Monday, November 30, 2009

Cyst- Concussion Symphony

Genre- Thrash
Origin- United States (West Palm Beach, Florida)
Formed in: 1995

Last known line-up:
Dan Ortega - Vocals
Kyle Bennet - Guitar
Mike Maxson - Guitar
Dean Piekara - Bass
Phil Pinto - Drums

The title of this album is right. The late 90s/early 00s aren't really what come to mind when the thrash heyday is spoken of. This means nothing, as proved by Cyst and their only album. There are more hooks on this album than in a fishing shop, and you have to be strapped down to a wall in solitary confinement to even resist the urge to headbang.

1.Curse the Fates03:53
3.I'll Break You Back03:19
4.Without a Sound05:10
5.Shield the Beating04:22
7.Become Wrath02:25
8.The Deterioration of the American Psyche04:15
9.Angel of Death (Slayer cover)03:49
Total playing time33:15

Bang your head


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