Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Electrocution- Remains (demo)

Year: 1992
Genre: Death Metal
Origin: Italy

Mick Montaguti - Vocals/Guitar
Alex Guadagnoli - Guitar
Max Canali - Bass
Luca Canali - Drums

Well, there really is no better words to describe this than as pure old school tech-death with the good Swedish sound (though these guys are from Italy). Don't be fooled by the "demo" label. This is actually very good sounding, and the only problem with this demo is that it's too short. A long-lost gem is always a good find with today's dying death metal scene.

1.Premature Burial

2.Under the Wings Only Remains

3.Contract in Blood

4.Bells of the End

Sorry, but this is looong out of print and unavailable for purchase at this time (well, I couldn't find it anyways).

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