiana's THOU. These songs are perfect for late night drug binges, alcohol fueled depression sessions, and pretty much anything else.  No other band mixes all these elements of doom and raw atmosphere quite like Thou does.  This is highly recommended.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Thou - Peasant (2008)


2008 - Peasant

Track Listing:

01.The Work Ethic Myth
02. An Age Imprisoned
03. Belt Of Fire To Guide Me, Cloak Of Night To Hide Me
04. Burning Black Coals And Dark Memories
05. They Stretch Out Their Hands
06. The Road Of Many Names

I'm sure many of you already know about this band, for those of you that don't; do yourself a favor and fucking get this right now! Thou fucking slays. Period.


Are you a leech? A looter? Not sure? Read this, it may help clarify.

This was originally posted by my friend Cheeto over at the Sludge Swamp, I figured some of our visitors could learn a little from this. 

"How To Leave A Comment".

It's really easier than it seems, actually. Ok, you are on your computer going through blogs, checking out posts on new music, or games, or just about anything that one posts on the millions of blogs out there in cyber-land. Wow, you find a post you like, it's a great new album that you don't have, or would like to hear, and this nice person who owns the blog posted this--for you--and, better yet, it's free to download! Oh, joy! So, you click on the link, and get that nifty music to enjoy without even leaving your chair. Now, you leave that blog and move along....STOP!!!! Don't you want to thank that person, or tell them how much that 3rd song on the album moved you, or recommend to other readers of that blog to check that album out, or even just to say that the album really sucked ass, or the 5th song really had an annoying piano part in the middle that made you want to smudge crayons all over your little sister's face? Sure you do...

And, the best news is, it's as easy as 1,2,3 to post a comment. At the bottom of every post, and in some cases, on top of the post is a little link that says "comments" or is worded in such a way.
Hey, there's even one at the bottom of this post, on the right hand side! You could even practice on this one....

Yeah, I know, it'll be in other languages on non-english blogs..Don't be a smart ass. Any the how, just click on that link and a little window will open on your screen. There is a comment box, where you can say whatever you want, just a thank you is acceptable, but you can review the album you downloaded or tell a joke, or whatever. Then, it will usually have some letter code you need to type in a box (to make sure you are not a scam-bot.), type those in and click on your Blogger identity, anonymous, other, or "Snake-Eyes" or "Leecherboy", whatever it may be. Last of all, you click on "Publish Your Comment", and there you go! You have left a comment! People will read your comment, and you will have left your mark, a thankyou, or a personalized opinion, only YOU could have made. You will feel like a new person, old people will wave at you, stray dogs will come up and lick you, you will have a better, more productive day. All this, because you posted a comment.

Thank you for leaving your comments, it makes us feel better, and it makes you feel better! And, dammit, it's just the right thing to do...

So, as stated above, thanks to all of you that do leave comments, and thanks to Cheeto and the swamp gang for letting me borrow a page from their textbook.