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The Poots - The First Four Rears (2006)

The Poots formed in 2002 from the left overs of 'Anal Goobs from Pluto' and 'The Dead Geezers'. Guitarist Bill Ding started writing goofball punk rock tunes like a gopher in heat. Meanwhile, vocalist Ric Poot recruited a slew of couch potatoes and rejects to form the legendary Fart Club. The Poots then became a genital rock supergroup of volcanic proportions before they could even record their first album!

Then, one wretched day in 2003, "Fart in Your Cup,” was unleashed upon the public.

Fans clinged to The Poots like flies on shit. The hit "Lettin' it Loose" was proclaimed a rock epic by Shichapants Magazine, the premier publication of the genital rock movement. Recording offers started blasting in. The Poots were eventually picked up by Rectum Records and were signed to a 32 album contract. Their first release from Rectum was a cover album entitled 'R.I.P.' They attacked a variety of classic punk rock tunes and added to them a stinky new twist never before heard by man. 'Poots 3' soon followed to little acclaim, and 'Poots 4' entitled "Rare Nugglets" was only released to a then shrinking Fart Club. Only with the release of 'Poots 5' would these goofballs reclaim some shred of their former demigod-like status.

With 28 albums remaining under contract The Poots are kinda fucked.

Current Members include: Ric Poot (vocals),Bill Ding (guitar), Poo Powers (bass), Cap J Freeley (drums)

2006 - The First Four Rears

Track Listing:

1.  Lettin' It Loose
2.  Dutch Oven
3.  Fart In Your Cup
4.  Workin' At The Golf COurse
5.  The Poop's On You
6.  Grease Monkey
7.  Twinkie In The Glovebox
8.  Stuck Up Chic
9.  They're So Stupid
10. Things That Are Okay
11. Poots Theme
12. Farting
13. P.O.O.T.S.
14. Takin' It Back To The Streets
15. My Dogs Are Barking
16. Stink Bomb
17. The Coach
18. Turnaround Spazz
19. Intermission 1
20. Staying Inside
21. Small Man, Big Poot
22. Busy People
23. Bloated
24. Trick Or Treat
25. I Can't Afford It
26. Highschool Slob
27. Intermission 2
28. The Wraith
29. I Think You Stepped In Poo
30. Couch Potato
31. Bump On A Log
32. Intermission 3
33. Pizza Party
34. The Cloud
35. Headless Eyes
36. I Can't Think About It
37. I'm Scum
38. It Attacks!
39. Sneaky Pete
40. Blown To Bits (Air Biscuit)
41. Unidentified Floated Biscuit
42. Wrongfully Accused
43. Town Is Dry
44. Stuck To The Couch
45. Intermission 4
46. Goosing Old Ladies
47. Legalize Happiness
48. I'm Not A Douchebag
49. Vacation
50. Shock 'Em Dead
51. Who Farted?
52. I Don't Wanna Mow The Yard
53. Track One
54. Some Kinda Stink

Here is a collection of songs from The Poots. All of these songs were taken from their first few releases.  Multi instumentalist Bill Heintz of Nola's horror-punks The Pallbearers, and horror surf rockers The Bills is one of the guys responsible for all this madness.  

Check them out HERE

And here @ Terroroptics Studios: The Poots

You can purchase the album from the Terroroptics Store for only 5 bucks!

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