Thursday, April 1, 2010

Jello Biafra With NoMeansNo - The Sky is Falling and I Want My Mommy (1991)

Genre: Hardcore punk
Origin: Nomeansno (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada) Jello Biafra (San Francisco, California)
Label: Alternative Tentacles
File: 87 Mb (320kbps)

Jello Biafra: Primary Artist, Vocals
John Wright: Drums, Vocals
Rob Wright: Bass, Guitar
Andy Kerr: Guitar, Bass
Cecil English: Background Vocals
Craig Bougie: Background Vocals
Mark Critchley: Background Vocals

1. The Sky Is Falling, and I Want My Mommy (Falling Space Junk) – 3:15
2. Jesus Was a Terrorist – 2:34
3. Bruce's Diary – 5:19
4. Bad – 2:18
5. Ride the Flume – 2:38
6. Chew – 8:47
7. Sharks in the Gene Pool – 6:34
8. The Myth Is Real - Let's Eat – 5:45
Total Playing Time: 35:50

This is a unique collaboration with Jello from the Dead Kennedys and the Canadian bass heavy trio Nomeansno, and what a great idea it was! This album just flies through 8 blistering tracks at breakneck speed and never lets up until you cry. This fucker really smokes.

The Sky is Falling and I Want My Mommy


  1. I had a copy of a couple of those songs so now I could listen to the whole album. Thanks a lot!

  2. Best thing Jello has knocked out since the demise of DK. I own this too. Quality. Everyone should have it.


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