Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bad Actor - 2009 - Portrait of Finality

2009 - Portrait of Finality

Bad Actor, a duet made whole, was founded with one purpose.

Playing loud and playing heavy music! Taking up home base in Orlando FL, we are attempting to provide music with an innovative and abrasive presentation. Furious and peaceful, this five piece will take their art and play through the loudest amps they can find with extreme unrelenting ferocity. And then proceed to ignite that art with steaming hot lava. - taken from their Myspace

Track Listing :

1 The Kracken of Normandy 3:32
2 Sinister Smoke and Smolder 3:31
3 Through the Blue 2:28
4 A Man of Ideas 4:24
5 Shaking Hands Through Doorways 2:17
6 Searching for Serenity 3:26
7 Oleg 4:39
8 As Meredith Explodes 3:11
9 Triangular Room 3:15
10 Ralos 2:04

Bad Actor decided to give their newest material out as a free download so I figured I'd post it up here.  These guys are sludgy sludgy, which is something I always like.  If you've heard any of their previous material, and liked it, then you are in for a treat.  Check em' out!

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