Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Electrocution- Inside the Unreal

Genre: Death Metal
Origin: Italy
Release Date: 1993
Label: Rosemary's / Contempo


Mick Montaguti - Vocals / Guitar
Alex Guadagnoli - Guitar
Max Canali - Bass
Luca Canali - Drums

I posted this band's Remains demo yesterday, and here is the full-length that followed. Like I said, the only gripes I had about the demo was it's short length. Well, that is obviously fixed here, since this is a full-length release. Great Italian death metal in the Swedish vein, mixed with a bit of Avant-Garde sounding bits. Obscure death metal at it's finest.


1.Premature Burial03:46
2.Rising of Infection03:31
3.They Died without Crosses04:14
4.Growing Into the Flesh (Bleed to Death)03:26
5.Body's Decay03:24
6.Ghost of the Past05:37
7.Under the Wings Only Remains04:00
8.Back to the Leprosy Death02:18
9.Behind the Truth03:29
10.Bells to the End03:12
Total playing time37:24

Buy (Crazy expensive)

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