Sunday, April 25, 2010

Scald - Fluke (2007)

"Limited Edition pressing of this 2008 CD EP from the Irish Metal band. Since forming almost 15 years ago from the remains of Irish crust bands TVP and Bleeding Rectum, Belfast's Scald have garnered a reputation for shunning the usual conventions to create original music that's as enigmatic as it is visceral. Fluke is a vicious indictment of the global Catholic Church and it's secretive history of greed and manipulation. Five tracks of blackened, grinding Metal performed at breakneck pace provide a platform for a scathing attack, spat and screamed forth in Scald's inimitable and immediately identifiable style. The EP finishes with a 25 minute; sprawling ambient noise composition that uses captured and processed audio from the Fluke session and an Italian spoken-word monologue. The album has a running time of 40 minutes" ~ Cduniverse

Track listing :
  1. Act 1 - Larva
  2. Act 2 - Cocoon
  3. Act 3 - Lumbricoid
  4. Act4 - Trematiod
  5. Act 4 - Helminth
  6. Act 5 - Passera

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