Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Bills - Knife In 'Yer Gut (2006)

2006 - Knife In 'Yer Gut

When polluted, oil-slicked waves...

...crash upon the beaches of a mist-shrouded graveyard full of old, 'B' horror movies under a full moon, you can hear the shriek of 'The Bills' pervade the air.
Their music is based not only on old school, drive-in films, but also a life of crime. It is whispered that every time the intro to 'Straight From the Gutter' is played, a bum is brutally stabbed in an alleyway. Described as 'A brute gang of juvenile motor heads who tune their rods to the horror-surf of the beat from the streets', The Bills exist in a world of the past. Chains break teeth, blades break skin, and rubber coats the pavement as this sadistic gang of criminal musicians bust out snare pops and guitar riffs coated with a creepy echoing twang.

Bear witness to a blood curdling horror that only man could create!

Track Listing:

1.  Homecoming Night
2.  Organ Cafe'
3.  The Maggot
4.  Straight From The Gutter
5.  The Cockface Creep
6.  Open 'er Up
7.  At The B Bar
8.  Son Of Blob
9.  Arson
10.The Giant Gila Monster
12.Beat Girl
13.Smelly Greaser
14.Breaking and Entering
15.Fuck You All

It's The motherfuckin' Bills!  The Bills are one of my favorite bands from New Orleans. Bill Ding aka Bill Heintz, is also the guitarist for Nola's horror-punks The Pallbearers.  This album is full of good stuff, so don't be retarded.  

Check them out HERE

Open 'er Up


  1. tremendous contribution, thanks for this one big disc
    Greetings from León-Spain

  2. No Problemo, glad you like it.

    It's available from for only 5 bucks. I don't know how many copies were made so you may want to pick one up before they are gone forever.


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