Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Haints - Battle Of Wounded Heart (2007)

Genre: Alt. Country, Folk
Origin: Sacramento, California
File: 55 Mb (High Vbr)

Kepi (acoustic guitar, vocals)
Cory (electric guitar)
Roach (bass)
Scampi (drums)
David Houston (percussion)
Dan Janisch (vocals, guitar, piano, drums)
Anton Barbeau (vocals)
Rusty Miller (guitar)

1. Carly Simon 2:59
2. Algebra Song 2:43
3. Battle Of Wounded Heart 4:16
4. Zombie Crush 2:07
5. It Only Goes To Show 2:12
6. Hair Of Gold (And Skin Of Blue) 2:36
7. Ivy Says 2:17
8. If You Need Me 2:16
9. Highwayman 3:38
10. Say It's Not You 2:28
Total Playing Time: 27:31

The Haints are a side project from Kepi of the Groovie Ghoulies that play country music with a bit of fetish for monsters. It's a fun album and for fans of the Ghoulies it's a must have. A couple of the songs were originally Groovie Ghoulie songs turned country rockers.

Battle Of Wounded Heart

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