Monday, November 2, 2009

The Crucifucks - Our Will Be Done (1992)

Genre: Punk Rock, Anarcho Punk
Formed: Lansing, Michigan

Years active:

Label: Alternative Tentacles

1. Democracy Spawns Bad Taste
2. Go Bankrupt and Die
3. You Give Me the Creeps
4. Marching for Trash
5. Legal Genocide
6. I am the Establishment
7. Cops for Fertilizer
8. Hinkley Had a Vision
9. By the Door
10. Oh Where, Oh Where?
11. I Was
12. Similar Items
13. Official Terrorism
14. No One Can Make Me Play Along With This
15. Down On My Knees
16. Annual Report
17. Intro
18. The Mountain Song
19. Washington
20. Resurrection
21. Earth by Invitation Only
22. Laws Against Laughing
23. Pig in a Blanket
24. When the Top Comes Off
25. Concession Stand
26. Wisconsin
27. Artificial Competition
28. Holiday Parade
29. The Savior

The Crucifucks were a personal favorite of mine when I was a kid so I thought I would share this essential piece of punk history. This is a compilation of "Wisconsin" and their self titled debut, so it has almost all of their material. This band was so crazy and they completely spit in the face of the government and anyone in authority.

Our Will Be Done


  1. Doc was a true genius, still is and always forever will be. I figured you might like to read this, other than that, thank you for putting this up.

  2. no problem, I'm glad to hear from fellow fans. thanks for the link, i'll check it out

  3. Oh Whatta Happy Day! I've been looking for this forever,thanks for posting it! I got to see this band on the 4th of July 1984 at an outdoors show at the mall in Washington D.C. they played with MDC & Dead Kennedy's plus a shit load of other bands. What I remember most about that show was the singer for the Crucifucks pukeing all over the stage from the heat, it was like 110 degrees and no shade, just lots of warm beer and plenty of Big Fat Joints and a small army of punk rockers!


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