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The Poots - Volume 5 (2005)

2005 - Volume 5

Track Listing:

1.  Intro
2.  American Lard
3.  Pit-Sniff Blitz
4.  Direct Deposit
5.  Straight Chucklin'
6.  You Can Go Fuck Yourself
7.  Buttocks
8.  Got My Wig
9.  Big Head, Little Face
10. 400 Pound Friday Night
11. Shenanigans
12. Speaking Without A Permit
13. RIP
14. Human Gutterball
15. M.R.E
16. I Hate Red Lights
17. Shit Your Pants
18. Poot Rendezvous
19. Caniac
20. Serial Snuggler
21. Kickin' Back

Even though I didn't get any comments or feedback on the last album that I posted by The Poots, It has been downloaded a bunch of times so I figured I'd throw this one up as well.  The Poots are fucking great! I can't stress that enough.  You definitley need a good sense of humor to enjoy this so, if you're a square; this isn't for you...

Crank it up mufuggas!

Check them out HERE
Human Gutterball

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Boris the Sprinkler - 8 Testicled Pogo Machine (1994)

Genre: Pop Punk, Punk & Roll
Lyrical Theme: fast food, comic books, classic punk rock, and kitschy Americana
Origin: Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA
Label: Bulge Records
File: 90 Mb (320kbps)

1. Intro (Drugs & Masturbation) 3:43
2. Get Outta My Life 2:12
3. Boulevard Bulldog 1:39
4. Hey Professor Flutesnoot 2:05
5. (She's Do) Disgusting 2:53
6. West Of The East 1:36
7. She's Got A Lighter 2:52
8. Anarchy Bob At The Mayo Clinic 1:13
9. The Way It Is 2:39
10. Side Two 0:43
11. Gimme Gimme Grape Juice 2:12
12. Hexagonal Blues 2:16
13. 1-3 2:10
14. Crop 0:58
15. It's My Style 1:36
16. All My Time 1:52
17. Drunk 1:31
18. Girls Like U 2:09
19. Solomon Grundy 2:01
20. Hail Potsylvania 0:27
21. Time Bomb Tom 1:35
Total Playing Time 40:22

Here's a great band from my kneck of the woods while I was growing up and I saw them live a couple time and they are just incredible. Fronted by the legendary Reverend Norb, Boris blasts through 21 original classics with Norb shouting out his spit-fire tongue twister vocals and diatribe. This is seriously a must for you and the late great Wesley Willis is heard introducing the band. AMAZING stuff.

8 Testicled Pogo Machine

Monday, April 26, 2010

Hank Williams III & The Damn Band - Live in Scotland (2001)

Hank Williams III & The Damn Band

Genre - Real Country
Origin- Nashville, Tenn.
Time - 42.5 min.
File - 57.9 MB (192kbps)

Track List:
1. Wine Spodeeodee
2. Why Don't You Leave Me Alone
3. Cocaine Blues
4. I don't Know
5. On My Own
6. Mississippi Mud
7. The Sun Comes Up
8. Long Gone Lonesome Blues
9. Ramblin' Man
10. Move It On Over
11. If The Shoe Fits
12. Trashville

Much like the Joey Allcorn bootleg I posted here I found this hiding out as I was going through my music files. Hank III should need no introduction, but if you are not in the know go here . This was recorded by the BBC in 2001 and released as a bootleg not long after Bootleg #2 had surfaced. Pretty good show by the young risin outlaw . Check it out and leave some feedback.


Unknown Hinson - Compilation I made in 2009

I can't believe Unknown hasn't been posted here yet so I offer up a compilation I made last year of a bunch of my favorite songs by the undisputed King Of Country Western Troubadours, not to mention one of the baddest-assed guitar pickers working today. As well as doing the voice of the funniest cartoon character on TV nowadays, Early Cuyler from Squidbillies. Jump on into his truck-boat-truck and crank this one up. And don't forget Unknown's motto ladies : "Yeah yeah. Womern's Likes It".....

Track list :
  1. Spendin' Life In Prison
  2. It Don't Bother Me
  3. Foggy Windows
  4. I'll Run Like Hell
  5. I Can't Believe You're Pregnant Again
  6. Venus Bound
  7. Your Man Is Gay
  8. I Ain't Afraid Of Your Husband
  9. I Make Faces (When I Make Love)
  10. Talk American
  11. Alkyhol Withdrawl
  12. Polly Urethane
  13. Rock And Roll Is Straight From Hell
  14. I Cleaned Out A Room In My Trailer For You
  15. I Quit All That Mess
  16. Man To Man
  17. Ugly Things
  18. From Jail To Hell
  19. I Won't Live In Sin With You
  20. Satan In A Thong
  21. I Don't Take Dope
  22. Hippie Girl
  23. Lingerie
  24. King Of Country Music Troubadours

Unknown Hinson Comp. Baybahh! - Waahww!!!


Shonen Knife - Super Group (2008)

Genre: Pop Punk
Origin: Osaka, Japan
Label: P-Vine-Good Caramel-Damnably (UK Label)
File: 92 Mb (320kbps)

Naoko Yamano – lead vocals, guitar (1981-present)
Ritsuko Taneda – bass, backing vocals (2006-present)
Etsuko Nakanishi – drums, backing vocals (2005-2010)

all songs written by Naoko Yamano, except "Jet" by Paul & Linda McCartney
1. Super Group 3:56
2. Slug 3:49
3. Muddy Bubbles Hell 4:24
4. Deer Biscuits 4:30
5. BBQ Party 2:33
6. Pyramid Power 3:24
7. Time Warp 4:03
8. Na Na Na 3:35
9. Your Guitar 3:46
10. Jet 3:54
11. Evil Birds (North America/Mexico Bonus Track) 3:38
Total Playing Time: 41:32

I've actually wanted to hear this album for a long time and I've heard good things about it, but I forgot for awhile and now I'm finally getting the chance. I have only heard the title track so far, but it's AWESOME. It's so much fun to act like a superhero too. I'm sure this is good so turn it up and check it out with me. It's really a can't miss since everything I have ever heard by Shonen Knife has been fun as hell adorable heartwarming goofy pop punk.

Super Group

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Scald - Fluke (2007)

"Limited Edition pressing of this 2008 CD EP from the Irish Metal band. Since forming almost 15 years ago from the remains of Irish crust bands TVP and Bleeding Rectum, Belfast's Scald have garnered a reputation for shunning the usual conventions to create original music that's as enigmatic as it is visceral. Fluke is a vicious indictment of the global Catholic Church and it's secretive history of greed and manipulation. Five tracks of blackened, grinding Metal performed at breakneck pace provide a platform for a scathing attack, spat and screamed forth in Scald's inimitable and immediately identifiable style. The EP finishes with a 25 minute; sprawling ambient noise composition that uses captured and processed audio from the Fluke session and an Italian spoken-word monologue. The album has a running time of 40 minutes" ~ Cduniverse

Track listing :
  1. Act 1 - Larva
  2. Act 2 - Cocoon
  3. Act 3 - Lumbricoid
  4. Act4 - Trematiod
  5. Act 4 - Helminth
  6. Act 5 - Passera

Get Scalded


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Evil Motherfucker

Heres more Joe Buck Yourself to add to Swampchodes post here . Joe Buck is as down to earth as you can get, period. I picked these disc's up at the live shows, as he tours relentlessly from coast to coast in his RV with his lady and his dawg. The evil one has inked a deal with Century Media records and will have a new release out in the near future so look out for it! He was once a member of Th' Legendary Shack Shakers and Hank III's Damn Band. The Damn Band seem a little flat these days and lacking energy since Joe Buck departed. All three disc's that I purchased were hand drawn by the evil one himself as we sat chatted. The covers were hand drawn too but were already made up and ready to stuff. You can get more info and tour dates by going here

Joe Buck Yourself Motherfucker (2006)

Genre: Oneman Hillbilly Punk
Origin: Nashville, Tenn.
Time: 44:29 min.
File: 89.74 MB (320kbps)

Track List:
1. I Want Revenge
2. Devil Is On His Way
3. Muddy Water
4. Rage In The South
5. Are You My Enemy?
6. Evil Motherfucker Tn.
7. Buck Like A Mule
8. Hillbilly Pride
9. Sick Fucker
10. My Country Tis Of Thee
11. Humanity's Dead
12. Planet Seeth
13. Bitter Is The Day


Hillbilly Speedball (2007)

Genre: Oneman Hillbilly Punk
Origin: Nashville, Tenn.
Time: 24:03 min.
File: 47.05 MB (320kbps)

Track List:
1. Dig A Hole
2. I Will Survive
3. Hillbilly Speedball
4. Born To Scare
5. No More
6. Took Up With The Devil
7. In Treatment All


Gory, Gory Hallelujah ep (2008)

Genre: Oneman Hillbilly Punk
Origin: Nashville, Tenn.
Time: 16:58 min.
File: 34 MB (320kbps)

Track List:
1. Demon In My Head
2. Rock City

3. Drug Train
4. Music City's Dead
5. Give It Up


Metal Mixtape Madness again!!!!!!!!!!

I put together another compilation for my friends over at the Sludge Swamp, so I figured I'd post it up here too for any of you that may have missed it over there. I was celebrating 420 and forgot to include cover art so Cheeto hooked it up with a skanky pirate lady.

"I was up until 4-21 trying to put this one together, extremely tired and stoned, hopefully it goes together well. This compilation features many bands from New Orleans that I'm sure most of you know or have at least heard of, but I also tried to include bands from this area that are not so well known, as well as some of the newer acts. Hope you guys enjoy! Be on the lookout for upcoming posts at Nola 504 from some of the bands featured on this mix such as Mars, High Priest, and everybody's favorite "genital rockers", The Poots."

1. Felt Nothing - Soilent Green
2. Mons Sermo Incendia - Haarp
3. Tombs Concealed - High Priest
4. Why Live - Mangina
5. Andromeda - Ketea
6. Dead Reckoning - Omean
7. Black on High - Mars
8. Of Time Entombed - Psychon Vex
9. Silent - Rat In a Bucket
10. Murder Capital - The Pallbearers
11. Leather Jacket - Manwitch
12. Lord Agonizer - High Priest
13. 400 Pund Friday Night - The Poots
14. Paroled in '54 - Thou
15. To Worship Nothing - High Priest
16. Nameless Shapeshift - Mars

Friday, April 23, 2010

Psychonaut 75 - Hellmachine (2005)

Genre: Ritual Electronica, Industrial
Origin: Houston, Texas
Lyrical Themes: Left Hand Path, Traditional Gnostic lore
Label: Memento Mori
File: 118 Mb (320kbps)

Lux Ferro: Vocals, Programming
Dana Dark: Vocals
Michael Ford: Vocals, Programming

1. Enemy Of The Faith (4:06)
2. Watcher (5:19)
3. Instinct Theory (4:56)
4. Father Of Lies (5:44)
5. Awake (4:33)
6. Serpents (4:52)
7. Hellmachine (3:30)
8. Dominator (6:44)
9. Beheading Solution (4:03)
10. Betrayer Of Nations (5:25)
11. Rusted Tongues (5:18)
Total Play Time: 54:36

I got into this album because I'm a big fan of the black metal band "Black Funeral" created by Michael Ford and of course I looked into his other projects. This is a kick ass dark and evil trance inducing ritual electronic album which is great when you are in the mood for raving. Awesome album, check it out!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Poots - The First Four Rears (2006)

The Poots formed in 2002 from the left overs of 'Anal Goobs from Pluto' and 'The Dead Geezers'. Guitarist Bill Ding started writing goofball punk rock tunes like a gopher in heat. Meanwhile, vocalist Ric Poot recruited a slew of couch potatoes and rejects to form the legendary Fart Club. The Poots then became a genital rock supergroup of volcanic proportions before they could even record their first album!

Then, one wretched day in 2003, "Fart in Your Cup,” was unleashed upon the public.

Fans clinged to The Poots like flies on shit. The hit "Lettin' it Loose" was proclaimed a rock epic by Shichapants Magazine, the premier publication of the genital rock movement. Recording offers started blasting in. The Poots were eventually picked up by Rectum Records and were signed to a 32 album contract. Their first release from Rectum was a cover album entitled 'R.I.P.' They attacked a variety of classic punk rock tunes and added to them a stinky new twist never before heard by man. 'Poots 3' soon followed to little acclaim, and 'Poots 4' entitled "Rare Nugglets" was only released to a then shrinking Fart Club. Only with the release of 'Poots 5' would these goofballs reclaim some shred of their former demigod-like status.

With 28 albums remaining under contract The Poots are kinda fucked.

Current Members include: Ric Poot (vocals),Bill Ding (guitar), Poo Powers (bass), Cap J Freeley (drums)

2006 - The First Four Rears

Track Listing:

1.  Lettin' It Loose
2.  Dutch Oven
3.  Fart In Your Cup
4.  Workin' At The Golf COurse
5.  The Poop's On You
6.  Grease Monkey
7.  Twinkie In The Glovebox
8.  Stuck Up Chic
9.  They're So Stupid
10. Things That Are Okay
11. Poots Theme
12. Farting
13. P.O.O.T.S.
14. Takin' It Back To The Streets
15. My Dogs Are Barking
16. Stink Bomb
17. The Coach
18. Turnaround Spazz
19. Intermission 1
20. Staying Inside
21. Small Man, Big Poot
22. Busy People
23. Bloated
24. Trick Or Treat
25. I Can't Afford It
26. Highschool Slob
27. Intermission 2
28. The Wraith
29. I Think You Stepped In Poo
30. Couch Potato
31. Bump On A Log
32. Intermission 3
33. Pizza Party
34. The Cloud
35. Headless Eyes
36. I Can't Think About It
37. I'm Scum
38. It Attacks!
39. Sneaky Pete
40. Blown To Bits (Air Biscuit)
41. Unidentified Floated Biscuit
42. Wrongfully Accused
43. Town Is Dry
44. Stuck To The Couch
45. Intermission 4
46. Goosing Old Ladies
47. Legalize Happiness
48. I'm Not A Douchebag
49. Vacation
50. Shock 'Em Dead
51. Who Farted?
52. I Don't Wanna Mow The Yard
53. Track One
54. Some Kinda Stink

Here is a collection of songs from The Poots. All of these songs were taken from their first few releases.  Multi instumentalist Bill Heintz of Nola's horror-punks The Pallbearers, and horror surf rockers The Bills is one of the guys responsible for all this madness.  

Check them out HERE

And here @ Terroroptics Studios: The Poots

You can purchase the album from the Terroroptics Store for only 5 bucks!

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Cry Now, Cry Later Vol. 3 & 4 (1998)

Cry Now, Cry Later - Compilation

Genre: Hardcore, Grind, Powerviolence
Origin: U.$
Time: 52:23 min.
File: 100.48 MB (320kbps)

Track List:

1. Man Is The Bastard - Faces Of The Man
2. Lack Of Interest - Wasted Effort
3. Soilent Green - Build Fear
4. Loomis Slovak - The White Rose Faction
5. Crom - Riddle Of Steel
6. Crom - The Head Of Tulsa Doom
7. Crom - Anvil Of Crom
8. Crom - Cigarette Death (Dehumanizers)
9. Crom - The End Is Near
10. Crom - Trilogy
11. Crom - Tree Of Woe
12. Excruciating Terror - No Edge
13. Cavity - Angelrust
14. Flame Retarded - Boarkkkiller
15. Agathocles - Hormon Mob
16. Suppression - Vacant
17. Divisia - Clive
18. Carol - Raw Abstraction
19. Spazz - White Glove Test
20. Los Crudos - Escupiendo En Tu Propia Cara
21. Gasp - Sore For Days
22. Halfman - All Gone
23. Noothgrush - Gage
24. Charles Bronson - 4 Alarm Counter Fuck
25. Locust - Red
26. Detestation - Searching For Oblivion
Bonus Tracks
27. Abnegation - When The Smoke Clears
28. Seven Foot Spleen - By The Pound
29. Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Pigs Smell Fear
30. " " - Fuck Your Soccer Mom

Completing my posts of the Cry Now, Cry Later comp. series, here are Volumes 3 & 4. Volumes 3 & 4 were originally released as double 7" ep's back in 1995 & 1996 on Pessimiser records. Pessimiser would later put them out as CD's in 98 which is the version presented to you here. You can get my previous post of Volumes 1 & 2 by going
Don't forget to leave a comment!


Hanoi Rocks - Two Steps from the Move (1984)

Genre: Rock n' Roll, Glam Rock
Origin: Helsinki, Finland
Years Active: 1979–1985, 2001–2009
File: 164 Mb (320kbps)

Michael Monroe – Lead Vocals & Saxophone
Andy McCoy – Lead Guitar & Vocals
Nasty Suicide – Guitars & Vocals
Sam Yaffa – Bass & Vocals
Razzle – Drums & Vocals

1. Up Around The Bend 3:08
2. Highschool 3:52
3. I Can't Get It 4:13
4. Underwater World 5:17
5. Don't You Ever Leave Me 4:05
6. Million Miles Away 4:48
7. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams 4:03
8. Boiler 4:23
9. Futurama 3:08
10. Cutting Corners 4:18
Taken From Live LP "All Those Wasted Years":
11. Back To Mystery City 4:29
12. Motorvatin' 3:19
13. Until I Get You 4:28
14. Mental Beat 4:38
15. 11th Street Kids 4:20
16. Tragedy 3:45
17. Malibu Beach 2:39
Total Playing Time: 61:40

This is the last Hanoi Rocks album before their drummer was killed in a car accident caused by Mötley Crüe's portly yakmaster, Vince Neil. Yeah, that was sad but they left us with one of the greatest pure rock & roll albums... EVER! Fucking goddamn, is this ever great. This is one of those albums that you'll listen to for the rest of your life. Also as a bonus on this addition are some great live songs taken from "All Those Wasted Years" recorded at Marquee Club in London in December, 1983. This band pretty much invented Guns 'n Roses:
Welcome to the ocean,
Welcome to the sea,
Welcome to the jungle,
Deep inside of me
and you thought that was original.

Two Steps from the Move

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Scream - Still Screaming / This Side Up (1982/1985)

Scream - Still Sreaming / This Side Up

Genre: Hardcore
Origin: Washington D.C
Time: 79:13 min.
File: 152.48 MB (320kbps)

Scream were an amazing hardcore band from the musical wasteland of Alexandria, Virginia. Because they were outsiders in DC, they were initially ignored by the cliquey Dischord punks and played local shows and keggers with whatever bad bands were in the area. The Stahl brothers, Franz and Pete, led the band on guitar and vocals. Skeeter Thompson (bass) and Kent Stax (drums) held up the rhythm end. The band began playing as Scream when Pete joined in 1981, and did a US tour in the summer of 1982 despite having no record out. By this time they had caught the eye of Ian MacKaye, who recruited them to record an LP for Dischord. Still Screaming was recorded in three days and came out in late 1982.

Scream was a diverse band who wasn't afraid to play their instruments. Pete's vocals, which contained actual singing, stood out from the more macho east coast hardcore bands. They ventured even further away from hardcore with This Side Up, their second LP. Dischord's financial troubles forced the band to finance the record themselves, splitting it between two sessions. Side A was done with Dr. Know of the Bad Brains turning the knobs, perhaps inspiring the reggae that pops up on the record. Side B found the band adding heavy metal guitar player Robert Lee "Harley" Davidson - a rocker dude from a local cover band who beefed up the Scream sound. In the summer of 1986 the band toured Europe, which was at the time still a major feat for a US hardcore band. They became more poltically engaged, championing leftist politics along with fellow DC bands like Beefeater and Soulside. The title of 1987's Bang the Drum LP was inspired by Positive Force's punk percussion protests at the South African Embassy.

After the long Euopean tour, Kent Stax quit the band to be with his wife and child. He was replaced by the mighty Dave Grohl, a teenage veteran of suburban DC bands Dain Bramaged and Mission Impossible. Grohl's first show with Scream was an Amnesty International benefit and Scream's set ended with part of the audience marching on the embassies of various countries known for human rights violations. The final album, No More Censorship, on RAS records was a pretty big success, but not the commercial breakout the band had hoped for. Also, Skeeter's drug problems forced him to leave the band. He rejoined briefly in 1989, but promptly pawned all the equipment to buy drugs. Further attempts to put the band back together proved fruitless, and ended when Grohl left to join Nirvana. After that band's demise, he started the Foo Fighters, which briefly included Franz. Pete Stahl was the Foo Fighters' road manager and played in Goatsnake and earthlings? Scream did end up doing a reunion tour in 1996 with Grohl on drums. Kent Stax recently resurfaced for an Iron Cross reunion, although he wasn't originally in that band
. (Kill From The Heart)

Track Listing:

Still Screaming (1982)
1. Came Without Warning
2. Bedlam
3. Solidarity
4. Your Wars/Killer
5. Piece Of Her Time
6. Human Behavior
7. Stand
8. Fight/American Justice
9. New Song
10. Laissez - Faire
11. Influenced
12. Hygiene
13. Cry Wolf
14. Total Mash
15. Who Knows - Who Cares?
16. Amerarockers
17. U. Suck. A/We're Fed Up
18. Ultra Violence/Screamin
19. Volent
This Side Up (1985)
20. Bet You Never Thought
21. Things To Do Today
22. This Side Up
23. Gluesniff
24. Still Screaming
25. A No Money Down
26. Show And Tell Me
27. the Zoo Closes At Dark
28. I Look When You Walk
29. Iron Curtain
30. Walking Song Dub

Classic hardcore from the Dischord Records roster. Some of you readers might recognize the singer, Pete Stahl who went on to sing in bands such as Wool, again with his brother Franz on guitar, the mighty Goatsnake and Eathlings? Check it out and don't forget to leave some comments

1 2 3...GO!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Joe Buck Yourself (2007)

2007 - Joe Buck Yourself

The once anti-Nashville Joe Buck gained notoriety as the guitarist of Th' Legenday Shack Shakers. As Hank III's villianous sideman, the snarling upright bass player became infamously recognizable. Joe Buck Yourself is now a bonefide evil motherfucking, one man band. This unique blend of hellbilly punkrock ain't your grandma's hillbilly music. Joe Buck Yourself, mother fuckers! (taken from his website).

Track Listing:

1.  Dig A Hole
2.  Are You My Enemy
3.  I Will Survive
4.  Devil Is On His Way
5.  Hillbilly Speedball
6.  I Want Revenge
7.  Bitter Is The Day
8.  Planet Seeth
9.  Evil Motherfucker From TN
10. Took Up With The Devil
11. Born To Scare
12. Hillbilly Pride
13. Intreatment All

Here's one that hopefully needs no introduction.  This crazy motherfucker is on tour right now with the Antiseen and The Goddamn Gallows so If they happen to pass through your neck of the woods, do yourself a big favor and check them out. 

Check him out HERE


Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Humpers - Positively Sick on 4th Street (1993)

Genre: Punk Rock, Garage Punk
Label: Sympathy for the Record Industry
Origin: Long Beach, California
File: 84 Mb (320kbps)

Jeff Fieldhouse: guitar, vocals, 2nd bass
Scott "Deluxe" Drake: vocals
Jimi Silveroli: drums
Jaybird Blake: bass
Billy Burks: guitar , vocals

1. Murder City Revolution 2:22
2. Up Yer Heart 2:39
3. Psycho Repairman 2:18
4. Hey Shadow 1:54
5. Drunk Tank 2:33
6. War Is Hell 1:57
7. Rocket and the Retards 2:08
8. Soul Surgeon 2:33
9. Cops and Robbers 2:35
10. Unsafe at Any Speed 2:29
11. Zombie 2:23
12. Insect Liberation 2:26
13. Rocket Reducer No. 62 2:03
14. Apocalypse Girl 2:03
15. Death Threat Machine 3:08

This is the 2nd full length album by The Humpers and this one contains high octane rockabilly influenced garage punk that's sure to get you going while slobbering drunk. Seriously kick ass tunes by these dudes.

Positively Sick on 4th Street

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cry Now, Cry Later Vol. 1 & 2 (1998)

Cry Now, Cry Later - Compilation

Genre: Hardcore, Grind, Powerviolence
Origin: U.$
Time: 55:45 min.
File: 108.87 MB (320 kbps)

Track List:

1. Spazz - Loach
2. 13 - Writhe
3. Crom - S.O.R
4. " " - Hate, Fear & Power
5. Fishsticks - Suck City
6. Stapled Shut - Lost Thought
7. Crisis - Smash To Pieces
8. Eyehategod - Methamphetamine
9. Despise You - Aqui' Solito (Como Siempre)
10. Meatshits - You Wish You Were Me
Orgasm Through Masterbation
Your Nothing
Outro (Abominate)
11. Grief - World Of Hurt
12. Capitalist Casualties - The Roast
13. 16 - Fucked For Life
14. Excruciating Terror - Life Ends
15. Iabhorer - Hoofed Locusts
16. Cattlepress - Celebration Of Wounds
(Greetings From My Gut)
17. Lack Of Interest - Force Fed
18. Fleabag - Bune Che Debune
19. Dystopia - Anger Brought By Disease
20. Factoria De Miedo - Sangre De Ninos
21. Despise You - Bunk Existence (Arbor Village Plan)
22. Stapled Shut - Kill the Corporates
Bonus Tracks:
23. Black Army Jacket - Meow, Meow, Meow AKA Corpselos
24. Cojoba - Hueliendo Pega/Sniffing Glue
25. Pisspoor - Shadow

26. Unruh - To Go Without

"Cry Now, Cry Later" was a great series of compilations released by Pessimiser Records out of Hermosa Beach, California. A killer label that existed from 1993 to 2001 and were the purveyors in bringing you the early works by bands such as Grief and - 16-. There are a total of 4 Volumes that were originally released as double 7" ep's. Here are Volumes 1 & 2 from the CD version released in 1998 that contains bonus material not featured on the ep's. Volume 1 was originally released in 1993 and Volume 2 in 1994.
There are a lot of first wave Powerviolence bands (I really dislike the tag) featured in the comp. series along side Grindcore, Metal, Hardcore and Sludge bands. All of the bands on here are good except for the Meatshits who just plan suck...haha! Hell, some of the bands on here are still delivering the goods. Look for Volumes 3 & 4 soon to follow. Check it out and leave some comments, slackers!


Descendents - Two things At Once (1988)

Genre: Punk Rock
Origin: Lomita, California, USA
Recorded: 1979 at Media Art studios, March 1981 at Music Lab in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, and June 1982 at Total Access studio in Redondo Beach, California
Label: SST
File: 75 Mb (320kbps)

Milo Aukerman – vocals
Tony Lombardo – bass guitar, vocals on "It's a Hectic World"
Frank Navetta – guitar, vocals on "Ride the Wild"
Bill Stevenson – drums

Milo Goes to College (1982)
1. Myage
2. I Wanna Be A Bear
3. I'm Not A Loser
4. Parents
5. Tonyage
6. M-16
7. I'm Not A Punk
8. Catalina
9. Suburban Home
10. Statue Of Liberty
11. Kabuki Girl
12. Marriage
13. Hope
14. Bikeage
15. Jean Is Dead
Fat EP (1981)
16. My Dad Sucks
17. Mr. Bass
18. I Like Food
19. Hey Hey
20. Weinerschnitzel
Chunks (1981)
21. Global Probing
"Ride the Wild" / "It's a Hectic World" (1979)
22. Ride The Wild
23. It's A Hectic World
Total Playing Time: 32:14

Ahhh, the Descendents, you gotta love them. This is a compilation of their early material and it's a great place to start if you've never heard them before. There's so many cool songs here and Milo is truly a god of punk.

Two things At Once

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Bills - Knife In 'Yer Gut (2006)

2006 - Knife In 'Yer Gut

When polluted, oil-slicked waves...

...crash upon the beaches of a mist-shrouded graveyard full of old, 'B' horror movies under a full moon, you can hear the shriek of 'The Bills' pervade the air.
Their music is based not only on old school, drive-in films, but also a life of crime. It is whispered that every time the intro to 'Straight From the Gutter' is played, a bum is brutally stabbed in an alleyway. Described as 'A brute gang of juvenile motor heads who tune their rods to the horror-surf of the beat from the streets', The Bills exist in a world of the past. Chains break teeth, blades break skin, and rubber coats the pavement as this sadistic gang of criminal musicians bust out snare pops and guitar riffs coated with a creepy echoing twang.

Bear witness to a blood curdling horror that only man could create!

Track Listing:

1.  Homecoming Night
2.  Organ Cafe'
3.  The Maggot
4.  Straight From The Gutter
5.  The Cockface Creep
6.  Open 'er Up
7.  At The B Bar
8.  Son Of Blob
9.  Arson
10.The Giant Gila Monster
12.Beat Girl
13.Smelly Greaser
14.Breaking and Entering
15.Fuck You All

It's The motherfuckin' Bills!  The Bills are one of my favorite bands from New Orleans. Bill Ding aka Bill Heintz, is also the guitarist for Nola's horror-punks The Pallbearers.  This album is full of good stuff, so don't be retarded.  

Check them out HERE

Open 'er Up

D Generation - D Generation (1994)

Genre: Glam Punk, Rock & Roll
Origin: New York City
Lyrical Themes: Life on the Streets, Societal degeneration
File: 129 Mb (320kbps)

Jesse Malin - vocals
Richard Bacchus - guitar
Howie Pyro - bass
Danny Sage - guitar
Michael Wildwood - drums

1. No Way Out 3:59
2. Sins of America 3:40
3. Guitar Mafia 4:18
4. Feel Like Suicide 2:22
5. Waiting for the Next Big Parade 3:20
6. Falling 4:23
7. Wasted Years 2:53
8. Stealing Time 3:28
9. Ghosts 4:00
10. Frankie 2:55
11. Working on the Avenue 2:56
12. Vampire Nation 4:28
13. Degenerated 10:34
Total Playing time: 53:16

Here's one of my favorite glam albums ever! Holy crap was this band ever good and for some reason they never made it huge. But they left behind a couple really great albums and this is my favorite because although they re-recorded some of the songs for future releases, this one has the classics like "Guitar Mafia" and "Feel Like Suicide" that aren't available elsewhere. Damn, I can't recommend this one enough, so fucking good.
The Guitar Mafia baby
New York is driving me crazy
Jesus can't even find the truth!!!

D Generation

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Billy Joe Shaver - The Real Deal (2005)

The man, they myth, the friggin' legend...and the voice behind the intro to "Squidbillies"!. This guy bleeds reality. Even shot a dude in the face outside a Texas bar in '07. Yep, good times.....

""Live Forever", the opening song on Billy Joe Shaver's new album, begins with a prophetic warning: "I'm gonna live forever/ I'm gonna cross that river/ I'm gonna kiss tomorrow now." Shortly after, Shaver defiantly proclaims, "You're gonna miss me when I'm gone." Those familiar with Shaver's career and legacy see the profound symbolism in these lyrics and, perhaps with a hint of sadness, realize their accuracy. Shaver is one of those rare artists who actually deserves the title of "artist"; he's a man who sings not to earn money or accolades, but to chase away the demons that accompany a life of bad breaks and unspeakable loss.

Just five years ago, he lost both his wife and mother in the span of a month, only to lose his son shortly after to drug addiction. Then Shaver nearly died himself from heart failure after collapsing on stage on 4 July 2001. And if all this sounds tragic, it was just a year in the life of a man whose life has been filled with similar tales of tragedy. There's no need or space to list them all here -- just know that the man has been where most of us would not want to tread.

So when Shaver, referring to his body of work, says he's going to live forever, it means something. And when he says that he'll be missed when he's gone, perhaps he realizes that a talent such as his cannot be appreciated by the present, but only revealed by the clarity of history. Still, while Shaver is not a household name, the artists he has written for are: Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, the Allman Brothers, Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson... Any person with the slightest knowledge of music is familiar with Shaver's work, which spans from old-school country to country-rock to blues to downright honky tonk. On The Real Deal, his newest album, Shaver again shows his impressive range by tapping into the various influences of his career.

While Shaver's music is versatile, the subject matter of his songs has always been rooted in the old country tradition. Classic topics abound: wrong living, heartbreak and regret, and religion. When Shaver sings about these topics, however, the words have credence. Like Woody Guthrie, another great American poet, Billy Joe has been there, and his voice resonates with God-like authority. Indeed, Shaver's age serves as an asset, lending his songs a stoic wisdom only attained through years of dealing with the letdowns of life.

Take, for instance, "It Just Ain't There for Me No More", in which he bravely accepts the failure of a relationship: "It just ain't there for me no more/ Not the way it was before/ Just like a wall without a door..." Shaver's voice, while thick and rich, sounds battered and scarred, which underscores the theme of dissolved love. Then there's "There's No Fool Like an Old Fool", where he concedes that his judgment hasn't always been up to par: "There's no fool like an old fool/ I'm living proof of that/ For years my head has been/ Just a place to hang my hat." In both these songs, Shaver addresses loss and regret, but not with the paralyzing preoccupation of a young man. Rather, these songs somehow sound uplifting, sung by a man who knows that time always compensates for what it takes.

Musically, The Real Deal explores the various strains of country, from the mainstream pop sensibilities of "If the Trailer's Rockin' Don't Come Knockin'" to the spare folk of "Valentine" to the front-porch fiddle sway of "You Ought to Be with Me When I'm Alone". Shaver has defied neat categorization because of his ability to move around within country and rock, sounding equally at ease probing the softer side of the former and the rowdy tendencies of the latter. Whatever the genre or subgenre, however, Shaver always sounds... well, like the real deal. Even when he teams up with the mega-mainstream Big and Rich on "Live Forever", the result respects -- rather than exploits -- the conventions of country.

Overall, The Real Deal is testament to the versatility and virtuoso of Billy Joe Shaver. Inspired and impassioned, it's a joyous celebration of the transcendent power of music. At this point in his career, Shaver is past chasing fame. Instead, these songs represent what sustains a man who has survived life's toughest blows. Like Dylan after his flirtation with death, Shaver sounds reborn, happy to find solace in chords and melodies, and happy to forget the specific by offering it to the universal. Well into his 60s, Shaver is making music like a man who feels invincible." ~ Popmatters

1. Live Forever - (with Big & Rich)
2. There's No Fool Like An Old Fool
3. Livin' A Lovin' Lie
4. It Just Ain't There For Me No More
5. Jesus Christ Is Still The King
6. Slim Chance And The Can't Hardly Playboys - (with Kevin Fowler)
7. I Changed My Mind
8. Sweet Melody
9. Valentine - (with Nanci Griffith)
10. You Ought To Be With Me When I'm Alone
11. Down The Road By The Way
12. West Texas Waltz - (with Kimmie Rhodes)
13. Real Deal, The
14. If The Trailer's Rockin' Don't Come Knockin'
15. Try And Try Again
16. Aunt Jessie's Chicken Ranch
17. Feliz Navidad - (with Flaco Jimenez)

BJS - TRD : Awright.....


Antarctica vs. The World - Grave New World (2006)

2006 - Grave New World

Antarctica vs. the World started in 2000 in the city of New Orleans as the brainchild of Cos Solo and Dreux Ghoul. Obsessed with horror movies and punk rock, the duo decided to form a project that would encompass both interests. AVW was born. With Cos on vocals and Dreux on bass, AVW acquired Billy Bones on drums. The problem they immediately faced was a rotating cast of guitar players. After playing several shows eventually a very young Kevin Dredge was recruited to the cause, and the first serious version of AVW was solidified. After a couple of years of playing with only local recognition, Dreux was involved in an accident that prevented him from playing in several booked shows. Karla Devil of The Picts was asked to fill in for a short time, and eventually Greg Dreadfull took over bass duties full time. This version of AVW continued to pick up steam, but eventually Greg too would move on. At this time Karla was asked to come back as a permanent member. This was opportune for her as her full-time band, The Picts, was currently without a drummer. Kevin has also been playing guitar for The Picts, and a tight well-oiled machine had been formed in the way of a trio consisting of himself, Karla, and the singer/lead guitarist for The Picts, Jim.

Track Listing: 

1.  The End Approaches
2.  Modern Day Dr. Jeckyll
3.  Voices
4.  Comin' Out Swinging
5.  Chicago
6.  Grave New World
7.  Straight Jacket
8.  The Blood
9.  Van
10. Eerie Glow
11. Bloody Murder
12. Tales From The Crypt
13. Ash
14. Murdered My Girlfriend
15. Walk
16. Southern Hunger
17. Zombie TV

Total Length: 27:36

Here is another band that is unfortunately no longer with us.  It's a damn shame too, the live shows that these guys played were awesome.  I remember seeing these guys playing with Eat A Bag of Dicks a few times I believe. I lost my copy of this a good while back too but,  luckily for me, I had copied it for a friend of mine.  Obviously he found it and hooked me up.  This album may be a little repetitive at times to some people but fuck 'em, I like it.  

Check them out HERE


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dread - Buried In Narcissism (2008)

Dread - Buried In Narcissism

Genre: Filthy Sludge
Origin: Boston, Mass.
Time : 45:09 min.
File: 84.52 MB (320 kbps)

"...Piss-soaked doom fucking doom. If Anal Cunt plays at 78 rpm, Dread crank it out at 16...and slower. Crusty spoiled buttermilk vocals plugged into a blood splattered locker-room beatdown with 900 lb guitars and drums. Crushing and cruel in it's remoteness and hatred..." ---Mike IX/EyeHateGod/Arson Anthem/Outlaw Order 00%
(taken from their myspace page)

Track List:

1. Contemplating Suicide Or Murder
2. Unrecognizable Weakness
3. Introduction To Incompetence
4. Depths Of Your Flaws
5. Ringworm Migration
6. Repugnant
7. Buried In Narcissism
8. Crush My Spirit
9. Separate
10. Premeditated Cruelty

This is some filthy sludge out of Boston, Mass. featuring members of Spoiled Humanic Waste, Post Mortem and Upside Down Cross. Stop by their
page and check them out. Mike IX Williams review of "Buried in Narcissism"(above) pretty much sums it up!


Coffinworm - When All Became None (2010)

2010 - When All Became None

The perverse debut from Indianapolis Indiana's COFFINWORM is the soundtrack to death, doom, and the destruction of humanity. A 45-minute sonic blackened sludge-doom ritual to reverse 2000 years of Christian teaching.  “When All Became None” is a blasphemous testament to the downfall of humanity.  A diabolical offering where demented amplifier worship sludge doom and black metal  form an unholy alliance to offer an album which literally sounds like death, doom, and destruction, and is inspired by imminent death, poser disposal, and the destruction of Christ.

Track Listing:

1.  Blood Born Doom
2.  Start Saving For Your Funeral
3.  Strip Nude For Your Killer
4.  Spitting In Infinity's Asshole
5.  High On The Reek Of Your Burning Remains
6.  The Sadistic Rites Of Count Tabernacula

Now here is one album that I have patiently been looking forward to.  After 2009's "Great Bringer of Night" demo, I was hooked.  This is as evil, heavy, and fucking disgusting as I expected.  

Check them out HERE


Monday, April 12, 2010

NY Loose - Year Of The Rat (1996)

Genre: Glam Punk
Origin: New York, New York
File: 89 Mb (320kbps)

Brijitte West - vocals
Danny Nordahl - bass
Marc Diamond: Guitar
Peter Lloyd: Drums

1. Pretty Suicide 2:30
2. Rip Me Up 3:53
3. Broken 3:02
4. Apathy Is Golden 2:13
5. Dragonfly 2:56
6. Sunday Morning 3:15
7. Detonator 2:12
8. Song for Margo 3:38
9. Kiss My Wheels 2:43
10. Hide 3:42
11. Trash the Given Chance 2:56
12. Spit 5:53
Total Playing Time: 38:53

So if anyone even vaguely knows me they know that I love music from the gritty streets of New York City and this is a forgotten gem that I really feel is worth revisiting. It's a poppy little sleazy album that flows with great energy and overall is a sing-along good time. This was unfortunately the bands only proper full length release and I think "Pretty Suicide" was a minor hit and the song "Spit" was featured in the movie "The Crow: City of Angels". It also includes a very nice version of The Velvet Underground classic, "Sunday Morning". Check it out, for sure.

Year Of The Rat

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Joey Allcorn - Bootlegged IV (????)

Joey Allcorn - Bootlegged IV

Genre: Real Country
Origin: Columbus, Ga.
Time: 32 min.
File: 29.97 MB

Seems like Joey Allcorn wasn’t born 50 Years Too Late after all. As predicted by this writer and others who have bought the old EP’s, traded bootleg recordings of live shows, and seen him live, this young singer/songwriter from Columbus, Georgia, is starting to experience a great deal of success. The Not-So-Nashville Star is taking the underground country world by storm and he’s just getting started. In case some of you have not heard the name Joey Allcorn, don't wait another minute to become acquainted with this up-and-coming, extremely talented artist. A mere 26 years of age, Allcorn has already been recording and playing real country music for eight years. Yes, real country music. If you are looking for “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy” or “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy,” don’t bother showing up for an Allcorn show. In fact, stay far, far away. This is because he delivers the real thing. His sound reflects country’s golden age when steel guitar and fiddle were still the signature sound of the genre, and when the lyrics actually moved its listeners. Allcorn does not sing soccer-mom fluff&ldots; he screams those old school cheatin-heart-honky-tonk-blues right into the skulls of the fans that long for the real deal. Scream is an appropriate verb choice, for he was influenced by Cobain just as much as he was by the country legends. So, even though he dons the cowboy hat and suit garb that Opry stars sported in the 1950s, Allcorn channels his wide variety of musical influences to ensure that his brand of the Drifting Cowboys sound is up-to-date and original. (

Track Listing:

1. In Nashville, Tennessee
2. I Just Don't Know
3. Where My Troubles Drowned
4. Ain't It A Shame?
5. Maybe It's Better This Way
6. Fewer Days Ahead
7. In The Land Of Israel
8. Lovesick Blues (live)
9. Move It On Over (live)
10. Where Did You Sleep Last Night (Nirvana)

Here's one that I picked up a quite sometime ago and just found in my files. I don't know the year but I'm guessing not long before "50 Years Too Late" hit the streets. Be sure to check out previous posts of Mr. Allcorns
music here and do your ears a favor, enjoy!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Psilocybinide - Across For Sympathy, Down For Death (2002)

Psilocybinide - Across For Sympathy, Down For Death

Genre: Stoner
Origin: Canada
Time: 25:54 min.
File: 53.09 MB (320 kbps)

Track Listing:

1. Face First Into The Sun/Two Black Horses
2. Cash, Grass Or Ass
3. Capsized
4. War
5. Whiskey Drinkin Blues

I could not find any information on this band but heres my story. I first heard Psilocybinide on Vol. 1 of the Stoner Rock comps of unsigned bands that you can download by going
here . The song was "Capsized" and for some reason it just stuck with me and left me wanting to hear more from them. I searched and searched to try to contact the band for more tunes but was unsuccessful so I gave up on my search. Fast forward a year and my search was back on. I found a link to Pablo, the drummers myspace page and contacted him to ask if Psilocybinide ever recorded a demo. He said yes, he had a copy that he would burn and send to me, needless to say it made my day! He asked where I had heard them so I told him and he said he forgot that they contributed to the compilation and was stoked that I was interested in the demo. Pablo now drums in a progressive instrumental jam band in B.C, Canada called Trophy Wife look them up here . Psilocybinide weren't reinventing the wheel but this 5 track demo makes for a rock'n listen. They played a whiskey fueled, bluesy brand of stoner rock that maybe you'll enjoy, I know I do! Light one up and give it a listen.


Mike Ness gone' country

In 1989, Social Distortion signed a deal with Epic Records and released four albums with that label: the self-titled album (1990), Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell (1992) and White Light, White Heat, White Trash (1996).

The band left Epic Records after White Light, White Heat, White Trash (1996) and joined Time Bomb Recordings, releasing Mainliner: Wreckage From the Past (a collection of old recordings and singles that were done in the early ’80s) and Live at the Roxy (1998).

In 1999, Ness released his first solo album, Cheating at Solitaire. Although Social Distortion’s music had contained country inflections as far back as Prison Bound, Cheating at Solitaire was an unalloyed expression of Ness’s country side. ‘Solitaire’ included guest appearances by rock icon Bruce Springsteen, former Stray Cat Brian Setzer and drumming legend Josh Freese as well as members of Royal Crown Revue. Springsteen had touted Social D’s ‘Heaven and Hell’ as his favorite record of the year in a Rolling Stone interview in 1992. Ness continued in this vein, releasing a compilation of country covers entitled Under the Influences that same year. Both albums came out on Time Bomb Recordings. Ness toured extensively in the U.S. in support of these albums, backed partially by the present-day (2006) incarnation of Social Distortion; Charlie Quintana (drums) Brent Harding (standing & electric bass) and Johnny Wickersham (guitar tech). Ness and the band played at Woodstock ‘99. After that, his bandmate and guitarist Dennis Danell died on February 29, 2000 due to an aneurysm, but Social Distortion did not completely disband.

1999 - Cheating At Solitaire

Cheating at Solitaire is the first solo album from Social Distortion frontman Mike Ness. Released in 1999, it bypasses much of Social Distortion's punk  muscle in favor of a more roots-oriented approach to rock and roll. It features cameos by Bruce Springsteen, Brian Setzer, and members of Royal Crown Revue. Johnny Cash was invited to perform on the song "Ballad of a Lonely Man", but was too ill to record at the time.

"Dope Fiend Blues" and "I'm In Love w/My Car" were originally written/recorded in 1994 as a demo of Social Distortion's fifth album White Light, White Heat, White Trash. Ness also originally wrote some of the songs on this album around 1997 while Social Distortion was planning their sixth album.

Guest Musicians include: 
Bob Breen – Assistant Engineer
Jolie Clemens – Artwork
Tom Corbett – Mandolin
Mando Dorame – Sax (Tenor)
Paul Ericksen – Assistant Engineer
Josh Freese – Drums, Drums (Snare)
Daniel Glass – Drums, Drums (Snare)
Martin Klemm – Mixing Assistant
Chris Lawrence – Guitar, Pedal Steel
Veikko Lepisto – Bass (Electric), Bass (Upright)
Jamie Muhoberac – Keyboards, Organ (Hammond)
Mike Ness – Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Vocals, Producer, Artwork, Mixing
James Saez – Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Percussion, Keyboards, Producer, Engineer, Slide Guitar, Mixing
F. Scott Schafer – Photography
Eddy Schreyer – Mastering
Brian Setzer – Guitar
Bruce Springsteen – Guitar, Vocals
Billy Zoom – Guitar

Track Listing:

  1. The Devil in Miss Jones
  2. Don't Think Twice
  3. Misery Loves Company
  4. Crime Don't Pay
  5. Rest of Our Lives
  6. You Win Again
  7. Cheating at Solitaire
  8. No Man's Friend
  9. Charmed Life
 10. Dope Fiend Blues
 11. Ballad of a Lonely Man
 12. I'm in Love w/My Car
 13. If You Leave Before Me
 14. Long Black Veil
 15. Send Her Back

 Total Playing Time: 59:11

Check him out HERE


1999 - Under The Influences

Under the Influences, the second (and most recent) solo album from Social Distortion's Mike Ness, is a compilation of country, rock, and bluegrass covers released just six months after his first solo effort, Cheating at Solitaire. As the title implies, Ness intends the album to be an illustration of the music that shaped him. Songs as diverse as "I Fought the Law" and "Wildwood Flower" make their appearance, each with Mike Ness's unique spin. Included is a honky tonk version of Social Distortion staple, "Ball and Chain".

The artists and the songs

Wayne Walker All I Can Do Is Cry
Wayne Walker is one of country music's more obscure figures. Better known as a songwriter than an entertainer, Walker has penned songs performed by a countless number of major acts including Elvis Presley, Eddie Cochran and Patsy Cline. He had his first big hit as a songwriter with I've Got A New Heartache performed by Ray Price and ten years later won the Billboard Song Of The Year award with All The Time. All I Can Do Is Cry was one of the few tunes both written and performed by him.

Marvin Rainwater Gamblin'Man
Of Indian ancestry, Marvin Rainwater was a singer and prolific songwriter who became a star briefly in the 1950's. Working in a variety of styles, Rainwater was equally skilled at western ballads, pop confessions and go-for-broke forays into rockabilly. His big crossover hit came in 1958 with the rocking Whole Lotta Woman which propelled him up not only the American pop and country charts, but also skyrocketed him to the number one position on the British charts. Rainwater's American fame was shorter lived than his success overseas and he continued touring there through the early 70's.

Carl Perkins Let The Jukebox Keep On Playing
Carl Perkins was one of the most influential figures in roots music. His country and rock 'n' roll tunes have been deeply ingrained in the American consciousness and are still widely played today. (Under his umbrella is Blue Suede Shoes - the song that made Elvis famous.) Let The Jukebox Keep On Playing is one of Perkins' earliest country songs, recorded before he started playing Memphis rock 'n' roll. Perkins later joined Johnny Cash's road show and continued to play music until he died in 1998.

Bobby Fuller I Fought The Law
Bobby Fuller is the father of "the West Texas rock 'n' roll sound." Deviating from the surf tunes that were dominating the California airwaves in the early 60's, Fuller incorporated the sounds of the British Invasion and Motown R&B techniques into his recordings. His biggest hit was the infamous I Fought The Law, released in 1963. Fuller was found dead three years later; the circumstances of his death remain suspicious to this day.

Marty Robbins Big Iron
Marty Robbins was one of country music's most successful and diverse performers. His vocal style was compatible with almost all types of country music: weepers, western ballads, pop standards and rockabilly. Robbins made his chart debut in 1952 and managed to place records on the country and pop charts every year for the next 31 years, ultimately taking 16 singles to the number one position. Big Iron appeared on the 1959 concept album Gunfighter Ballads And Trail Songs which was influenced by the movies of Gene Autry.

Billy Lee Riley And The Little Green Men One More Time
Billy Riley is one of rockabilly's original performers. In the 50's, affiliated with Sun Records after recording his first hit record Flying Saucer Rock there, Riley backed up many of the performers who came through the doors to do session work at the label. Joining him during many of these sessions were Roland James and J. M. Van Eaton who later became The Little Green Men. The three went on to record together and perform on the songs of other acts such as Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison for Sun until 1960. One More Time was one of Riley's last recordings for the label. Riley continued to work as a session player and touring musician for the next 25 years.

Hank Williams, Sr. Six More Miles/House Of Gold
Hank Williams, Sr. was country music's most charismatic and tragic figure. One of the few performers who wrote most of his own material, Williams left a legacy of over 700 songs, recording 129 during his career. He was only 13 when he started his lifelong band The Drifting Cowboys, who gained immediate recognition playing regularly on WSFA-AM in Montgomery, AL. Partnering with Fred Rose, a Nashville, TN music publisher, Williams signed to the newly formed MGM label in 1947 and quickly shot up the charts. His memorable performance of Lovesick Blues on the Grand Ole Oprey in 1949 won him a permanent place on the show. Unfortunately Williams was a habitual drug user and alcoholic who cut both his career and life short. He died on New Year's Day at the age of 29. Williams was well-loved in the country music community with over 20,000 people attending his memorial service. His albums continued to chart and sell after his death.

Jean Shepard A Thief In The Night
Few female country singers have produced a body of work as enduring as Jean Shepard. A country purist, Shepard is best known for her devotion to hardcore Honky Tonk, which gained her a series of Top Ten hits in the early 50's. In 1956, her success at a peak, Shepard was invited to join the Grand Ole Oprey. That same year she wrote and recorded Songs Of A Love Affair, the first-ever concept album in country music history. As rockabilly started to top the charts in the early 60's, Shepard fell out of site for nearly ten years as she remained committed to her undiluted brand of country music. Her star rose again in 1964 with the single Second Fiddle (To An Old Guitar) and Shepard continued to record until the end of the 1970's and tour well into the1990's.

George Jones Once A Day
Once called "the second best singer in the world" by Frank Sinatra, George Jones is one of the biggest stars country music has ever produced. His vocal style has influenced countless performers and though he suffered many personal and professional setbacks, Jones never left the top of the country charts through the length of his career. Jones started in 1957 on Starday records, doing stints on Mercury and UA, before settling into a record deal with Musicor where he spent a good number of prosperous years recording number one albums and singles for the label. But by the time he met and married his third wife country star Tammy Wynette in 1969, his career had begun to wane. After some dispute, he relinquished the rights to all of his Musicor recordings and switched over to Wynette's label Epic. The two began a musical partnership recording and touring, reviving Jones' career and making them the biggest stars in country music. Unfortunately, as the duo toured the country, Jones sunk deeper into the alcoholism and drug abuse that had simmered under the surface for years. Subsequently, their marriage and Jones' career began to fall apart. However, in the mid-seventies Jones became a star again in his own right. He was voted Rolling Stone's Country Singer of the Year in 1976 which was followed by a series of Top Ten hits that lasted until 1987.

Wanda Jackson Funnel Of Love
Wanda Jackson is credited with being America's first female rock 'n' roll singer. A child prodigy that could play both the guitar and piano by the time she was ten, Wanda Jackson's musical career began early. At 13 she had her own radio show; by 17 she was cutting records for Decca; and at 18 she was on tour with Elvis and subsequently became Capitol Records leading rocker. Jackson's recording career spans 40 years with over 50 albums to her credit. Originally released as a single, Funnel Of Love did not appear on a full-length record until Capitol Records put together a compilation CD of Jackson's greatest hits in 1997.

The Carter Family Wildwood Flower
One of the most prominent families in country music, the Carters enjoy a lineage of country music that spans from the early 1920's to the present. The original Carter Family (A.P. Carter, his wife Sarah and Maybelle Addington who joined the group after marrying A.P.'s brother Ezra) was first recorded in August of 1927. A short six months later the group recorded its biggest seller Wildwood Flower. The single was recorded at Camden in New Jersey on May 9, 1928 and has registered over a million in sales to date. In 1943 the group officially disbanded, having recorded over 250 songs. In 1960, Maybelle and her daughters began working as the Carter Family; June Carter eventually going solo and becoming part of the Johnny Cash Road Show (and later marring Johnny Cash). In 1970 the Carter Family was inducted into the Country Music Hall Of Fame.

Track Listing:

   1. All I Can Do Is Cry
   2. Gamblin' Man
   3. Let the Jukebox Keep on Playing
   4. I Fought the Law
   5. Big Iron
   6. One More Time
   7. Six More Miles
   8. A Thief in the Night
   9. Once a Day
  10. Funnel of Love
  11. House of Gold
  12. Wildwood Flower
  13. Ball and Chain

Total Playing Time:   41:14

Check him out HERE

I just noticed that I uploaded both of these with variable bit rates, but no worries, I'll hopefully have them both converted to 320kbps by tonight.