Friday, November 20, 2009

Reverend Bizarre - II: Crush the Insects (2005)

Genre: Doom Metal
Lyrical Themes: Doom, Misery, Esotericism
Origin: Finland (Lohja/Turku)
Formed: 1995
Status: Split-up
File: 168 MB/320kbps

Sir Albert Witchfinder - Bass, Vocals, Guitar Solo on track 7
Father Peter Vicar - Guitars
Monsieur Earl of Void - Drums, Guitars
Written by Albert, except tracks 3 and 5 written by Peter.

1. Doom Over the World 7:37
2. The Devil Rides Out 6:10
3. Cromwell 5:25
4. Slave of Satan 13:27
5. Council of Ten 8:32
6. By This Axe I Rule! 10:02
7. Eternal Forest 10:52
8. Fucking Wizard 11:15
Total playing time

When I listen to this cd I get the Feeling that Reverend Bizarre is right even though I'm not entirely sure what about. After listening to this whole full length numerous times, I have come to the conclusion that this is perfect doom metal. It's too bad this great band split-up, but at least they left a huge amount of music. Enjoy!

Doom Over the World

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