Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers - L.A.M.F.: The Lost '77 Mixes (1994 released)

Genre: Punk, Rock-n-roll
Recorded: March 1977
Origin: New York

Johnny Thunders (New York Dolls)- vocals, lead guitar
Walter Lure - vocals, guitar
Billy Rath - bass
Jerry Nolan - drums, vocals

1. Born Too Loose (aka "Born to Lose")
2. Baby Talk
3. All By Myself (Walter Lure/Jerry Nolan)
4. I Wanna Be Loved
5. It's Not Enough
6. Chinese Rocks (Dee Dee Ramone/Richard Hell)
7. Get Off The Phone (Walter Lure/Jerry Nolan)
8. Pirate Love
9. One Track Mind (Walter Lure/Jerry Nolan)
I0. Love You
11. Goin' Steady
12. Let Go (Johnny Thunders/Jerry Nolan)
13. Can't Keep My Eyes On You (Walter Lure/Jerry Nolan)
14. Do You Love Me? (Berry Gordy, Jr.)

Johnny Thunders was the guitarist for the New York Dolls for their first two classic full lengths so you should know what to expect here. These tracks are gritty NYC punkish street rock and roll anthems from the late 70's. Damn, this stuff is great and if you are even vaguely a fan of the New York Rock/Punk scene, this is essential.


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