Monday, November 16, 2009

Acheronian Dirge - Sex Nex Quod Odium (2008)

Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical Themes: Despair, The Occult, Anti-Christianity
Origin: United States of America (Arvada, Colorado)
Formed: 1998
Status: Active

David Csicsely - drums
Dave Borrusch - bass
Zach Salmans - vocals
Justin Siegler - guitar
Clay Cushman - guitar

1. Succumbed to the Spell 4:50
2. And Thus He Spoke 4:01
3. Faith and Fatherland 4:04
4. Babylon 7:28
5. Visions of an Ancient City 4:48
6. Memento Mori 4:53
7. Die Sterbende Sterne 3:19
8. The Sentinel in the Void 6:29
Total playing time

I just now got inroduced to this band from Angelfukk because we are both in the Denver area close to them. So i was very pleasantly suprised that this band is just fantastic. They are epic and heroic with excellent guitar playing and a tight rhythm section. The vocals are dynamic with what i think is an actual demon getting it's tail stepped on. Fun stuff from the Rockies!!!


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