Thursday, November 5, 2009

Profanum - Flowers Of Our Black Misanthropy (1996)

Genre: Black Metal/Classical
Origin: Poland

1. Tears Of Chors 7:19
2. Gates Of Armaggeddon 4:28
3. Song Of The Mist Part I (Wolfenthirst) 2:19
4. Into The Beginning Of Eternal Wisdom 3:15
5. The Gathering Of Funeral Gods 5:11
6. Song Of The Mist Part II (Serpent Garden) 2:19
7. Unspoken Name Of God 4:38
8. Under A Black Wings Of Emperor 4:58
9. 666 5:01
Total playing time

This is Profanum's first full length and it sees them combining black metal with breathtaking classical arrangements. The guitars are still shredding on this one so it gives us the best of both worlds and makes this the "must have" Profanum release.


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