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Ulcer - Discography (1998)

Ulcer - Discography

Genre: Powerviolence
Origin: Massachusetts
Time: 68:36 min.
File: 133.63 MB (320kbps)

Drums: Jim
Guitar: Justin
Vocals: Aaron
Guitar: Led (27 - 44)
Bass: Derek (27 - 44)
Bass: Ben (23 - 26)
Bass: Andy (1 - 22, 45)

"Ulcer was never about slogans or fashion. We never labeled ourselves as a "Grindcore" or "Powerviolence" band. We never put pictures of ourselves on our records because we always thought that bands like Blanks 77, Defiance, The Casualties etc. were really fucking lame for marketing themselves by putting out their (posed for) pictures all over their records. The three big scenes during the time of our existence were '77 drunk punks, the crusties and the straight edge emo kids. We didn't fit in with any of these scenes and we were accepted by a select few from each one. So you can guess that we had no qualms about slagging off people who gave us an attitude because we were not wearing the "right" clothes or playing the "right" music." Aaron Ulcer (singer)

Track Listing:

Indignation Lp (Bovine)
1. Civilization's Codex
2. Addiction
3. Words To Live by
4. Piece Of Meat
5. Wrapped In A Flag
6. Betrayed Generation
7. Blinded
8. Indifference
9. The American Farce
10. Breed Insanity

11. The Martyr
12. Down To The Wire
13. Happiness Is...
14. The Hierarchy
15. Bootlicker
16. Control freak
17. Your Definition
18. Question My Beliefs

19. Off The Pigs
20. Postcard Punks
21. I Won't Be Deceived
22. Just Another Label

Split 7" w/ Capitalist Casualties (6 Weeks)
23. Stand Alone
24. Choke On It
25. Scream About Nthing
26. Subterfuge

S/T 7" (Fetus)
27. Distort The Maning
28. Circle Of Hate
29. White Trash
30. Burn
31. Crawling
32. Revelation
33. Tradition
34. Tragic Flaw
35. Off The Pigs
36. Down To The Wire

Split 7" w/ Failure Face (Burrito)
37. Self Destruct
38. Morality
39. Cross Of Iron

40. LIVE 11/16/1995 Allston, Mass.

I got into these guys after purchasing their debut S/T 7" that was released on the short lived Fetus Records. I managed to pick up all of the bands output after that. This Discography came out on a killer label that was around throughout the nineties that I would follow closely, Bovine Records from Madison, Wisconsin. There is a hidden song 51 seconds(I think it is) after track 22, a cover of the Divinyls "I Touch Myself" that's pretty funny! Two songs from the S/T ep appear on the "Indignation" Lp and track 40 is a live recording of their last show ever and as they said in the liner notes "one of the best" they ever did. A couple of members went onto form another ripping band called Paindriver.



  1. hey, I lived in Madison for 7 years! I'm from Wisconsin. Gotta check this out

  2. Thanks for the awesome download! too bad the didn't put their cover of "I Touch Myself" on this! -gary


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