Thursday, April 15, 2010

D Generation - D Generation (1994)

Genre: Glam Punk, Rock & Roll
Origin: New York City
Lyrical Themes: Life on the Streets, Societal degeneration
File: 129 Mb (320kbps)

Jesse Malin - vocals
Richard Bacchus - guitar
Howie Pyro - bass
Danny Sage - guitar
Michael Wildwood - drums

1. No Way Out 3:59
2. Sins of America 3:40
3. Guitar Mafia 4:18
4. Feel Like Suicide 2:22
5. Waiting for the Next Big Parade 3:20
6. Falling 4:23
7. Wasted Years 2:53
8. Stealing Time 3:28
9. Ghosts 4:00
10. Frankie 2:55
11. Working on the Avenue 2:56
12. Vampire Nation 4:28
13. Degenerated 10:34
Total Playing time: 53:16

Here's one of my favorite glam albums ever! Holy crap was this band ever good and for some reason they never made it huge. But they left behind a couple really great albums and this is my favorite because although they re-recorded some of the songs for future releases, this one has the classics like "Guitar Mafia" and "Feel Like Suicide" that aren't available elsewhere. Damn, I can't recommend this one enough, so fucking good.
The Guitar Mafia baby
New York is driving me crazy
Jesus can't even find the truth!!!

D Generation

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  1. I've discovered this band in the late 90's on a compilation and just listen to it this week-end. So thanks for this little moment of memories!


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