Thursday, February 11, 2010

Angry Johnny and The Killbillies - Hankenstein (1996)


1996 - Hankenstein

Track Listing:

1.  Life, Love, Death, and the Meter Man
2.  Mr. Undertaker
3.  202
4.  Jesus, Please Come on Down
5.  Prison Walls
6.  Chainsaw Charlie
7.  Poor Little Raccoon
8.  Brand New Girl
9.  Whiskey
10. Jawbone
11. Meet My Maker
12. Racing the Train
13. The Creep
14. Bug Band
15. Drag Racing the Devil

Words cannot describe how much I love this album.  Angry Johnny is a crazy sumbitch.  Be sure to check this out, especially "Poor Little Raccoon".  This is alt country with a little comedy thrown in, and these boys do it well.



  1. Whats the password!?

  2. please, please, please re-up the angry johnny and the killbillies albums. otherwise i have to pay 70€ for a USED copy @ amazon


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