Thursday, November 5, 2009

Zebadiah Crowe - 2009 - The Many Deaths of the Great Beast

Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Lovecraft, Clive Barker, Edgar Allan Poe
Origin                                                    Formed in     Current label   
United Kingdom (Hertfordshire, England)     2006     This City Runs Red   
Current line-up
The Horrid - Bass, Vocals, Drum Programming (Phlefonyaar,Orion, Gilla Bruja)
Forrrrthen - Guitar

Bard - Live Drums (Orion, Sythian/Abruption)

2009 - The Many Deaths of the Great Beast

 Track Listing:

01.- Dirge Of The Willow Hag Tree. (02:47)
02.- Woe Seeker. (03:11)
03.- Sundering Of Hope. (02:45)
04.- Howling Blood Fever. (04:29)
05.- Taking Up Knives To Lay Down With Whores. (03:05)
06.- Carions Crown. (02:46)
07.- A Cantilation Of Revilement. (03:02)
08.- Devouring The Flesh Of Kings. (02:41)
09.- The Drowning Lament. (02:51)
10.- Lash Of Perdition. (03:46)

 This is another album that's been getting a lot of play as of late.

Here's what they have to say on their Myspace page:
A massive demonic tower, whos size and geometry cannot be fathomed by mortal man and whos very existance goes against he laws of gravity and nature as it reaches out into the blackened sky past the clouds into the stratosphere, belching black smoke and sending men mad at the very thought of it existance.

Sounds good, right?


  1. goddamn this is some filthy ass stuff right here. I'm loving it the riffs are so fucking sent from hell

  2. Yeah, it's very abraisive and dirty.


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