Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Societic Death Slaughter - Mandatory Recordings (unknown)

Genre - Hardcore/Crust
Origin - Gifu, Japan
Time - 62:59 min.
File - 122.36 MB (320kbps)

Track List:
"Never Arise" 7"
1. Alive? Dead....Distort Hope
2. Hell Storm
3. Warfear
4. Never Arise
5. Neo Wargasm
split Lp w/Misery
6. Tomorrow
7. System Sucks
8. Death Rain
9. Riding The Ghost At Midnight
10. Future Stay In The Darkness Fog
11. No Dream Story
"Breakers" v/a CD
12. Out From The Void (live Anti-Sect cover)
"Crust And Aguished Life" v/a CD
13. Butcher
"Discharged" v/a tribute Lp
14. Doomsday
15. Why?
"Meaningful Consolidation" v/a 2x7"
16. False Freedom, Distort Hope, Hell Storm, Naked Scream (live)
"Total Insubordination" v/a Lp
17. Hell Storm II
"Scum System Kill" 7"
18. Scum System Kill
19. Distort Fucking Hope
20. 1000 Million Crying
21. Straight To Hell

I dig SDS, what you have hear is works from a split Lp, comp tracks and a couple of ep's. This is a bootleg disc I picked up long ago from a distro box at some gig I attended. The covers to these are above (hopefully viewable) and the labels represneted here are MCR Company, Mangrove Records, Rhythm Victor Records and Blurred/DIY the bands works from 1990-1996. You can visit their page by clicking here. Check them out if your not in the know!

Distort Hope!!


  1. You're welcome!I dig them too, one of my favs Japanese bands for sure!

  2. Greatest japanese band of all time (next to Flower Travellin' Band)


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