Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Grimwolf- Pure American Werewolf Metal

Genre: Groove/Thrash
Year: 2009
Label: 13 O'Clock
Origin: USA

Well, this was quite a surprise. With such a stupid name, how can one not listen to it? Well, this is one of the only Groove/Thrash bands I've heard do the genre right. The production here really stands out. It suits the music perfectly, and it's heavy as all Hell. Sounds like Pantera a bit, except that it doesn't suck. Southern Groove/Thrash done right, to sum it up.

Brent Wisdom - Vocals, Guitar
Ehren Behringer - Guitar
Ryan Lightfoot - Bass
Joe Downard - Drums
2.Becoming The Beast03:03
3.Feast of Flesh03:54
4.Immortal Beloved04:37
5.Full Moon Draw03:51
Total playing time18:43

Light your joints!


The band requests that you join their webzine, in exchange for the album. I'll be nice and let you have it for less that even that, but it's what keeps bands going and I suggest you sign up for it. It's quick and easy.

It's on the right-middle of the page.


  1. Thanks for this, I'll check it out. But if you think Pantera sucked then you're a fucking idiot.....

  2. I agree. I don't understand why so many folks have been hating Pantera lately. They are definitely one of my all time favorites, regardless of how "commercial" they may be considered now days.

  3. tbh, i think a lot of people get turned off because of how pantera fans act with their over-worship of dimebag. they can be as bad as slayer fans. it leaves a bad taste in everyone else's mouths. can't really be just about the music because there's no denying they were at least decent

  4. Thanx for this. But I, too, am not happy about the diss to Pantera. That's just not cool at all.

  5. Not very special!

  6. Pantera was descent and it is overrated just like Slayer and a few other bands. They have nice music but nothing out of this world. They might influence on many bands but being realistic and not being some kind of a fan or hater saying that a band is good because i say so or a band sucks because i say so, they are just ok. Dimebag made some nice riffs and stuff, but he wasn't something out of this world, and after he died then he was more overrated than he was before. In overall, they were ok, but not awesome or great. Some bands sound beter than them... All like Slayer too, ok band with probably good composed songs, just very few like Raining Blood, because their guitar is overrated and some bands just sound way better than them at the end... And thanks for the post, great EP indeed.


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