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Kroda - 2009 - Fünf Jahre Kulturkampf

Pagan Folk Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Heathenism, History, Nature
Origin Formed in Current label
Ukraine (Dnipropetrovsk / Lviv) 2003 Hammermark Art
Current line-up
Eisenslav - Vocals, bass, drums, drymba (Volhv)
Viterzgir (Julian Mytsyk) - Backing vocals, guitars, keyboards, sopilka, pipe, programming, trembita (Apostate (Ukr), Liturgy for Nosferatu, Molphar, Capitollium, Dragobrath, Ruina, Leadhaze)

Kroda was originally a studio project, but they started to make live performances with live musicians from the band Ruina since 2007. Their first two gigs were at festivals "Svarogove Kolo"(Krym, 18/8/2007) and "Kolovorot" (Kharkiv, 22/12/2007).

Despite being associated with the NS scene, Kroda is not an NSBM band.

2009 - Fünf Jahre Kulturkampf

Track Listing:

“Falcon Among The Cliffs”
1. Autumn… Twilight… Fog… (Intro)
2. Falcon Among The Cliffs
3. Seid Runar Flammer
4. Ghosts Of Birds

5. Native Land (Instrumental Intro) /Kampf version 2008/
6. Cry To Me, River… /Kampf version 2008/
7. Wind From The Mountains (Spring is Comming) /Kampf version 2008/
8. Where Brave Warriors Shalt Meet Again… /Kampf version 2008/
9. …Funeral Pyres (Instrumental)
10. By The Hammer Of Spirit And Identity Of Blood… /Kampf version 2008/
11. Oj, Na Gori… (Ukrainian traditional song cover)
12. Poppyflowers Are Blossoming (Part II) /Kampf version 2008/
13. …By The Last Autumnal Breath (Instrumental Outro) /Kampf version
14. Der Scharlachrote Tod (Absurd cover)

15.Wind Of Changes (Sokyra Peruna cover)

“Falcon Among The Cliffs” is conceptual experimental mini-album.
Was created and recorded during autumn 2007 in Lemberg by Viterzgir and
Eisenslav. All music and lyrics by Viterzgir and Eisenslav. Mixed and mastered
in Lemberg Studio, Lviv, autumn 2008.

“Kulturkampf” is our new vision of some old stuff, that was
recorded by band earlier or played live. Music and lyrics by Kroda, except
“Oj, Na Gori…” – ukrainian traditional song and
“Der Scharlachrote Tod” – Absurd cover. Recorded by Kroda,
autumn 2008 in Lemberg.

Bonus track: was recorded by Viterzgir and Eisenslav in 2007 exclusively for
tribute of Sokyra Peruna.

Kroda Kulturkampf line-up:

Viterzgir – guitar, acoustic guitar, clean vocal, sopilka, ocarina,
drymba, trembita, horn, percussion
Eisenslav – vocals, drymba, trembita, horn
Beralb – bass guitar
Serejen’ - guitar, acoustic guitar
Olgerd - keyboards
Tur - drums

Artwork by Viterzgir. Graphic elements by Eisenslav and Andrey Zimin. Renewed
logo by Njard. Lyrics translation by Herr Waldemar and Eisenslav.

Falcon Among The Cliffs


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  1. a must stuff for the stoner crowd. this showcases Kroda trying out some new tricks and there's a lot of great music to be found here.


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