Friday, February 12, 2010

Batmobile - Rockabilly Tracks (2003)


2003 - Rockabilly Tracks

Track Listing :

01 Can´t Find My Way Back Home
02 Girls Girls Girls
03 Aardvark Blues
04 All By Myself
05 Earthquake
06 Frenzy
07 Gorilla Beat
08 Grab The Money And Run
09 Hard On Rock
10 Little Pig
11 Love Disease
12 Ravin´ Women
13 Sinners Rock
14 Sweet Love On My Mind
15 Zombie Riot
16 Rock This Planet
17 Roll On
18 Rockinÿ Rooster
19 Racing With The Sun
20 Killer Crew

Here's another GREAT album by Holland's Batmobile.  If you enjoyed the others, don't miss this one. I listen to these guys at least once a week. Psycho/Rockabilly music is fucking addictive man. I used to hate this stuff.


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