Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ikuinen Kaamos - 2006 - The Forlorn

Black Metal (early), Progressive Death/Black Metal (later)
Lyrical theme(s)
Emotions, Agony, Nature, Life, Death
Finland (Kuopio)
Formed in     1997  

2006 - The Forlorn

Juhani Mikkonen - Guitars
Arttu Romo - Drums
Jarno Ruuskanen - Guitars & bass

Keyboards by Jone Vaananen
Vocals by Henri Villberg

Music by Juhani Mikkonen & Jarno Ruuskanen
Lyrics by Henri Villberg

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at EastVoice Studio. Joensuu, Finland
August-Oktober 2005 by Jone Vaananen

Track Listing:

1.    Frailty   
2.    Grace   
3.    Delusion   
4.    Ascent   
5.    Fall   

I have been listening to this album a good bit over the last few days so, I figured I'd share. 



  1. i'm listening to this right now and it's pretty cool, nice laid back mid-paced post black metal with excellent vocals. nice find.

    i could have done without the hokey review from some random douchemaster from ma, though

  2. Yea, I try not to do that but my time was limited and I wanted to make sure I posted something...


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