Monday, February 1, 2010

Are you a leech? A looter? Not sure? Read this, it may help clarify.

This was originally posted by my friend Cheeto over at the Sludge Swamp, I figured some of our visitors could learn a little from this. 

"How To Leave A Comment".

It's really easier than it seems, actually. Ok, you are on your computer going through blogs, checking out posts on new music, or games, or just about anything that one posts on the millions of blogs out there in cyber-land. Wow, you find a post you like, it's a great new album that you don't have, or would like to hear, and this nice person who owns the blog posted this--for you--and, better yet, it's free to download! Oh, joy! So, you click on the link, and get that nifty music to enjoy without even leaving your chair. Now, you leave that blog and move along....STOP!!!! Don't you want to thank that person, or tell them how much that 3rd song on the album moved you, or recommend to other readers of that blog to check that album out, or even just to say that the album really sucked ass, or the 5th song really had an annoying piano part in the middle that made you want to smudge crayons all over your little sister's face? Sure you do...

And, the best news is, it's as easy as 1,2,3 to post a comment. At the bottom of every post, and in some cases, on top of the post is a little link that says "comments" or is worded in such a way.
Hey, there's even one at the bottom of this post, on the right hand side! You could even practice on this one....

Yeah, I know, it'll be in other languages on non-english blogs..Don't be a smart ass. Any the how, just click on that link and a little window will open on your screen. There is a comment box, where you can say whatever you want, just a thank you is acceptable, but you can review the album you downloaded or tell a joke, or whatever. Then, it will usually have some letter code you need to type in a box (to make sure you are not a scam-bot.), type those in and click on your Blogger identity, anonymous, other, or "Snake-Eyes" or "Leecherboy", whatever it may be. Last of all, you click on "Publish Your Comment", and there you go! You have left a comment! People will read your comment, and you will have left your mark, a thankyou, or a personalized opinion, only YOU could have made. You will feel like a new person, old people will wave at you, stray dogs will come up and lick you, you will have a better, more productive day. All this, because you posted a comment.

Thank you for leaving your comments, it makes us feel better, and it makes you feel better! And, dammit, it's just the right thing to do...

So, as stated above, thanks to all of you that do leave comments, and thanks to Cheeto and the swamp gang for letting me borrow a page from their textbook. 


  1. This is so, so true. We have no idea what to post if we don't get feedback. Props, Cheeto, on saying everything I've been thinking.

  2. I couldn't have worded it any better myself. Lol

  3. i'm all with you, mate, and i've left more comments on your blog than i've gotten albums from, so i think i'm in good stead, but...
    what do you think will happen if one of the artists whose music you post for free download visits your blog & see that YOU expect to be thanked for THEIR music? :-/

  4. Well, it's not JUST about being thanked for posting up music, it's also about encouraging discussions, opinions on albums/artists etc. I'd like to know what the thousands of people dl'ing these albums think about them. Also, if the artists don't mind their albums being here, I'm sure they won't mind that I care to know what people think about them.

  5. sometimes i just get into it and totally forget to leave a post... sorry. i like it here and am thankful to you all... thanks for posting all this awesome stuff.


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