Friday, November 26, 2010

Catacombs - Echoes Through the Catacombs 2003

Genre: Funeral Doom/Death Metal
Lyrical Themes: Lovecraft, Cthulhu ethos
Origin: USA
Label: Cthulhu Productions
File Size: 68.5 MB 320Kbps

Xathagorra Mlandroth - All instruments & vocals

1. Consigned to Flames of Woe 16:33
2. Echoes Through the Catacombs 13:35
Total playing time 29:57

Being a fan of Hierophant, I opted for this release when it first came out in 2003. This is for fans of DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM , not Doom- enjoy your trip to the Catacombs

Echoes Through The Catacombs

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Societic Death Slaughter - Mandatory Recordings (unknown)

Genre - Hardcore/Crust
Origin - Gifu, Japan
Time - 62:59 min.
File - 122.36 MB (320kbps)

Track List:
"Never Arise" 7"
1. Alive? Dead....Distort Hope
2. Hell Storm
3. Warfear
4. Never Arise
5. Neo Wargasm
split Lp w/Misery
6. Tomorrow
7. System Sucks
8. Death Rain
9. Riding The Ghost At Midnight
10. Future Stay In The Darkness Fog
11. No Dream Story
"Breakers" v/a CD
12. Out From The Void (live Anti-Sect cover)
"Crust And Aguished Life" v/a CD
13. Butcher
"Discharged" v/a tribute Lp
14. Doomsday
15. Why?
"Meaningful Consolidation" v/a 2x7"
16. False Freedom, Distort Hope, Hell Storm, Naked Scream (live)
"Total Insubordination" v/a Lp
17. Hell Storm II
"Scum System Kill" 7"
18. Scum System Kill
19. Distort Fucking Hope
20. 1000 Million Crying
21. Straight To Hell

I dig SDS, what you have hear is works from a split Lp, comp tracks and a couple of ep's. This is a bootleg disc I picked up long ago from a distro box at some gig I attended. The covers to these are above (hopefully viewable) and the labels represneted here are MCR Company, Mangrove Records, Rhythm Victor Records and Blurred/DIY the bands works from 1990-1996. You can visit their page by clicking here. Check them out if your not in the know!

Distort Hope!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Dropdead - The Eventual Result, Live in Hiroshima 3" Disc (1996)

Genre - Hardcore/Crust
Origin - Providence, Rhode Island
Time - 15:08 min.
File - 30.47 MB (128kbps)

Track List:1. Bullshit Tradition
2. Unjustified Murder
3. At The Cost Of An Animal
4. Sheep
5. Requiem
6. No Glory
7. Max
8. Control
9. New World Slaughter
10. Hopeless

11. Herd
12. Washed Away
13. I Will Defy
14. Army Of Hate
15. Life Is Chains
16. The Circle Complete

These guys should need no introduction. This is a 3" disc that was recorded live at Bad Lands in Hiroshima, Japan on 5/14/1996 and put out by Profane Existence Far East. Here's their page ,so pay them a visit and get more info on the mighty Dropdead and support them, Dig!

Bullshit Tradition, aaAAAAARGH!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sally Timms - Cowboy Sally's Twilight Laments... For Lost Buckaroos (1999)

Genre: Traditional Country
Origin: Leeds, England
Label: Bloodshot Records
File: 79 Mb (320kbps)

Sally Timms - Lead Vocal (all)
Jessica Billey: violin on 2, 3, 5, 7, 9
Celine: acoustic guitar on 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9; all instruments on 8, 10
Jon Rauhouse: pedal steel and hawaiian guitar on 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9; banjo on 4, 6; mandolin on 2, 5, 9; vocals on 1
Tom Ray: bass on 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9
John Herndon: drums and sleigh bells on 1, 3, 6, 7


Fred Armisen - latin percussion on 9
Jane Baxter-Miller - vocal on 6
Andrew Bird - violin on 1
Andon Davis - electric guitar on 3
Robbie Fulks - acoustic guitar on 4
Jon Langford - acoustic guitar on 9; vocal on 1
Steve Rosen - fiddle on 6
Brett Sparks - vocal on 2
Harry Trumfio - steel percussion on 2,5
Barry Mills - intro and outro voc.
Recorded in 3 days in May 9, at uberstudio Chicago,
Mixed in 3 days at Kingsize Soundlabs Chicago
Produced by Sally timms and Jon Langford with Dave Trumfio

1. Howdy Folks and Gather Round (intro) :25
2. Dreaming Cowboy (Guy Lawrence) 4:28
3. The Sad Milkman (Renie & Brett Sparks) 3:41
4. Dark Sun (Langford/Timms) 3:57
5. In Bristol Town One Bright Day (Robbie Fulks) 3:02
6. Sweetheart Waltz (Timms/Langford) 3:42
7. Snowbird (R&B Sparks) 1:55
8. Cry Cry Cry (Johnny Cash) 3:09
9. When the Roses Bloom Again (trad/Guthrie/Tweedy) 4:20
10. Cancion Para Mi Padre (Timms/Langford) 4:38
11. Rock Me To Sleep (Jill Sobule/Richard Barone) 2:05
12. Goodnight Cowboy Sally (outro) :24
Total Playing Time: 35:43

Holy mother of Jesus jumped up Christ, do I ever love this one! This is Sally Timms' from the Mekons solo effort take on traditional country waltzes and cowboy songs and she sounds like an angel sent from heaven. Seriously check this one out.

Cowboy Sally's Twilight Laments... For Lost Buckaroos

Monday, November 1, 2010

Hiatus - Old Fashioned Shit For Consumers (1995)

Genre - Crust
Origin - Liege, Belgium
Time - 67:27 min.
File - 134.16MB (320kbps)

Hiatus formed in May [[1989]], at this time the line up was Phill, Ben, Raf and Phil. They played in a [[Doom (band)Doom]]/[[Discharge (band)Discharge]]/[[Extreme Noise TerrorE.N.T.]] style and recorded a rehearsal demo called "The Frightening Men Story". In May 90 they put out their second rehearsal demo called "In My Mind" and soon after Wills joined them on bass. The band went into the studio and recorded a set of songs which were released on two 7"'s and various compilations. Their first 7" "I don't scare easily but..." was released on the French label Urban Alert rec. and had a second pressing on Nabate/Mother Peace rec. A split 7" with RMR from Japan called "Severe Existence" was Hiatus' second 7" and was released on the Japanese label MCR Co. Phil and Raf left and some new members joined: Azill on guitars and vocals and for a short time Vrokker and Leffe from [[Chronic Disease (band)Chronic Disease]]. During August 91 Hiatus toured the U.S.A and Canada with [[The Wurst]] from Rhode Island and played with bands like [[Rorschach (band)Rorschach]], and [[Born Against]]. In November 1991 they recorded another studio session. From this recording the "Way Of Doom" 7" and Hiatus/Embittered 7" were released in 1992. In February 1992 Hiatus toured Europe with No Security from Sweden, also in 1992 they toured the UK with [[Mushroom Attack]] from Holland. In 1993 their "From Resignation ... To Revolt" LP was released on [[Sound Pollution]]. Hiatus also toured Europe and Eastern Europe that year. Among others, there were four dates in Sweden, booked by the band [[Viktors Haufnarren]] and [[Resistance Productions]]. The four France dates ere booked by [[Six feet Over]], [[Ultimate Disorder]], [[Catalogue Du Grand Nord]] and [[Maloka collective]]. In early August they made a five dates tour in Spain with the band [[Six Feet Over]]. The tour was booked by a member of the Spanish band [[Positi Caustico]]. The 15th of August in the "Festes Alternatives a Gracia" in Barna date was a huge success, with thousands of punks and anarchists. Hiatus played there with the band [[Speereth]]. The last date in the tour was in Luxemburg, toured by Diff ([[No More]] and [[Subway Arts]]). In early '94 the Doom/Hiatus 7" was released. In February 1995 they recorded their "El sueno de la razon produce monstruos" LP. In June '95 they toured the USA and Canada again. A self titled mini LP was released on Skuld Releases/[[Profane Existence]] in 1996, the songs on it showed a big progression from their earlier releases with elements of modern [[hardcore punkhardcore]] being added to their [[crustpunk]] sound. Azill and Willy from Hiatus also play in [[Unhinged]] who have a 7" and LP out on [[Nabate]]. (myspace)

Track List:
"I Don't Scare Easy..."debut 7", split w/RMR & "Walk Across America" comp track
1. Confusion Inside My Head

2. P.S.A.
3. Bob/Inside Death

4. Nuclear World
5. No Answers To Lead Me
6. A Day
7. Show Of Pain

8. No Religion, No Cult, No Sect
9. No Use

10. War Is Obscene
"Son Of A Bleuuuargh 2" comp track11. You Really Make Me Sick
Live in Ottawa, 199112. Black Screen
ALF Benefit comp track13. Disastrous Luxury Results
Live in Liege, Belgium, 199014. Victims Of Life
"Way Of Doom" 7" & split w/Embittered
15. Entombed Universe
16. Devastation Of Life
17. No Religion pt.2
18. Inertia

19. Freedom Conquest
20. Believer Consciousness
21. Bloodsports
"Revive Us Again" 7"
22. Have A Free Lifesplit 7" w/Subcaos
23. Way Of Doom
24. Purulent Stench Of War
"In My Mind" demo, 1990
25. Equality - Conception Of Life
26. Inside Death
Live DIY K-BAAL Fest. 1994
27. Disarm the Bastards
28. Bloodshot
split w/Doom29. Relief TV (Doom)
Live track, split w/ Fleas & Lice
30. Mindless Fucked Up Movement

This killer disc came out on Ataque Sonoro, a label from Portugal. I always dug the sound that Hiatus created. I caught wind of these Belgian ragers from my friend Joe, by being a regular at his record store. He would always have the turntable blasting, usually new slabs that he had just got in before they made their way into the bins and into his collection.
One day back in '91 I stopped in to see what was new and he was blasting the "Way Of Doom" ep that he had just got in from Profane Existence, a label and zine that he stocked regularly. I immediately asked who was playing on the turntable, he told me and showed me the little stack of copies he had just unpacked and I purchased a couple of copies and was hooked.
This disc is comprised from the bands works between 1990 - 1994. What you get is demo's, live tracks, comp tracks, ep's & split ep's. Missing material in the bands catalog is "The Frightening Men Story" demo(1989), "From Resignation..To Revolt"Lp(1993), "El Sueno De La Razon Produce Monstruos"Lp (1995), Hiatus MLP(1996). Here's their page so go pay them a visit. Enjoy!
No Religion, No Cult, No Sect