Saturday, April 24, 2010

Metal Mixtape Madness again!!!!!!!!!!

I put together another compilation for my friends over at the Sludge Swamp, so I figured I'd post it up here too for any of you that may have missed it over there. I was celebrating 420 and forgot to include cover art so Cheeto hooked it up with a skanky pirate lady.

"I was up until 4-21 trying to put this one together, extremely tired and stoned, hopefully it goes together well. This compilation features many bands from New Orleans that I'm sure most of you know or have at least heard of, but I also tried to include bands from this area that are not so well known, as well as some of the newer acts. Hope you guys enjoy! Be on the lookout for upcoming posts at Nola 504 from some of the bands featured on this mix such as Mars, High Priest, and everybody's favorite "genital rockers", The Poots."

1. Felt Nothing - Soilent Green
2. Mons Sermo Incendia - Haarp
3. Tombs Concealed - High Priest
4. Why Live - Mangina
5. Andromeda - Ketea
6. Dead Reckoning - Omean
7. Black on High - Mars
8. Of Time Entombed - Psychon Vex
9. Silent - Rat In a Bucket
10. Murder Capital - The Pallbearers
11. Leather Jacket - Manwitch
12. Lord Agonizer - High Priest
13. 400 Pund Friday Night - The Poots
14. Paroled in '54 - Thou
15. To Worship Nothing - High Priest
16. Nameless Shapeshift - Mars

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