Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rotting Christ - Aealo

So, the new Rotting Christ is here (sorta :D). I've heard really mixed reviews on this one, but I happen to enjoy it. It's definitely Rotting Christ moved in a different direction. Anyway, here it is for you to judge for yourself. As always, if you like it, buy it!

  1. "Aealo"
  2. "Eon Aenaos"
  3. "Demonon Vrosis"
  4. "Noctis Era"
  5. "Dub-Saĝ-Ta-Ke"
  6. "Fire, Death and Fear"
  7. "Nekron Iahes..."
  8. "...Pir Threontai"
  9. "Thou Art Lord"
  10. "Santa Muerte"
  11. "Orders From The Dead (Diamanda Galas cover)"

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