Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mailbag! Switchblade Cheetah's here to rip your face off.

The Mail Lady came bearing gifts last week...  Brian; vocalist of Switchblade Cheetah, sent in these two fine albums for me to post up. 

Hey Bro!

Brian from Switchblade Cheetah here! 
Here are two albums for your blog!

Switchblade Cheetah are from Tallahassee, Florida.  Formed in 2004, members include Brian Pitt vocals/drums, and Gregory Lee on vocals/all guitars.  They had a drummer but decided to kick him out and have been going strong as a two-piece for the last 3 years.  Switchblade Cheetah has played with bands such as The Circle Jerks, H.R. of Bad Brains, and Bomber.  Some of their influences include: GG Allin, Roky Erikson, Samhain, The Germs, and Domestic Dispute.  The purpose of Switchblade Cheetah is "To bring the best Gutter trash piss scum music" to the masses.  


 2007 - The Bone Gospel  (320kbps)

"The Bone Gospel" is our singles collection from 2007 which is more straight forward Punk Devil Thrash. 

Track Listing:

1.  Guns.Money.Bullets.Skulls
2.  Vigilante Justice
3.  Nightmoves
4.  Skull Helmet
5.  Spit It Out
6.  Downward Glowing Hoof Speak
7.  Ambush
8.  Hotel Hell Feast
9.  Goatbook
10. Renegade
11. Hellbones
12. Titanic Seeds
13. Feral Children
14. White Freightliner
15. Wolfbite
16. Adoring Seryans Dressed In Furs
17. Light Bearer
18. Father Wolf
19. Hanoi Scooter Boy
20. Wolf Christ Den
21. Spit It Out
22. Skull Helmet
23. Mercenary
24. Close Range Gunfighting
25. Vigilante Justice
26. Skull Helmet
27. I, They, We Let's Scare Tracy to Death
28. Bone Farmer
29. Wolfspeak


These guys are great.  What I really love is the raw, straight forward approach that many bands fail to utilize.  Most of these songs stuck with me for a few days after listening to the album a couple of times, which is always a good thing.  After hearing this I'd definitely be down to hear the rest of their stuff.  

2009 - Trash Suckin' High Heeled Scum (320kbps)
 The second disc, "Thrash Suckin' High Heeled Scum" is our newest album and I feel that it is our definitive collection and sound.   It is more garage punk psychedelia occult scum.  

Track Listing:

1.  No Hope (Takin' that Risk)
2.  Bag of Bones
3.  Bonedog
4.  Gladiator Goat Wolf
5.  The Cup
6.  Slaughter High
7.  Hair of The Goat
8.  Out For Blood
9.  Do The Snuff Creek Shuffle
10. That's Off
11. Get Back A-Go-Go
12. I Touched the Beast
13. Bonelust
14. Holy Holy
15. Do The Cheetah Stomp
16. John Lawman
17. Beyond the Darkness
18. Ol' Bag Of Bones

All I can say is that you'd better be ready to Do the Snuff Creek Shuffle.  This album is a little different than the other, but I still like it.  Mainly because of the raw approach once again.  These guys are definitely having fun and writing some grimey stuff.  Overall I really enjoyed this, I Touched the Beast was one that stuck out as well as Hair of the Goat and Gladiator Goat Wolf.  Just take my word and check this shit out.

Switchblade Cheetah were also featured on the soundtrack for New Orleans' Terror Optics Studio's short film "Creepy Dean" which can be seen HERE  They are currently in the process of recording a new EP,  so be on the lookout for that, I'm sure Brian will keep us posted.    


  1. Switchblade Cheetah is killer!
    "Down the road that I travel, I leave a trail of bones and gravel"
    Fuckin nice!

  2. Cheetah is the best band on earth. Period.


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