Monday, November 30, 2009

Cyst- Concussion Symphony

Genre- Thrash
Origin- United States (West Palm Beach, Florida)
Formed in: 1995

Last known line-up:
Dan Ortega - Vocals
Kyle Bennet - Guitar
Mike Maxson - Guitar
Dean Piekara - Bass
Phil Pinto - Drums

The title of this album is right. The late 90s/early 00s aren't really what come to mind when the thrash heyday is spoken of. This means nothing, as proved by Cyst and their only album. There are more hooks on this album than in a fishing shop, and you have to be strapped down to a wall in solitary confinement to even resist the urge to headbang.

1.Curse the Fates03:53
3.I'll Break You Back03:19
4.Without a Sound05:10
5.Shield the Beating04:22
7.Become Wrath02:25
8.The Deterioration of the American Psyche04:15
9.Angel of Death (Slayer cover)03:49
Total playing time33:15

Bang your head


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Linda Ronstadt - Simple Dreams (1977)

Genre: Country Rock
Released: September, 1977
Label: Asylum
Highest Billboard Chart Position: #1 (5 weeks)
Linda Ronstadt - acoustic guitar, vocals and arranger
Waddy Wachtel - guitar
Ed Black - guitar, steel guitar
Kenny Edwards - guitar, bass
Danny Kortchmar, Richard Bowden, Pete Wade, Al Viola - guitar
David Lindley - fiddle
Jim Fadden - harmonica
Jim Gordon, Nino Tempo - saxophone
Mac Johnson, Darrel Leonard - trumpet
Spooner Oldham - piano
John Boylen - electric piano
Kenny Anderson, Mike Bowden - bass
Micky McGee, Dennis St. John, Andrew Gold, David Kemper - drums
Andrew Gold, John David Souther, Chris Ethridge, Waddy Wachtel, Bernie Leadon, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Russ Kunkel, Clydie King, Herb Pedersen - background vocals
Dolly Parton - harmony vocals on "I Never Will Marry"
Track List:
1. It's So Easy (Buddy Holly, Norman Petty) - 2:27
2. Carmelita (Warren Zevon) - 3:07
3. Simple Man, Simple Dream (J.D. Souther) - 3:12
4. Sorrow Lives Here (Eric Kaz) - 2:57
5. I Never Will Marry (Traditional) - 3:12
6. Blue Bayou (Roy Orbison, Joe Melson) - 3:57
7. Poor Poor Pitiful Me (Warren Zevon) - 3:42
8. Maybe I'm Right (Waddy Wachtel) - 3:05
9. Tumbling Dice (Keith Richards, Mick Jagger) - 3:05
10. Old Paint (Traditional) - 3:05

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bad Actor - 2009 - Portrait of Finality

2009 - Portrait of Finality

Bad Actor, a duet made whole, was founded with one purpose.

Playing loud and playing heavy music! Taking up home base in Orlando FL, we are attempting to provide music with an innovative and abrasive presentation. Furious and peaceful, this five piece will take their art and play through the loudest amps they can find with extreme unrelenting ferocity. And then proceed to ignite that art with steaming hot lava. - taken from their Myspace

Track Listing :

1 The Kracken of Normandy 3:32
2 Sinister Smoke and Smolder 3:31
3 Through the Blue 2:28
4 A Man of Ideas 4:24
5 Shaking Hands Through Doorways 2:17
6 Searching for Serenity 3:26
7 Oleg 4:39
8 As Meredith Explodes 3:11
9 Triangular Room 3:15
10 Ralos 2:04

Bad Actor decided to give their newest material out as a free download so I figured I'd post it up here.  These guys are sludgy sludgy, which is something I always like.  If you've heard any of their previous material, and liked it, then you are in for a treat.  Check em' out!

Ministry - Rio Grande Blood (2006)

Year: 2006
Genre: Industrial/Thrash Metal
Label: 13th Planet
Al Jourgensen - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drum Programming
Tommy Victor - Guitars, Bass
Paul Raven - Keyboards, Backing Vocals, Bass, Guitars, Drum Programming, Drums

Mark Baker - Drums
Sgt. Major - Drill Instructor Vocals on "Gangreen"

Mike Scaccia - Guitar Solo on "The Great Satan"

Jello Biafra - Additional Vocals on "Ass Clown"
1. Rio Grande Blood – 4:24
2. Senor Peligro – 3:38
3. Gangreen – 6:00
4. Fear (Is Big Business) – 4:51
5. LiesLiesLies – 5:16
6. The Great Satan (Remix) – 3:23
7. Yellow Cake – 4:35
8. Palestina – 3:18
9. Ass Clown – 6:42
10. Khyber Pass – 7:31
11. Bonus Track (Sgt. Major Redux) - 1:45

Ministryis normally a normal industrial rock/metal band, with repetitive metal riffs droning under distorted vocals, keyboards, and drum machines. Except on this album. This is straight up thrash metal that could stand with Slayer and Wehrmacht. Not much else to say.

Friday, November 27, 2009


Spickle is an all original, 4-piece instrumental band from Uptown New Orleans, Louisiana. What began as a time-killer in between another band's practices, Spickle became exactly what Gregg, Paul Kenny and Bret needed; an outlet to release pressure, a palette to be creative, a great way to kill time and another reason to keep waking up.

Here's what some people outside of New Orleans had to say: 

SPICKLE "Self Titled" Review
This just whips my ass right into shape! Holy crap! (check out the MP3 of the day)...
You can probably tell I like it.
If you haven't heard Spickle before, now is a good time. They are tighter than ever and this pre-release CD is good evidence that there will always be room in StonerRock for bands of the instrumental variety:) These guys are right up there with Karma to Burn and Clearlight as far as musicianship and tightness goes.
This CD travels a lot from fast furious jazzy changes to straight ahead killer road rock with plenty of impressive guitar lead work. The whole rhythm section works like a well oiled machine and are sure to be superior in the live show category.
If you like a band that just jams and does plenty of unique math twists without confusing the listener, then this is the CD for you. It fits right in there with Karma To Burn and Clearlight, check it out for the sake of rock, even if instrumental isn't your thing, you might find this interesting enough to change your mind.
Rob Wrong 

Spickle " The Right to Remain Silent" review on
The city of New Orleans is still a good ground for exciting and unique bands. This time it's SPICKLE.
After the self-titled EP, they've banned twelve tracks on the new album, released in 2002. SPICKLE's instrumental music sends the listener to a lot of varied moods and feelings. The musicians are playing amazingly tight in everything they do, from the softer jazzy parts to the whirlwind-like explosive moments. Different dynamics are playing a big role in the music. But let me pick out a few single songs, to show the immense variety of this fascinating album. Spastic Orion" or "2-3= -fun" are more direct rock tunes with hardcore undertones and not only this time, Karma To Burn are coming to mind. But as in "Valve Cover", that starts like 6t's psych tune with a somehow beautiful strange atmosphere and turns into a heavy riff-driven explosion, KTB-like, but from the whole song structure it's very different to them.

Even the quieter moments of SPICKLE, there's still a lot of energy under the peaceful surface. A song as "Bread Puddin" is a cleaver mixture between 7t's Jazzrock and complex heaviness, while "Backbreak" or "It's a nice Day to Die" is more Blues-influenced. What makes SPICKLE so amazing for me, is their impressive and creative way of combining very different musical elements to one refreshing and energetic unit. There's Jazz, Heavy Rock, Hardcore and more, so be open-minded for the SPICKLE experience. (KK)

So now that you've read all that here goes:

2001 - Spickle

Track Listing: 

1. Millenium Falcon
2. Fusion
3. Wood Good
4. Cucaracha
5. Two Gotta Shake
6. Shove - It
7. Room Rent
8. Appliance


2005 - Right to Remain

Track Listing:

1. Cottonmouth (Intro)
2. Spastic Orion
3. It's A Nice Day to Die
4. Valve Cover
5. Backbreak
6. Bread Puddin'
7. Psych
8. 2-3= - Fun
9. Spore Addict
10. C'mon
11. Cadence
12. Gherkin


Spickle is fucking awesome!  Enjoy!

GG Allin - Carnival of Excess (Limited Edition 2002)

Genre: Country/Punk
Recorded: July 28, 1991
Label: Rockside Media
File: 71 MB/320kbps
"This release, which contains previously unreleased mixes of the songs from the original album (with one exception, "Outskirts Of Life", which used the mix from the original 1996 release), was issued in limited editions of 100 white vinyl albums and 1200 compact discs. Added to the original release is a mock-commercial for the album featuring Tiny Tim and excerpts from a phone conversation with Allin about the album. Unlike many other GG Allin recordings, this release featured songs in the vein of country music, many of them acoustics." (Wikepedia)
GG Allin - vocals, backing vocals,
Bob Widenhofer - guitars
Andy Irvine - bass
Paul Reller - drums, piano, accordion
Shireen Kadaver (credited as "The Razor") - backing vocals on "Carmelita", "A Snake" and "Pick Me Up".
Track Listing:
1. Outskirts of Life 3:20
2. Fuck Authority 3:25
3. Carmelita (Warren Zevon) 2:59
4. Guns, Bitches, Brawls and Bottles 3:16
5. Son of Evil 3:06
6. Watch Me Kill (The Boston Girl) 1:47
7. The snakeman 2:39
8. GG and Tiny Tim on COE 2:49
9. No Rights 3:58
10. Pick me Up On Your way Down ( Axton/Levy/Reeves, adapted by GG Allin) 1:59
11. Borrowed Time 4:11
12. GG's Vision 1:25
I'll let GG sum it up:
Always gonna fight, until the day I die
No laws or limits will stop me from the way I live my life
Don't get in my way, unless you want to die
I'm living fast and hard and I accelerate on high
I listen to no one, use who I got to use
Don't ever try and get too close, 'cause I'm a burning fuse
Everyone around me is someone I will play
I'm living out my life and I'm living day to day
Within the perimeters of this world I just don't feel real right
I'm living by the laws of a gun and a knife
My soul cannot be tamed, I'm living just to die
I'm living by myself on the outskirts of life

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bob Dylan - Planet Waves (1974)

Genre: Folk Rock
Full Length #14
Recorded: November 5, 6 and 9, 1973 Village Recorder in West L.A.
File: 77 MB/256kbps

Bob Dylan: Guitars, harmonica, keyboards, vocals.
Robbie Robertson: Guitars, bass guitar.
Rick Danko: Bass guitar, Fiddle, vocals.
Garth Hudson: Keyboards, Organ, Piano, accordion, saxophones.
Richard Manuel: Piano, keyboards, drums.
Levon Helm: drums, mandolin, vocals

Track List:
1, On a Night Like This – 2:57
2. Going, Going, Gone – 3:27
3. Tough Mama – 4:17
4. Hazel – 2:50
5. Something There Is About You – 4:45
6. Forever Young – 4:57
7. Forever Young – 2:49
8. Dirge – 5:36
9. You Angel You – 2:54
10. Never Say Goodbye – 2:56
11. Wedding Song – 4:42
Total Playing Time: 42:12

Here's a great Dylan album from Dylan's sessions with The Band and it ended up at No. 1 on the Billboard charts, but since then it may have gotten overlooked. It really is a beautiful album that is folky with a country tinge and once again all the songs are brilliantly written and arranged by Dylan.

Planet Waves

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lydia Lunch - Queen of Siam (1980)

Origin: Rochester, New York
Genres: Experimental Rock/No Wave
Recorded: 1979, Blank Tapes Studios

Lydia Lunch: vocals, guitar solo on "Tied and Twist" & "A Cruise to the Moon"
Jack "L. Lindo" Ruby: bass
Douglas Bowne: drums
Pat Irwin: all other instruments, backing vocals
Robert Quine: guitar solos(tracks: 7, 8, 10, 11)"
Billy Ver Planck Orchestra (tracks: 7, 8, 10, 11)
Arranged by Billy Ver Planck

Track Listing:
(All tracks composed by Lydia Lunch; except where indicated)
1. Mechanical Flattery (2:46)
2. Gloomy Sunday (Sam Lewis, Rezső Seress) (2:57)
3. Tied and Twist (2:55)
4. Spooky (Buddy Buie, Harry Middlebrooks, Jr., James Cobb, Mike Shapiro) (2:40)
5. Los Banditos (3:10)
6. Atomic Bongos (Pat Irwin) (2:17)
7. Lady Scarface (3:12)
8. A Cruise to the Moon (3:54)
9. Carnival Fat Man (2:11)
10. Knives in the Drain (Lunch, Billy Ver Planck) (4:00)
11. Blood of Tin (1:09)

Goddamn, here's something totally different. This, I guess, is best described as mortuary lounge music, with Lydia's innocent macabre vocals combining with eerie dungeon music. Unbelievable, I know, but you will have to hear this album, it's completely drenched in haunting atmosphere. Lydia's birthday is the same as mine so she's a gemini, too. I love her.

Queen of Siam


SkinKrawl was a local NOLA band, with Jay Branch (who co-owned Incision Records with Ben Falgoust (Soilent Green, Goatwhore), being one of the members. In an interview, Jay said the following:
"Our vision for SkinKrawL was always to be the most abrasive live act in the world. We toured hard and played harder, getting banned from venues around the South. I went to the emergency room more than once from injuries sustained during our shows, and several other members have permanent scars to show. We came close to being signed near the end, but it just wasn't meant to happen. We broke up shortly before Hurricane Katrina due to personal differences, with two members going on to join a rock band from Chicago called Before the Wait.

 Track Listing:

1. Self Inflicted
2. Once Again
3. Don't Look
4. Nothing Left
5. Looking Glass

SkinKrawl  is/was a band that I saw numerous times back in the day.  I came across this the other day while looking for a Demo by another local band for my friend Devildowninga.  These guys were on to something good, I'd have really like to have seen how they would have progressed had they not split up.  Anyways, check it out.

Oh, and the demo that I was looking for was by another local NOLA band called "Crawfish Fossil".  If anyone reading this has that demo, PLEASE email me.  It would be mucho appreciated.


Soilent Green / Grief - 1995 - Split 10"

Grief (US)
Sludge/Doom Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Inner mind torture through political matters

Soilent Green (US)
Sludge/Death Metal/Grindcore
Lyrical theme(s)
Abusive/Distressed Relationships, Drugs, Hate
1995 - Split -Pessimiser Records    
Offered as a 10".
1.Green Vegetable Matter   
Soilent Green
2.Gagged Whore   
4.Grasping For Air Through Lust   

Here is a classic Split EP from two of my favorite bands.  All of these songs are pretty much well known I guess you could say, but this is pretty much a must have for fans of either of these bands.  If you haven't heard either band, then I suggest you check them out.

Get you some.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Grimwolf- Pure American Werewolf Metal

Genre: Groove/Thrash
Year: 2009
Label: 13 O'Clock
Origin: USA

Well, this was quite a surprise. With such a stupid name, how can one not listen to it? Well, this is one of the only Groove/Thrash bands I've heard do the genre right. The production here really stands out. It suits the music perfectly, and it's heavy as all Hell. Sounds like Pantera a bit, except that it doesn't suck. Southern Groove/Thrash done right, to sum it up.

Brent Wisdom - Vocals, Guitar
Ehren Behringer - Guitar
Ryan Lightfoot - Bass
Joe Downard - Drums
2.Becoming The Beast03:03
3.Feast of Flesh03:54
4.Immortal Beloved04:37
5.Full Moon Draw03:51
Total playing time18:43

Light your joints!


The band requests that you join their webzine, in exchange for the album. I'll be nice and let you have it for less that even that, but it's what keeps bands going and I suggest you sign up for it. It's quick and easy.

It's on the right-middle of the page.

Flesh Parade - 1998 - Kill Whitey

Lyrical theme
Internal Struggles

Current Line Up:
Scott Leger - Vocals (Shrum, D.I.E.)
Tony Salisbury - Bass (Mule Skinner)
Todd Capiton - Drums (Mule Skinner, Hangnail)
Rene Perez - Guitar

Former Members:
Vocals :
Blake Balu
Jason Pilgrim (Drip)
Guitar :
Joe Militello
Duane Marcel
Bass :
C.J. Pierce (Drowning Pool)
Shane Lechler
Ben Marrs (Exhumed, Hangnail)
Julien Fried (Black Rose, R.I.P. (US), Tirefire)

1998 - Kill Whitey

Track Listing:

1.  Monsieur Lebeaux   
2.  Backstabber   
3.  King Cobra   
4.  Bite and Get In It   
5.  Fat and Gristle   
6.  Worthless   
7.  Bite and Get In It   
8.  Just a Little   
9.  Coping With It   
10. Lighten Up   
11.'Bout Had It   
12. How About Some Good Stuff   

These guys have been around for a while, I remembered that I had this after seeing a flyer for a local show the other day so I figured I should share.  This is grindcore from the dirtiest city in the United States.  How can you go wrong with that?


Nightbringer - Death and the Black Work (2008)

Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical Themes: The Occult
Origin: United States of America (Green Mountain Falls, Colorado)
Formed: 1999
Status: Active
Label: Avantgarde / The Ajna Offensive
File: 140 MB/320kbps

Naas Alcameth - Vocals, Scripts, Strings (Akhlys, Serpentinam, Temple of Not, Rhune)
Ophis - Strings (Temple of Not)
Nox Corvus - Strings, Percussion (Serpentinam)
Grimnar aka Alabas - Guitar (Serpentinam)

1. Caput Draconis - Black Saturn 7:59
2. Womb of Nyx 7:27
3. Feast of the Manes 7:00
4. Of Silence and Exsanguination 10:01
5. The River Lethe 7:12
6. Beneath the Sands of Dudael 14:05
7. Cauda Draconis - Azra Lumial 10:45

Another awesome band from Colorado. I've only been in Colorado for a couple of years and I've never been to Green Mountain Falls, but it sure sounds pretty. Anyhoo, this shit is incredible. The production is great, the musicianship is top notch and the whole package gives off a haunting atmosphere that is gonna take numerous listens to truly understand. I can tell a lot of work and thought went into developing this album. Give this monster a listen, then buy it to keep this kind of music coming. Definitely for fans of bands like Deathspell Omega.


Monday, November 23, 2009

Bluesiana Triangle - 1990 - Bluesiana Triangle

1990 - Bluesiana Triangle

Bluesiana Triangle was a jazz, blues and funk group with Dr. John (keyboards, guitar, vocals), David "Fathead" Newman (sax, flute), and Art Blakey (drums).

Track Listing:

1. Heads Up    
2. Life's a One Way Ticket    
3. Shoo Fly, Don't Bother Me    
4. Need to Be Loved    
5. Next Time You See Me    
6. When the Saints Go Marching In    
7. For All We Know

This is a CLASSIC.  This is bluesy jazz with a hint of that New Orleans spice that I absolutely love.

Shoo Fly

That Handsome Devil - A City Dressed In Dynamite (iTunes Version) (2008)

Year: 2008
Genre: Rock/Swing/Hip Hop/R&B
Label: Modern Savage Recordings
Godforbid - Lead Vocals
Jeremy Page - Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Banjo, Pedalsteel, Glockenspiel, Percussion, Accordion, Synth, Kazoo, Backing Vocals
Naoko Takamoto - Backing Vocals
Andy Bauer - Drums, Percussion, Guitar, Backing Vocals
Evan Sanders - Keyboard, Trumpet, Trombone
Martin Rodriguez - Guitar
DJ Beyonder - Turntable
Lucas Lajuene - Violin
Benjamin Powell - Violin
Fabrizio Mazzetta - Cello
1. Damn Door – 3:01
2. Wintergreen – 2:59
3. Rob the Prez-O-Dent – 3:21
4. Pills for Everything – 4:31
5. Cry – 3:40
6. Kiss the Cook – 3:23
7. Viva Discordia – 4:13
8. Squares – 3:21
9. Mexico – 3:57
10. Reagan's Kids – 3:34
11. Tree Food – 4:25
12. Karaoke Burial - 3:44
13. Power Drunk -2:34

That Handsome Devil, formed in 2004, fronted by the ever-so-charming Godforbid, is a band that defies genre boundaries and all around kicks ass. A swing/rock base sound is complimented with funk, jazz, rockabilly, surf, and a hint of hip-hop to create a unique, yet acessible album. A City Dressed In Dynamite is the first full-length from the Boston, Massachusetts group, preceded by one short EP. High-energy songs like "Rob The Prez-O-Dent" and "Viva Discordia" are counterbalanced by deep, dark songs such as "Kiss The Cook", which deals with drug addiction and unstable living conditions; "Daddy don't come around here no more; and mommy's cookin' rocks up on the stove". The album also uses soundbites from what sounds like 50's educational films.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kladovest - Escape in Melancholy (2009)

Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical themes: Solitude, coldness, nature
Origin: Ukraine
Formed in: 2004
Status: Active

Dmitriy K. - All instruments
Thurios - Vocals (Astrofaes, Hate Forest, Drudkh)
Alexander A. - Lyrics, graphics

Track List
1. Abyss of Broken Clocks 10:18
2. Gritted Fangs 8:11
3. Tead of Silk 7:22
4. Insignificant Bile 7:49
Total playing time

Here it is! I've been waiting for this release for awhile now because their debut was really good and on this one, Thurios does the vocals. While the debut was a cold, mechanical, inhuman affair, this release is way more subdued and tranquil with elegant and sad guitar leads and Thurios' distinctive vocal work. I'm really loving this one and I just wish it had a couple more songs. Drudkh fans are gonna love this.

King Diamond - No Presents For Christmas (1985)

Year: 1985
Genre: Heavy Metal
King Diamond - Vocals
Michael Denner - Guitar
Andy LaRocque - Guitar
Timi Hansen - Bass Guitar
Mikkey Dee - Drums
1. No Presents For Christmas - 4:19
2. The Lake (Charon) - 4:11

This is a single released back in '85 by the King of Metal. This is the first thing released by King Diamond (excluding the demo). "No Presents For Christmas" is a cheesy song about Santa getting stuck at the North Pole. Well, it managed to launch the monolithic career of the mastermind behind "Abigail", "Them", and "Give Me Your Soul...Please?", so why not give it a shot?

Note: The title of the second track is labeled either "The Lake" or "Charon" from different sources. I called it "The Lake" because there were more sources that called it that.

Midwinter - Enthrone in Blizzard (2006)

Genre: Melodic Black Metal
Lyrical Themes: Nature Worship, Heathenism
Origin: China (Xi'an)
Formed in: 2005
Status: Active
Current Label: Pest Productions
File: 100 MB/320kbps
Current line-up:
Runenblaze - Vocals
Bloodfire - Guitar (Yn Gizarm, Hellward, Varuna, Zuriaake)
Zak - Bass
1. Endless Winter Realm 3:38
2. Into the Circles 4:01
3. Lurid Horizon 5:37
4. Thunder Lord 4:01
5. Forgotten Song 5:31
6. Northern March 5:56
7. Midwinter 4:35
8. Enthrone in Blizzard 4:42
9. Pestkrieg (Nachtfalke cover) 7:04
Total playing time
Midwinter is another band that Bloodfire (Zuriaake, Yn Gizarm) is involved with and this album ranks among his best. This is very melodic mid-paced atmospheric black metal that gives you a sense of the frostbitten doldrums. I'm eagerly awaiting their follow up album.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground (1969)

Genre: Rock n' Roll
Origin: New York City, New York
96 MB, 320kbps

Lou Reed – lead and rhythm guitar, piano, lead vocals
Sterling Morrison – rhythm and lead guitar, chorus vocals on "The Murder Mystery", backing vocals
Maureen Tucker – percussion, lead vocals on "After Hours", chorus vocals on "The Murder Mystery", backing vocals
Doug Yule – bass guitar, organ, lead vocals on "Candy Says", verse vocals on "The Murder Mystery", backing vocals
1. Candy Says – 4:04
2. What Goes On – 4:55
3. Some Kinda Love – 4:03
4. Pale Blue Eyes – 5:41
5. Jesus – 3:24
6. Beginning to See the Light – 4:41
7. I'm Set Free – 4:08
8. That's the Story of My Life – 1:59
9. The Murder Mystery – 8:55
10. After Hours – 2:07
This is the Velvet Underground's 3rd full-length and was recorded after the departure of John Cale so the album is a lot less wacked out and experimental then the first two albums (except for "The Murder Mystery" which is the most insane thing ever). What is left is a soft and intimate masterpiece of rock n' roll and folk music. This album also contains a couple of my favorite VU tunes; "Pale Blue Eyes" and "After Hours".

Dr. John - 1975 - Hollywood Be Thy Name

1975 - Hollywood Be Thy Name

Hollywood Be Thy Name is a live album by New Orleans R&B artist Dr. John.

Track Listing:

   1. "New Island Soiree" – 3:13
   2. "Reggae Doctor" – 3:19
   3. "The Way You Do the Things You Do" – 3:46
   4. "Swanee River Boogie" – 2:51
   5. "Yesterday" – 5:21
   6. "Babylon" – 6:11
   7. "Back by the River" – 4:01
   8. "Medley: It's All Right With Me / Blue Skies / Will the Circle Be Unbroken" – 5:32
   9. "Hollywood Be Thy Name" – 3:16
  10. "I Wanna Rock" – 3:15

Album Credits:

* Dr. John - keyboards, vocals
* Tommy Vig - percussion
* Ronnie Barron - keyboards, vocals
* Steve Hunter - guitar
* Kenny Ascher - keyboards
* Johnny Badanjek - drums
* John Boudreaux - drums
* Leroy Cooper - saxophone
* Bob Ezrin - keyboards, vocals
* Julius Farmer - bass
* Venetta Fields - vocals
* Tammy Lann - vocals
* Warren Luening - horn
* Robbie Montgomery - vocals
* Alvin Robinson - guitar
* James Herb Smith - guitar
* Clifford Solomon - saxophone
* Bobby Torres - conductor
* Ernie Watts - saxophone
* Chauncey Welsch - trombone

Happy 69th Birthday Dr. John!!!


Friday, November 20, 2009

Dr. John - 1974 - Desitively Bonnaroo

1974 - Desitively Bonnaroo

Desitively Bonnaroo is a 1974 album by New Orleans rhythm and blues legend Dr. John. The album was produced by Allen Toussaint and features sizable musical support from The Meters. The album mines the territory featured on his previous album In The Right Place.

Track Listing:

1.  Quitters Never Win - 3:17
2.  Stealin' - 3:32
3.  What Come Around (Goes Around) - 3:13
4.  Me Minus You Equals Loneliness - 3:06
5.  Mos' Scocious - 2:47
6.  (Everybody Wanna Get Rich) Rite Away - 2:43
7.  Let's Make a Better World (Earl King, Ben E. King) - 2:58
8.  R U 4 Real - 4:16
9.  Sing Along Song - 2:44
10. Can't Git Enuff - 3:00
11. Go Tell the People (Allen Toussaint) - 3:06
12. Desitively Bonnaroo - 2:31

Album Credits:

* Dr John - guitar, piano, sound effects, vocals
* Allen Toussaint - keyboards, percussion, arrangements, background vocals
* Leo Nocentelli - guitar
* Art Neville - keyboards, organ
* George Porter Jr. - bass
* Joseph "Ziggy" Modeliste - drums
* Gary Brown - alto, soprano & tenor saxophone
* Mark Colby - clarinet, tenor saxophone,
* Whit Sidener - baritone & alto saxophone
* Peter Graves - trombone
* Kenneth Faulk - trumpet, flugelhorn
* Robbie Montgomery - background vocals
* Jessica Smith - background vocals

As I said in my last post, Dr. John's birthday is tomorrow, so I'm going to keep posting all of his albums that I have.  This one picks up right where In The Right Place left off.  If you enjoyed the rest, then please, please don't be stupid.  It's for your own good.  I can't even begin to pick out any certain tracks as reccomendations because I love them all.  Enjoy!

Can't Git Enuff

Reverend Bizarre - II: Crush the Insects (2005)

Genre: Doom Metal
Lyrical Themes: Doom, Misery, Esotericism
Origin: Finland (Lohja/Turku)
Formed: 1995
Status: Split-up
File: 168 MB/320kbps

Sir Albert Witchfinder - Bass, Vocals, Guitar Solo on track 7
Father Peter Vicar - Guitars
Monsieur Earl of Void - Drums, Guitars
Written by Albert, except tracks 3 and 5 written by Peter.

1. Doom Over the World 7:37
2. The Devil Rides Out 6:10
3. Cromwell 5:25
4. Slave of Satan 13:27
5. Council of Ten 8:32
6. By This Axe I Rule! 10:02
7. Eternal Forest 10:52
8. Fucking Wizard 11:15
Total playing time

When I listen to this cd I get the Feeling that Reverend Bizarre is right even though I'm not entirely sure what about. After listening to this whole full length numerous times, I have come to the conclusion that this is perfect doom metal. It's too bad this great band split-up, but at least they left a huge amount of music. Enjoy!

Doom Over the World

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bagged Milk and the Electro Tomatoes - Baggeddon (2009)

Year: 2009
Genre: Metal/Grindcore
Lineup- Electro Tomato - Guitars, Bagged Milk - Vocals, Bass, Drum Programming
1. Slapped Around With A Large Trout - 1:00
2. Mostly Cloudy With A Chance Of Locust Plague - 1:32
3. Brutal Goredozer Of Genocidal Massacre - 2:33

Bagged Milk And The Electro Tomatoes was a heavy metal/grind project that I started that never went anywhere. I played guitar, and an online friend from Britain programmed drums in Garageband and did vocals and bass. The songs were mostly improv'd by me, sent to Bagged Milk, and then promptly finished. He continued with his project, "Nathwhy!?", and I encourage you to check that out on Google. If we ever come back into comission, we might do a split with Nathwhy!?, so stay tuned :D


Also, hello. I am Electro Tomato, and I'm honored to be onboard the Nola 504 team. I'm new, and I promise to bring you everything from grindcore to bluegrass. Ya gotta have a car in this land of milk and honey, and I've got a goddamn tank. I would guess that this post is my shameless self-promoting way of introducing myself, so go ahead and throw assorted produce at me for my media whoring. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer.

Dr. John - 1973 - In the Right Place

1973 - In the Right Place

 In the Right Place is a 1973 album by New Orleans R&B artist Dr. John. The album was originally released on Atco Records and became the biggest selling album of Dr. John's career.

Track Listing:

1  -  "Right Place Wrong Time"
2  -  "Same Old Same Old"
3  -  "Just the Same"
4  -  "Qualified"
5  -  "Traveling Mood"
6  -  "Peace Brother Peace"
7  -  "Life"
8  -  "Such a Night"
9  -  "Shoo Fly Marches On"
10 -  "I Been Hoodood"
11 -  "Cold Cold Cold" 

Album Credits:

    * The Meters:

    Leo Nocentelli - lead guitar
    Art Neville - organ
    George Porter, Jr. - bass
    Joseph Modeliste - drums

    * Allen Toussaint: Piano, electric piano, acoustic guitar, conga drums and tambourine, background vocals, vocal arrangements, arrangement and conducting.
    * Mac Rebennack: Vocals, piano on "Qualified", organ on "Peace Brother Peace" and percussion on "I Been Hoodood".
    * Ralph MacDonald: Percussion on "Shoo Fly Marches On", "Such a Night" and "I Been Hoodood".
    * David Spinozza: guitar solo on "Right Place Wrong Time".
    * Gary Brown: Electric and acoustic saxophones.
    * The Bonaroo Horn Section: Horns.
    * Robbie Montgomery and Jessie Smith: Backing vocals.

James Flournoy Holmes: Album design and paintings.

With Dr. John's 69th birthday coming up this Saturday I felt the urge to keep my Dr. John post streak going. 
This is another ESSENTIAL album right here.  Total Classic.  If you enjoyed all the other Dr. John albums that I posted, or even if you didn't GET THIS ONE NOW!!  This is another one that everyone in the Crescent City knows all about.  Mardi Gras vibes galore.  Don't miss this, trust me. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lou Reed - NYC Man: The Ultimate Lou Reed Collection (2003)

Genre: Rock n' Roll
Recorded: 1966-2002
Origin: New York City
Songs chosen, sequenced and remastered by Lou Reed

CD 1
1. Who Am I (Tripitena's Song) - Alternate Take
2. Sweet Jane - The Velvet Underground
3. Rock & Roll - The Velvet Underground
4. I'm Waiting for the Man - The Velvet Underground
5. White Light/White Heat - Live
6. Street Hassle; Waltzing Matilda / Street Hassle / Slipaway
7. Berlin
8. Caroline Says II
9. The Kids
10. Walk on the Wild Side
11. Kill Your Sons - Live
12. Vicious
13. The Blue Mask
14. I'll Be Your Mirror - Live
15. Magic and Loss - The Summantion
16. Ecstasy

CD 2
1. I Wanna Be Black - Live
2. Temporary Thing
3. Shooting Star
4. Legendary Hearts
5. Heroin - Live
6. Coney Island Baby
7. The Last Shot
8. The Bells
9. Perfect Day
10. Sally Can't Dance
11. Satellite of Love
12. NYC Man
13. Dirty Blvd.
14, Rock Minuet
15. Pale Blue Eyes - The Velvet Underground

Here it is, mostly solo Lou Reed songs picked out by the man himself. This is the cd to make you feel like a total bad ass walking down the city streets at night. This is the be all and end all of true New York City grit. Get this music and maybe become a little more heroic yourself. Some of Lou's solo albums have been a bit hit or miss so this compilation gets right to the good stuff and even throws in some essential VU classics. It's seriously a monster of a collection and i find it a good one to just always keep in my ipod.


Dr. John - 1972 - Dr. John's Gumbo

1972 - Dr. John's Gumbo  

Dr. John's Gumbo is the fifth album by New Orleans R&B artist Dr. John, a tribute to the music of his native city. The album is a collection of covers of New Orleans classics, played by a major figure in the city's music. In 2003, the album was ranked number 402 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

Track Listing:

Side A
1. "Iko Iko", song about street parades in New Orleans (James "Sugar Boy" Crawford)
2. "Blow Wind Blow" (Huey "Piano" Smith, Izzy Cougarden)
3. "Big Chief", Professor Longhair song dedicated to Big Chief Jolly, notable Mardi Gras Indian leader. (Earl Gaines)
4. "Somebody Changed the Lock", romantic travails. (Mac Rebennack)
5. "Mess Around", Ray Charles' first hit, based on "Pinetop's Boogie Woogie" (Ahmet Ertegün)
6. "Let the Good Times Roll", written by Earl King, also covered by Jimi Hendrix as "Come On".

Side B

1. "Junko Partner", legendary tale of wastrel and drug addict (Bob Shad)
2. "Stack-A-Lee", famous tale of "two men who gambled late" (Traditional)
3. "Tipitina", the great Professor Longhair song (Henry Roeland Byrd)
4.  "Those Lonely Lonely Nights" (Earl King, Johnny Vincent)
5.  "Huey Smith Medley", tribute to Huey Smith and the Clowns (Huey "Piano" Smith, Johnny Vincent)

   1. "High Blood Pressure"
   2. "Don't You Just Know It"
   3. "Well I'll Be John Brown"

6.  "Little Liza Jane", New Orleans R&B standard based on a children's rhyme (Huey "Piano" Smith, Johnny Vincent)

Album Credits: 

 Dr. John - guitar, piano, cornet, vocals
 Lee Allen - tenor saxophone
 Ronnie Barron - organ, piano, vocals
 Harold Battiste - clarinet, saxophone, horn arrangements
 Morris Bechamin - saxophone
 Jimmy Calhoun - bass
 Sidney George - harmonica, saxophone
 Shirley Goodman - vocals
 Ken Klimak - guitar
 Tammy Lann - vocals
 Dave Lastie - saxophone
 Melvin Lastie - trumpet, cornet
 Robbie Montgomery - vocals
 Keith Olsen - engineer
 Alvin Robinson - guitar
 Jessica Smith - vocals
 Fred Staehle - drums, percussion
 Richard Washington - percussion
 John Ewing - trombone
 Tom Wilkes - design, photography
 Barry Feinstein - design, photography

There is nothing that I can say that has not already been said about this album.  This is ESSENTIAL.  I'm sure there is not one single person in New Orleans that has not heard this album.  It's definitely one of my all time favorites.  There is never a Mardi Gras season that goes by without this album being played everywhere...
If you didn't know who Dr. John was before, do yourself a favor and get this right now!

Iko Iko

Mord (US) - Imperium Magnum Infernalis (2006)

Genre: Black Metal
Origin: U.S.A. (Denver Colorado)
Lyric Themes: Satanic Rites, Disgust, Damnation, Goat Worship
Formed: 2003
Status: Active
Current Label: Non Compos Mentis Records

Striid - Vocals (Salacious Gods, Irhmgaar, Kerberos (Hol), Lugubre (Hol), Sadotank, Misanthropy, Diabolique (Hol)/Winterlord, Satanic Funeral, Sexual O.C.D., Dust Devil)
Anti-Human - Guitar (Askelon, Ctanic, Marks of the Masochist, Misanthropy, Gravestench, Rhune, Satanic Funeral, Unholy Scripture, Putride)
Malefic (Scott Conner) - Bass, Keyboards (Xasthur (US), Twilight (US), Celestia, Sick, Sunn O))) (Guest))
Lurker - Drums (Nazroth, Vrolok (US), Toil, Taog Susej, Dawn of Sorrow, Interfektor, Satanic Funeral, Funeral Mourning, Sangraal, Gravestench, Raw Hatred, Unholy Scripture, Necrophile (Irl), Askelon, Nox Inferi, Frail)

1. Necrobestiality = Goatworship 9:29
2. Occulta Sodomistica 9:01
3. In Nomine Sathanas 9:08
4. Part I - Summon The Beast/Part II - Seeds Of Evil 13:12
5. Rise From Hades 3:41
Total playing time

I was searching for other Denver bands then I remembered this gem. I'm not sure why they are listed as being from Denver because this is a supergroup of sorts led by Malefic from Xasthur. Well this has more of an occult feeling then Xasthur but Malefic's keyboards shine through as the highlight, always haunting creepily in the background. I do recommend this album highly and I'm not sure why it's basically overlooked. Expect slow to midpaced, evil occult black metal which quite honestly sounds like a mix between Vrolok and Xasthur.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Acheronian Dirge - Ritual of Denial (Demo 2006)

Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical Themes: Despair, The Occult, Anti-Christianity
Origin: United States of America (Arvada, Colorado)
Formed: 1998
Status: Active

David Csicsely - drums
Dave Borrusch - bass
Zach Salmans - vocals
Justin Siegler - guitar
Clay Cushman - guitar

1. The Sacred Truth of Denial 4:39
2. Recurrence of Yore 5:11
3. Grievances 4:23
4. For This Sin 4:33
5. Lindisfarne 6:11
6. Disgusting Semla (Bonus track, Morbid Cover) 2:48
Total playing time

I'm posting this demo to go along with the full length because I know you are gonna want more and this demo is awesome!

Ritual of Denial

Acheronian Dirge - Sex Nex Quod Odium (2008)

Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical Themes: Despair, The Occult, Anti-Christianity
Origin: United States of America (Arvada, Colorado)
Formed: 1998
Status: Active

David Csicsely - drums
Dave Borrusch - bass
Zach Salmans - vocals
Justin Siegler - guitar
Clay Cushman - guitar

1. Succumbed to the Spell 4:50
2. And Thus He Spoke 4:01
3. Faith and Fatherland 4:04
4. Babylon 7:28
5. Visions of an Ancient City 4:48
6. Memento Mori 4:53
7. Die Sterbende Sterne 3:19
8. The Sentinel in the Void 6:29
Total playing time

I just now got inroduced to this band from Angelfukk because we are both in the Denver area close to them. So i was very pleasantly suprised that this band is just fantastic. They are epic and heroic with excellent guitar playing and a tight rhythm section. The vocals are dynamic with what i think is an actual demon getting it's tail stepped on. Fun stuff from the Rockies!!!


Ikuinen Kaamos - 2008 - Closure EP

2008 - Closure EP

Tack Listing:

1.    Closure   
2.    Your Gallows   
3.    The Abscence   

If you liked the full length that I posted a few days ago then check out this EP. 


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lunar Aurora - Ars Moriendi (2001)

Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical Themes: Darkness, Moon, Sorrow, Distress, Solitude
Origin: Germany (Rosenheim, Bavaria)
Formed: 1994
Status: On Hold

Aran - Guitar, Vocals
Sindar - Keyboards
Whyrhd - Bass, Vocals
Bernhard Klepper - Drums

1. Ars Moriendi :42
2. Dämonentreiber 6:04
3. Kältetod 5:51
4. Black Aureole 5:58
5. Beholder In Sorrow 4:48
6. Flammen der Sehnsucht 6:37
7. Aasfresser 6:29
8. Geist der Nebelsphären 7:11
9. Outro 3:31
Total playing time

Ars Moriendi is an absolutely astounding release by Lunor Aurora. This combines hypnotizing desolate and cold black metal with mesmerizing symphonic elements that will leave you in a state of awe. I'm telling you, Lunar Aurora does this style of Black Metal better than everybody else and this is one of their more interesting releases.

Ars Moriendi

Big Black - Songs About Fucking (1987)

Formed: Evanston, Illinois, United States (1982)
Genre: Noise Rock, Proto-Industrial
Released : January 01, 1987
Recorded: Side One recorded at Southern Studios, Wood Green. Side Two recorded in Chicago
Dave Riley: Bass Guitar
Santiago Durango (Credited as Melvin Belli): Guitar
Steve Albini: Guitar, Vocals
Roland TR-606: Drums
1. The Power of Independent Trucking – 1:27
2. The Model – 2:34 (Karl Bartos, Ralf Hütter, Emil Schult)
3. Bad Penny – 2:33
4. L Dopa – 1:40
5. Precious Thing – 2:20
6. Colombian Necktie – 2:14
7. Kitty Empire – 4:01
8. Ergot – 2:27
9. Kasimir S. Pulaski Day – 2:28
10. Fish Fry – 2:06
11. Pavement Saw – 2:12
12. Tiny, King of the Jews – 2:31
13. Bombastic Intro – 0:35
14. He's a Whore – 2:37* (Rick Nielsen)
Here's Big Black's 2nd and final album to complement "Atomizer" that I posted earlier. This is essential.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Happy Talk Band - 2004 - Total Death Benefit

The Crescent City’s Happy Talk Band formed in 2000 and then reformed in Post-Katrina New Orleans in 2005. The new incarnation consists of Bailey Smith and Alex McMurray on guitars, Steve Calandra on bass, Mike Andrepont on drums, Casey McAllister on banjo and keys, and songwriter Luke Allen singing and playing a twenty-five dollar nylon string acoustic guitar. Allen’s songs are a series of eulogies and apologies set to the uncompromising rhythm of a drunken Decatur Street crawl. The Happy Talk Band has been named Best Roots Rock Band in New Orleans by the Big Easy Foundation and Gambit Magazine for the years 2007 and 2008.

2004 - Total Death Benefit

Track Listing:

1. Ash Wednesday
2. When I Sing About You
3. Forget Me Not
4. Time Share
5. Pacific Coast Time
6. Apple Core
7. Nativity
8. Cactus Tree
9. Bank Robber's Waltz
10. Little Dustin
11. I'm Not Surprised
12. Fireworks Show

This album was sent to me by a new friend of mine, who was once a native here in New Orleans, but thanks to that dreadful storm a few years ago, was forced to relocate.  Thanks DEVILDOWNINGA!

Forget Me Not

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Critters Buggin - 1997 - Monkeypot Merganzer

Monkeypot Merganzer is the third studio album by Critters Buggin of Seattle, Washington and was released in 1997. Originally released independently, Monkeypot Merganzer was reissued by Kufala Recordings in 2004.

1997 - Monkeypot Merganzer

Band Members

    * Matt Chamberlain: drums
    * Brad Houser: bass
    * Skerik: saxophone

 Guest musicians

    * Maurice Caldwell: vocal - track 1
    * Dave Palmer: Rhodes wah-wah - track 4
    * Eyvind Kang: violin and air-hu - track 6
    * Keith Lowe: upright bass - track 6
    * Craig Flory: bass clarinet - track 6
    * Mike Dillon: vibes and percussion - track 6
Track Listing:

  1. "Space Rant" - 4:30
  2. "Snaggletooth" - 4:15
  3. "Mellow G" - 4:33
  4. "Hello Kitty" - 7:04
  5. "Burundi" - 6:18
  6. "AIDS" - 1:55
  7. "Na-Na" - 2:46
  8. "I'm Hungary" - 7:21
  9. "Bonus Track" - 0:41

This is another one of my personal favorites, if you enjoyed their debut album "Guest" which was posted here, then you should really enjoy this. 

Get it right Na-Na

Sun of the Blind - Skullreader (2009)

Genre: Black Metal/Ambient
Origin: Switzerland
Formed: 2006
Status: Active
Label: Avantgarde
Lineup: Zhaaral (Darkspace)

1. Cursed Universe 10:00
2. Lord of Mind 8:16
3. Fire and Thirst 8:52
4. Ornaments 7:29
5. Vanitas 10:02
Total playing time

This solo project from Zhaaral of Darspace fame is just brilliant. This is a spacey, tranquil mix of black metal and ambience which is sure to leave you in a state of wonder. I have a feeling this is going to make my top ten of 2009. Sit back with your headphones and favorite bowl of kind bud, crank it up and get ready for a whole new world.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ikuinen Kaamos - 2006 - The Forlorn

Black Metal (early), Progressive Death/Black Metal (later)
Lyrical theme(s)
Emotions, Agony, Nature, Life, Death
Finland (Kuopio)
Formed in     1997  

2006 - The Forlorn

Juhani Mikkonen - Guitars
Arttu Romo - Drums
Jarno Ruuskanen - Guitars & bass

Keyboards by Jone Vaananen
Vocals by Henri Villberg

Music by Juhani Mikkonen & Jarno Ruuskanen
Lyrics by Henri Villberg

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at EastVoice Studio. Joensuu, Finland
August-Oktober 2005 by Jone Vaananen

Track Listing:

1.    Frailty   
2.    Grace   
3.    Delusion   
4.    Ascent   
5.    Fall   

I have been listening to this album a good bit over the last few days so, I figured I'd share. 


Bob Dylan - New Morning (1970)

Genre: Folk/Rock
Version: Remastered
192 kbps, 51 Mb

Bob Dylan – vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, organ; piano on tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 12
David Bromberg – electric guitar, dobro
Harvey Brooks – bass guitar
Ron Cornelius – electric guitar
Charlie Daniels – bass guitar
Buzzy Feiten – electric guitar
Al Kooper – organ, piano, electric guitar, French horn
Russ Kunkel – drums
Billy Mundi – drums
Hilda Harris – backing vocals
Albertin Robinson – backing vocals
Maeretha Stewart – backing vocals on track 6
Bob Johnston – producer

1. If Not for You – 2:39
2. Day of the Locusts – 3:57
3. Time Passes Slowly – 2:33
4. Went to See the Gypsy – 2:49
5. Winterlude – 2:21
6. If Dogs Run Free – 3:37
7. New Morning – 3:56
8. Sign on the Window – 3:39
9. One More Weekend – 3:09
10. The Man in Me – 3:07
11. Three Angels – 2:07
12. Father of Night – 1:27
Total Playing Time: 35:21

I plan on once in awhile posting up overlooked Dylan classics so this one immediately sprang to mind. Dylan is in top form here and there's at least six songs that I consider classics. This album would make my own personal Dylan top ten albums. I think people that are new to Dylan would even be impressed by this so check it out. Even the lesser songs are pretty heroic except for his spoken, jazzy "If Dogs Run Free" which doesn't really click with me. 11/12 ain't bad.

Key tracks: If Not For You, Day of the Locusts, Winterlude, Went to See the Gypsy, New Morning, The Man in Me, Father of Night

New Morning

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mutyumu ( 夢中夢 ) - 2008 - Il y a (イリヤ )

Mutyumu (夢中夢) describe their own music as a mixture of post-rock, minimal, classical, alternative, and heavy metal.
Hatis Noit (Vocal)
Ryota Yoda (Guitar)
Junpei Suda (Drums)
Yuko Ikenaga (Piano)
Yuji Hayashi (Bass)
Ryota Taniuchi (Violin)
On their 2008 album “Ilya”, World’s End Girlfriend, Hajime of ミドリ, and Robin from 赤犬 also worked in collaboration with the band.

2008 - Il ya

Artist – Mutyumu ( 夢中夢 )
Album – Il y a (イリヤ )
Release Date – 2008

Track Listing:

01 Intro ~イリヤ~ [intro -il y a-] 2:25
02 火焔鳥 – Kaenchō [die Ewige Wiederkunft] 6:14
03 眼は神 – Me wa Kami [L'œil est Dieu] 4:32
04 僕たちの距離感 – Bokutachi no Kyorikan [toi et moi] 5:21
05 反復する世界の果てで白夜は散る – Hanpukusuru Sekai no Hate de Byakuya wa Chiru [repetitional existence] 05:52
06 ドクサの海の悪棲 – Dokusa no Umi no Akurō [doxa incarnate] 4:31
07 塵に過ぎない僕は塵に返る – Chiri ni Suginai Boku wa Chiri ni Kaeru [unforgiven] 6:12
08 いく度も繰り返されて、言葉は少しずつ意味を失い、言葉のもたらす痛みも和らぐ – Ikudo mo Kurikaesarete, Kotoba wa Sukoshizutsu Imi o Ushinai, Kotoba no Motarasu Itami mo Yasuragu [raison d'être] 6:20
09 サッフォー – sappho 4:54
10 祈り – Inori [prayer] 10:27
11 灰の日 – Hai no Hi 4:07

Holy Shit!!!  This band is AMAZING.  I don't know how I had not heard of them sooner.   All I can say is get this now, for your own good.  Here's a sample if you don't want to take my word on this one:

Told ya so!


Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers - L.A.M.F.: The Lost '77 Mixes (1994 released)

Genre: Punk, Rock-n-roll
Recorded: March 1977
Origin: New York

Johnny Thunders (New York Dolls)- vocals, lead guitar
Walter Lure - vocals, guitar
Billy Rath - bass
Jerry Nolan - drums, vocals

1. Born Too Loose (aka "Born to Lose")
2. Baby Talk
3. All By Myself (Walter Lure/Jerry Nolan)
4. I Wanna Be Loved
5. It's Not Enough
6. Chinese Rocks (Dee Dee Ramone/Richard Hell)
7. Get Off The Phone (Walter Lure/Jerry Nolan)
8. Pirate Love
9. One Track Mind (Walter Lure/Jerry Nolan)
I0. Love You
11. Goin' Steady
12. Let Go (Johnny Thunders/Jerry Nolan)
13. Can't Keep My Eyes On You (Walter Lure/Jerry Nolan)
14. Do You Love Me? (Berry Gordy, Jr.)

Johnny Thunders was the guitarist for the New York Dolls for their first two classic full lengths so you should know what to expect here. These tracks are gritty NYC punkish street rock and roll anthems from the late 70's. Damn, this stuff is great and if you are even vaguely a fan of the New York Rock/Punk scene, this is essential.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Nuclear Crucifixion

Death Metal, Thrash Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Politics, War, Murder
United States of America (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Formed in
Nuclear Crucifixion was a New Orleans based metal band that existed between 1987 and 1989. They recorded three demos during their short career. In 1988 three of the five members left the band to form Soilent Green.

1987 - Killing Ourselves to Live

Line-up :
Glenn Rambo-vocals 

Brian Patton-guitar 
Donovan Punch-guitar
David Moran-bass
Darren Schallenberg-drums.

Parts of Nuclear Vomit were later reworked into Soilent Green's "Numb Around
The Heart."

Track Listing: 
Nuclear Vomit

Poser Preacher

Society Kills


Go Die

Accept Reality

Government Laws

Nuclear Crucifixion

Total playing time

Go Die!

1988 - Torture of Humanity 

Track Listing:

Hallucinating Hatred

Poser Preacher

Nocturnal Doom

Nuclear Vomit

Circle Of Death

Post Holocaustial War

Total playing time

Feel the hatred

These are both classics, If you know, or want to know what New Orleans metal scene was like back in the late 80's this right here is pretty much all you need to get started. Raw, fast, and in your face! 
-Thanks to Bobby over at paranoize for these gems.