Monday, November 23, 2009

That Handsome Devil - A City Dressed In Dynamite (iTunes Version) (2008)

Year: 2008
Genre: Rock/Swing/Hip Hop/R&B
Label: Modern Savage Recordings
Godforbid - Lead Vocals
Jeremy Page - Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Banjo, Pedalsteel, Glockenspiel, Percussion, Accordion, Synth, Kazoo, Backing Vocals
Naoko Takamoto - Backing Vocals
Andy Bauer - Drums, Percussion, Guitar, Backing Vocals
Evan Sanders - Keyboard, Trumpet, Trombone
Martin Rodriguez - Guitar
DJ Beyonder - Turntable
Lucas Lajuene - Violin
Benjamin Powell - Violin
Fabrizio Mazzetta - Cello
1. Damn Door – 3:01
2. Wintergreen – 2:59
3. Rob the Prez-O-Dent – 3:21
4. Pills for Everything – 4:31
5. Cry – 3:40
6. Kiss the Cook – 3:23
7. Viva Discordia – 4:13
8. Squares – 3:21
9. Mexico – 3:57
10. Reagan's Kids – 3:34
11. Tree Food – 4:25
12. Karaoke Burial - 3:44
13. Power Drunk -2:34

That Handsome Devil, formed in 2004, fronted by the ever-so-charming Godforbid, is a band that defies genre boundaries and all around kicks ass. A swing/rock base sound is complimented with funk, jazz, rockabilly, surf, and a hint of hip-hop to create a unique, yet acessible album. A City Dressed In Dynamite is the first full-length from the Boston, Massachusetts group, preceded by one short EP. High-energy songs like "Rob The Prez-O-Dent" and "Viva Discordia" are counterbalanced by deep, dark songs such as "Kiss The Cook", which deals with drug addiction and unstable living conditions; "Daddy don't come around here no more; and mommy's cookin' rocks up on the stove". The album also uses soundbites from what sounds like 50's educational films.


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