Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Zuriaake - Afterimage of Autumn (2007)

Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical themes: Autumn, Sadness, Desolation, Nature
Origin: China
Formed: 1998

Current line-up:

1. Whispering Woods
2. God Of Scotch Mist
3. River Metempsychosis
4. Afterimage of Autumn
5. Forest Of Twilight
6. Desolated Mountain
7. Sirius
8. Return Journey
9. Moon of Frost

Tracklist of the bonus CD:
01. Winter Mirage
02. Valley of loneness
03. Autumn Memories (Remastered)
04. Elapsing Autumn (Remastered)

Here's Zuriaake's only full length so far and in my opinion this is just a supreme masterwork. They play depressive mid to slow paced black metal with a beautiful organic atmosphere. If you liked the split with Yn Gizarm, you will completely love this.



  1. Sounds a bit like Drudkh. This is really awesome.

  2. I love this album. I like how they incorporated some of those eastern diminished scales into the music, the best part is that they didn't over do it or make it sound like crap.


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