Friday, April 23, 2010

Psychonaut 75 - Hellmachine (2005)

Genre: Ritual Electronica, Industrial
Origin: Houston, Texas
Lyrical Themes: Left Hand Path, Traditional Gnostic lore
Label: Memento Mori
File: 118 Mb (320kbps)

Lux Ferro: Vocals, Programming
Dana Dark: Vocals
Michael Ford: Vocals, Programming

1. Enemy Of The Faith (4:06)
2. Watcher (5:19)
3. Instinct Theory (4:56)
4. Father Of Lies (5:44)
5. Awake (4:33)
6. Serpents (4:52)
7. Hellmachine (3:30)
8. Dominator (6:44)
9. Beheading Solution (4:03)
10. Betrayer Of Nations (5:25)
11. Rusted Tongues (5:18)
Total Play Time: 54:36

I got into this album because I'm a big fan of the black metal band "Black Funeral" created by Michael Ford and of course I looked into his other projects. This is a kick ass dark and evil trance inducing ritual electronic album which is great when you are in the mood for raving. Awesome album, check it out!

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