Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kladovest - Escape in Melancholy (2009)

Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical themes: Solitude, coldness, nature
Origin: Ukraine
Formed in: 2004
Status: Active

Dmitriy K. - All instruments
Thurios - Vocals (Astrofaes, Hate Forest, Drudkh)
Alexander A. - Lyrics, graphics

Track List
1. Abyss of Broken Clocks 10:18
2. Gritted Fangs 8:11
3. Tead of Silk 7:22
4. Insignificant Bile 7:49
Total playing time

Here it is! I've been waiting for this release for awhile now because their debut was really good and on this one, Thurios does the vocals. While the debut was a cold, mechanical, inhuman affair, this release is way more subdued and tranquil with elegant and sad guitar leads and Thurios' distinctive vocal work. I'm really loving this one and I just wish it had a couple more songs. Drudkh fans are gonna love this.

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