Monday, February 15, 2010

Angry Johnny and The Killbillies - What's So Funny? (1998)


1998 - What's So Funny?

Track Listing:

1.  All American Girl
2.  High Noon In Killville
3.  Disposable Boy
4.  The Joneses
5.  Henry
6.  Shitty Day
7.  49
8.  Sent Him Home
9.  My Ghoul Maggie
10.Devil's Run
11.Won't Get Me Out Of Your Mind
13.Walking Alone
14.Kill Again
16.Davie and Jeannie
17.Old Boyfriend
18.A Love More True

They're on the loose again. Set to thrashing guitars, saxophone, tuba, and banjo, this sonata for serial killers is far too well done to dismiss as novelty. But it's Angry Johnny's punked-up vocals and obsessed songwriting that you'll really remember. Of course, after listening to this stuff, you'll want to drive a stake through the heart of anyone who ever looked at you cross-eyed. - Alanna Nash

Don't miss this folks!  Them good 'ol boys from Killville are back to fuck you up and leave you smiling.


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