Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kilgore (Demo '96) - Vual (Rehearsal Takes '04)

This is a pretty rough post but the music is so damn rare, and it's in 320, I figured I'd throw it out there. I have no idea what the names of the songs are. Hell, I have no idea where I GOT this cd from...

Tracks 1-7 are from a demo by Kilgore, Sammy Duet and Zak Nolan's band pre-Goatwhore. It's evil and blackened like GW so if you dig that you'll probably dig this...

Tracks 8-10 are basically 3 one-minute rehearsal takes from the never completed album by Vual, which was Sammy and Kelly Pitre (Audie's brother). No vocals on those, just music. Good to have for any NOLA underground completist...

Kilgore / Vual : Awright.....



    I've been looking for this FOREVER.

    Holy dead Jesus, this just made my day.

  2. Ha. Cool man, it's pretty friggin' good too!

  3. You don't have any of the stuff by Psychlon Vex, Walpurgisnacht, A Hanging, or any of the Razor White demo's do ya?

  4. Not the rest but I do have a Razor White demo around here somewhere. Lemme look.....


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