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XCoalition Against ShaneX - Down With The King (1998)

Down With The King

Genre - Powerviolence
Origin - Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Time - 42.5 min.
File - 82.15 MB (320kbps)

XCoalition Against ShaneX is a band that me and a friend started for the sole purposes of being idiots and making fun of people. All of us in D.o.M. and XCASX have been friends for a long time, and are complete jokers and fools. We started off making fun of this kid Shane (original D.o.M. bassist) for being a complete skid and all of a sudden it blew up. I never thought it would go any- where, but a lot of kids are into this band. I think my favorite thing about XCASX is the fact that like 95% of the lyrical content, no matter how shocking.. .is completely true. Yes, we did make a kid eat a raw onion for a demo, yes, there was a kid named Tobe that drank a bottle of pee to amuse us, and ye.s we did get drunk metalheads to harass Corpsegrinder at a Cannibal Corpse show. We're dorks, but it's harmless fun, until someone gets stabbed with a pitchfork, which actually happened at a XCASX show, but that's a story in itself. We've collaborated with such heroes (well, to us anyway) as Dan Lilker of Brutal Truth, Chris Dodge of Spazz, and the mighty rock warrior THOR. We did a couple of demos that went out of print and were pressed onto the "Down with the King" CD on XProphecy RecordsX which is also out of print. Right now, we have" a split CD with THOR called "Keepin" the Dogs Away" which is doing really good. We wanna revive THOR, so we can tour with him and PILEDRIVER. (MRR interview)

Track List:
Down With The King (1998)
1.Comparison Between Shane & Geri Halliwel Of The Spice Girls
2. Pulling A Hurcules
3. The Brutal Truth About Dan (w/Dan Lilker)
4. Ken Is Turning Japanese
5. What's Goin On. Eh?
6. Forced To Pay To Play With Nile
7. Love Bites...Your Arms Off (a tribute to the one armed druumer of Def Leppard)
8. Don't Fucking Call Me Goatlord
9. Cold Lamping With Fudd
10. Rebuttal From My Butthole
11. The Blood On Satan's Claws
12. Makin Bacon
13. George "Corpsegrinder" Does Not Really Grind Corpses!
14. World's Largest Gangbang (w/your mother)
15. Sick Of Them All

16. Ode To Scary Red-Headed Pete
17. The Ballad Of Gary Glitter
It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold My Cack (1999)
18. March Against Shane
19. Nectar Of The Gods
20. W.S.C.O.T
21. I.N.S (I'm never sober)
22. The Tough Guy Song
23. The Ballad Of Puff Daddy
24. Joe's Tatto From the Hardside
25. 5 Second Spiller
26. XCoalition Against ShaneX Vs. Tony Ramhit In A No Holds Barred Japanese Style Death Match With Barbed Wied Bats & Exploding Tacks
27. 107 Reasons Why John Is A Complete Fucking Moron
28. Ringfinger (a tribute to the lost finger of Jay Kehoe)
29. Pumping Iron
30. Cannibal Crotch Crunch
31. The S In Nick S. From Soulstorm Stands For Sucks!
32. Kyle
33. The Militant Straightedge Anthem
34. Stone Cold Toby & The Golden Throat Charmer
35. Cockrock Warlock
36. Your Mom'sA Fat Bitch
37. Above The Rim
38. Suicide's An Alternative
39. Fuck You. Brampton Crew!
40. Untitled

41. Untitled
42. Untitled
43. Untitled

Check out the song titles and you can pretty much guess what's in store for your earholes from this Cannuck 4 piece. Information on this band is pretty elusive. I took the info above from an old interview the guitarist, Domenic did with Maximum Rock n Roll about his other band Day of Mourning and XCASX came up in the conversation. Check out the interview here. The cover of this disc is pretty funny,Screech (Dustin Diamond) chillin with King Daimond. Comments accepted!

Down With The King

Grimple/Logical Nonsense - Split (1993)

Grimple/Logical Nonsense

Genre - Metal infused Hardcore Punk
Origin - Oakland, Ca./Santa Fe, NM.
Time - 34:41 min.
File - 68.47 MB (320kbps)

GRIMPLE was formed in November 1990 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a town cradled by the Blood Of Christ Mountains. We were raised on metal and early hardcore, but we were never afraid of listening to other types of music, like the SUGAR HILL GANG. GRIMPLE moved to Oakland, CA in August of 1991. The first GRIMPLE recording was a four song EP called, "Get Me Out Of My Van, I Have No Key." It was recorded in our Oakland practice space by Noah Landis (Neurosis) and our friend Darby. The music was melodic punk rock mixed with fast hardcore. GRIMPLE recorded its first full length LP, "Up Your Ass," in March of 1992. It was recorded by Kevin Army in San Francisco at Sound & Vision Studios, and mixed at Dancing Dog Studios in Oakland. "UP YOUR ASS," was first released by M&E Records (Murray Bowles and Eric Yee), and It was later re-released by East Bay Menace Records. Our first LP was a success, and thousands were sold in the states, as well as Japan. We completed our first American tour in 1992, and it consisted of playing small clubs, basements, and garages. It was fun, and it was a great introduction to freedom for all of us. Both of these records are now available, once again, from Prank Records. GRIMPLE'S next recording was a split LP with LOGICAL NONSENSE. It was recorded once more by Noah Landis in July of 1993 at Sergay's Recording Emporium. Our sound was still fast punk, but we were revealing more of our metal influences. This record was originally released by East Bay Menace records, but is now being pressed again by Prank Records in San Francisco. -Pat Vigil

LOGICAL NONSENSE Born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the six individuals comprising LOGICAL NONSENSE have been a band since 1989. no longer together, they began playing together in their early teens and - with no member changes - they have grown and evolved, creating a singularly unique, brutal style of hardcore. The drummer, Pat, says that being together as a band became a dominant force in their lives. He attributes their learning to play music together at such a young age to their closeness and dedication to each other and the music. Known for their fast, aggressive style, their music has progressed over the last three full-lengths (’93’s Dead Time LP on Very Small Records, Soul Pollution LP/CD), becoming heavier and lyrically and musically more personal... Back when we started, the music was more influence-driven. Soul Pollution, engineered and mixed by Neurosis’ Noah Landis, is a touch more stripped down and driving than the more recent Expand The Hive. But it’s every bit as brutal. It’s the aural equivalent of drinking a bottle of Jack Daniels, inhaling enough toxic drugs to bring down an elephant and then driving 100 miles an hours round hairpin turns with nothing but a rocky cliff and the ocean to catch you if you fall. Reminiscent of bands like Extreme Noise Terror and early Napalm Death, LOGICAL’s sound has grown more and more ferocious and unrelenting with each recording. Alternative Tentacles head honcho, Jello Biafra, claims they renew my faith in the power of hardcore, and they fill the gap left by Sepultura. The lazy listener may make the incorrect assumption that heavy = metal. But there is so much more to LOGICAL’s sound and to the people who listen to them. Their sound doesn’t easily fit into a genre, a category or a classification. Pat agrees, I don’t want to be classified. I want as many people to listen to our music as possible. LOGICAL NONSENSE’s aural attack leaves a residue upon your psyche not easily wiped clean. One listen to Soul Pollution or Expand The Hive and it will weigh heavy on your soul. With a brutal, rapid-fire verbal attack, singer Mikey Miller writes songs that revolve around a myriad of themes: corruption, social decay, despair, hypocrisy, addiction, stagnation and even aliens. Logical Nonsense belongs to of a new generation of extreme hardcore. Myspace

Track List:
1. Layed Back
2. Infierno
3. PC
4. Darker Shade Of Grey
5. Crucified
6. System Fukers
7. Forever Fucked
8. Dethroned Emperor (Celtic Frost)
9. No Return
Logical Nonsense
10. Legion
11. Razed
12. A Reigning
13. Before The Act
14. The Crushing
15. Pigs Blood Blues (alternate version)
16. Untitled Track

I bought this the day it hit the streets and I found it tucked away a few weeks ago and put it into heavy rotation around my compound. My boy and I have been circle pitting around the coffee table and doing couch dives ever since...haha! This nice little slab came out on the short lived, East Bay Menace Records out of Oakland back in '93. On this split both bands came out sounding a bit heavier than their previous outings by adding a little metal into their hardcore punk giving both bands a nastier sounding edge. Check out Logical Nonsense and Grimple, good tunes.

Forever Fuked!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Black Widow - The Ultimate Sacrifice (1970)

Genre: Progressive Rock
Origin: Leicester, England
Formed: 1966
Years active 1969 - 1973. 2007 - Present
File: Pt. 1 (original album remastered) 99 Mb (320kbps) Pt. 2 (Demos) 79 Mb (320kbps)

Jim Gannon - Guitar
Zoot Taylor - Keyboards
Clive Jones - Saxophone
Kip Trevor - Guitar,Vocals
Bob Bond - Bass
Romeo Challenger - Drums

Pt. 1
1. In Ancient Days 7:38
2. Way to Power 3:31
3. Come to the Sabbat 3:54
4. Conjuration 5:53
5. Seduction 5:37
6. Attack of the Demon 5:37
7. Sacrifice 11:13
Pt. 2
8. In Ancient Days (Demo Bonus Track) 9:26
9. Come to the Sabbat (Demo Bonus Track) 4:14
10. Conjuration (Demo Bonus Track) 5:53
11. Seduction (Demo Bonus Track) 4:42
12. Sacrifice (Demo Bonus Track) 10:52
Total Playing Time 77:55

I'm usually not much of a progressive rock fan but Black Widow were so occult and mysterious sounding that I just love this album. Check it out for something a bit different and unique. This is the original album "Sacrifice" on part one and demos from the session on part 2. Come, Come, Come to the Sabbat...Satan's there!

The Ultimate Sacrifice Pt 1
The Ultimate Sacrifice Pt 2

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rise Above - I Love to Relax (2001)

I Love To Relax

Genre - Grindcore
Origin - Tokyo, Japan
Time - 17:42 min.
File - 34.91 (320kbps)

A grindcore band from Japan. Named after the song Rise Above by the grindcore gods themselves, Napalm Death. It is unknown when the band formed but it is known that they broke up in 2001. In the time of their existence, they released two albums, two splits, and contributed a few tracks to the compilation Murderous Grind Attack. (lastFM)

Track List:
1. Collect
2. A.U.I
3. Aqua
4. Relax
5. Standpoint
6. Pulse
7. Nowhere
8. Human Squeeze

9. Walk Through
10. Bury
11. Forward
12. MPA
13. P.S.D
14. Dead State
15. Raining
16. Blood

Killer, Grindcore from Japan brought to you by 625 Thrashcore. This was the bands last recorded effort from 2001 released as a 3" Cd. In the early stages they leaned more towards Death Metal but their sound evolved into stripped down, raw D.I.Y Grindcore. Here's their output before disbanding: a split w/ C.S.S.O (1999), "Sound Systematic Grind" full length (1999), split w/Machetazo (2000) and this (2001).


Autopsy Mayhem Hard Sound (Part One) "A Trainwreck Complication" (1998)

Autopsy Mayhem Hard Sound (Part One) "A Trainwreck Complication"

Genre - Grindcore & Sludge
Origin - Campbell, Ca.
Time - 18:24 min.
File - 35.58 MB (320kbps)

Track List:
1.Gob - Turkish Revenge
2. Noothgrush - Oil Removed
3. Bros. Jibb - True Love
4. Jenny Piccolo - Eight
5. Billy Clyde - Steinmetz
6. Shedwellaz/Agents of Satan - Necronomicon/Agents/No Less
7. Benumb - Pete Sure Is Angry
8. Deadbodieseverywhere - Born Ready
9. Utter Bastard - I Want to Kill
10. Makara - Paper Cuts

Here is a really good comp I picked up at a Gob show back in '98 at Gilman St. in Berkeley. I was scouring through Gob's distro box/Satan's Pimp Records, a label that was run by Jon Kortland of the defunct Gob (Reno) and member of Iron Lung, when I came across this slab.

This is a compilation recorded and put together by Trainwreck recording studios located in Campbell, Ca. This disc is housed in thick caustic orange cardboard jacket wrapped with a thick white paper band around the outside with the names of the bands featured, accompanied by a thick booklet of black and white photos of all the bands involved. This is still a favorite around my compound. Enjoy!

Audio Devastation!!

Hiems - 2009 - Worship or Die

2009 - Worship or Die

Agol - all instruments and vocals
Razor SK - lead and clean guitars on track 2, 6, 7, 8
m:A Fog - drums on track 3 and 10
Paolo Apollo Negri - hammond on track 8, 9 , 10
Daniele Mandelli - lead guitar on track 10

Total Playing Time: 54:22
File Size: 122.87 mb  (320kbps)

Formed in 2006, “Worship or Die” is the second full-length album by Hiems from Italy. Hiems is a one man band consisting of Algol (also a member of Forgotten Tomb and Dead?) on all instruments and vocals. Although it may be filed under Black Metal, it seems to be used more aesthetically than musically. There are moments of intense tremolo guitar and yes the vocals have a harsh rasp to them, but it definitely leans more to the Black and Roll side of metal with elements of Death Metal, Thrash and Hard Rock thrown in too. An interesting combination and happily Algol pulls it off effortlessly.
From start to finish, you might find an odd mix of music here. Starting with the short instrumental “Worship or Die”, kind of martial and somewhat cheesy is the best description. This all changes with the song “I”, which blasts off with bombastic drums. It’s a complex composition, but it still retains harmony and brutality. The full production adds to the wall of intense sound. “Scum Destroyer” is a harsh mid tempo piece. The Black and Roll sound is perfected here, that is until a flurry of blast beats punctuates our ears. “W.O.F.” is buzzing with dizzying guitars and savage riffs. There’s a short interlude called “Adventum” which gives us a breather from the break neck riffs. Here we have ambient sounds, babies crying and bells tolling, a nice touch all together. “Bringer of Light” jars us back to the theme with intense wall of sound. Slow and heavy as hell, but at the same time lots of interesting chord changes and thrashy rhythm guitars. It’s very atmospheric in a memorable way. “Wounds Just Death Can Heal”, this is an awesome mix of early 80’s thrash (think Exodus’ Bonded By Blood and early Metallica) and Enslaved. “Hiems” brings back the slow and heavy sound like we heard previously on “Bringer of Light”. It does feature a short intermission with a psychedelic Hammond organ that oddly works; if not adds to the dark atmosphere. The Hammond organ appears again in “290979”, this time with a background of stormy ambient sounds. Here’s a switch from the theme that’s just perfect, “Race With The Devil”. This is just a great 70’s hard rock influenced song (reminiscent of Coven, Black Widow and even The Devil’s Blood). Tons of memorable riffs are here and it’s something that you find yourself listening to over and over.
Apart from the intro, everything here is just great music. While they are comparable to bands like Averse Sefira and Leviathan, you can certainly add Virus, Satyricon and Enslaved to the list too. Vocals are a mix of Death Metal rasp and Black Metal growl; but not so much that the lyrics are not understandable. Overall you can say that Algol is an excellent musician as well as producer, his attention to detail and hard work is heard in every note. It’s really refreshing to listen to a cd that not only is full of surprises but is memorable too.- review by Viktorya @ Heathen Harvest

Track Listing:

01. Worship Or Die
02. I
03. Scum Destroyer
04. Wof
05. Adventum
06. Bringer Of Light
07. Wounds Just Death Can Heal
08. Hiems
09. 290979
10. Race With The Devil

I haven't been posting as much as I'd like to lately, work is kicking my ass, but I've got some stuff  coming. I have a bunch of videos that I have been editing from recent live shows here in New Orleans, as well as a bunch of cajun music that I have been ripping from vinyl's so be on the lookout for that.  Now, on to Hiems.

Let me just say this: This album ROCKS.  I have been listening to this a good bit lately, I'm sure most of you will enjoy it.  Especially you Mari!   This has been posted on a few other blogs, but all of them in horrible 128kbps, I personally encoded this in 320kbps. Enjoy.

Check them out HERE

Worship or Die!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Life Is A Lie - Tomo II: Sobre os Fundamentos d'Ordem

I can't find much info. at all about this band but they're from Brazil and they play some kick ass crusty, blackened deathgrind. I've been wearin' this shit out lately and totally recommend it...

"LIFE IS A LIE began its activities on 2001, and released its debut full length CD on 2002 through Laja Rekords. Lots of gigs were done, including shows with World Burns To Death (USA), Rompeprop (Holland), Fubar (Holland), Força Macabra (Finland), Isacaarum (Czech Republic) and more. In 2007 Mutilation Records released the second full lenght: "Tomo II: Sobre os Fundamentos d A Ordem". Soon a split 7EP with the grindcore masters from ROT will be release. Music wise, the band has influences from grindcore, crust, death and black metal, not worrying to be tied to any particular genre or scene. Life is A Lie has its own path. Lyric wise, the bands starting point is the death of the christian god and the countless consequences and questions resulting from this fact. A simultaneously strong, thought-provoking, cynic and painful point of view on the paths of humankind." ~ Band's Myspace

Tracks :

1. Intro
2. O Tempo Destrуi Tudo
3. Chuva Dourada
4. Gardenal 200mg
5. Vulcхes
6. De Pй Entre Ruнnas
7. Crescei e Multiplicai-vos
8. Kali Yuga
9. Ordem Bestial
10. E.M.C.
11. A Luz do Meio-Dia
12. Soneto do Sorriso
13. Soneto do Romance

Life Is A Lie


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Nomeansno - Why Do They Call Me Mr. Happy? (1993)

Genre: Punk Rock
Origin: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Years Active: 1979–present
Label: Alternative Tentacles
File: 131 Mb (320kbps)

Craig Bougie - Mixing
Brian (Who) Else - Engineering, Mixing
George Horn - Mastering
Prod Nattrass - Sequencing
John Wright (Mr. Right) - Vocals, Drums, Keyboards
Rob Wright (Mr. Wrong) - Vocals, Bass, Guitar
John Yates - Artwork

1. The Land of the Living – 5:09
2. The River – 6:19
3. Machine – 7:48
4. Madness and Death – 4:46
5. Happy Bridge – 1:23
6. Kill Everyone Now – 8:06
7. I Need You – 7:03
8. Slowly Melting – 6:46
9. Lullaby – 3:39
10. Cats, Sex, and Nazis – 7:51
Total Playing Time: 58:56

This is one hell of an ambitious, blistering, intense, psychotic bitch of an album. Listen.

Why Do They Call Me Mr. Happy?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Libertines - Up the Bracket (2002)

Genre: Indie Rock, Post Punk Revival
Origin: London, England
Label: Rough Trade
Producer: Mick Jones
File: 96 Mb (320kbps)

Carl Barât - vocals/lead guitar
Pete Doherty - vocals/rhythm guitar
John Hassall - bass
Gary Powell - drums

1. Vertigo – 2:37
2. Death on the Stairs – 3:24
3. Horrorshow – 2:34
4. Time for Heroes – 2:40
5. Boys in the Band – 3:42
6. Radio America – 3:44
7. Up the Bracket – 2:40
8. Tell the King – 3:22
9. The Boy Looked at Johnny – 2:38
10. Begging – 3:20
11. The Good Old Days – 2:59
12. I Get Along – 2:51
13. What a Waster (bonus) 3:58
14. Mocking Bird (bonus) 3:19
Total Playing Time: 43:17

This is awesome! Seriously Pete Doherty always gets a lot of shit for being a lot of things, but on this album you gotta just let those things slide and listen to one great song after another. Too bad he ended this band and went in another direction with Babyshambles (although I heard they are reforming?) because this is some top notch garage-rock influenced London street music.

Up the Bracket

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Iron Lung 12/7/02 UGZ Speed Trials @ Burnt Ramen, Richmond, Ca.

Here's a video of Iron Lung with Augustine (Society of Friend's aka Quakers & Lords of Light) on vocals, that I recorded back in 2002 at the Burnt Ramen in Richmond, Ca. at the Urban Gorilla Zine's inaugural "Speed Trials". The "Speed Trials" is where powerviolence, hardcore & thrash bands from all over come to release their fury to see who is the fastest (there are other categories too) and they can only play 15 minute sets or less. They are now held at 924 Gilman St. each year.

Iron Lung - Life. Iron Lung. Death. (2004)

Iron Lung - Life. Iron Lung. Death.

Genre - Powerviolence
Origin - Seattle, Wa.
Time - 70:25 min.
File - 73.68 MB (320 kbps)

Iron Lung are a two piece hardcore punk act from Seattle, Washington heavily influenced by power violence and grindcore. The band formed in 1999 in Reno and is currently in Seattle after spending some time in Oakland. They have released music on several labels including Prank Records, 625 Thrashcore, and their own label, Iron Lung Records. In recent years the band has collaborated with other members of the hardcore punk scene, including Hatred Surge and Dave Bailey, formerly of Running For Cover. 2009 saw the release of Public Humiliation, a three-way collaboration between Iron Lung and Jon and Jensen’s side projects, Pig Heart Transplant and Walls respectively. The recording is of a one-off live performance from Halloween of 2008. Jon Kortland is also half of the art project Feeding, which has made artwork for several Iron Lung, Walls and PHT releases, as well as album covers for several other bands. (LastFM)

Track List:
1. Diagnosis
2. Condemned
3. Shingles
4. One Cure For Two Diseases
5. Cauterization
6. Paralyzed Words
7. Manufactured
8. Care For The Machine
9. A Grim Possibilty For Owen Moses
10. Life. Iron Lung. Death
11. Primal Therapy Pt. 3
12. Rate Of Respiration
13. Life's Worth
14. Cleansing Breath
15. Stricken
16. Complications
17. Jarvik 7
18. Focal Segmental Glomerular Sclerosis
19. Thankful
20. ...As Technology Advances
21. Sound Of Cold
22. Brain-Scan Excorcism
23. Iron Lung
24. Pushing Life (unreleased version)
25. Abduction Boots
26. Concentric Circulator
27. Arc Lamp
28. Regenerate
29. Mechanical Assistance
30. Placement Six
31. Modified For Arm Abduction
32. Positive Pressure Breathing Attachment
33. If Polio Strikes
34. Storage Unit
35. Body Enclosing
36. Pathoclast
37. Esocargophagus
38. Spirophere

From the ashes of Reno, Nevada's Gob came Iron Lung. What you have here is the "Life. Iron Lung. Death."Lp, the "Demonstrations in Pressure & Volume" ep, the split ep with Brainoil, and the split ep with Teen Cthulhu all here on one disc! It was a split release by two Bay Area labels 625 Thrashcore and the short lived Boredom Noise label. Here's the track listing for the ep's (I don't know why they aren't in order?) tracks 28, 31, 25, 35, 32, 30, 34, 27, 38 "Demonstrations in Pressure & Volume" ep, tracks 29, 33, 36 "Brain Lung" split ep with Brainoil and tracks 26, 37, 23 "Tenacled Breathing" split ep with Teen Cthulhu. Here is their blog where you can get all things Iron Lung, Walls & PHT.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

V/A - Grind Crusher (1990)

Genres: Death Metal, Grindcore, Noise, Electronic
Label: Earache/Combat
File: 154 Mb (320kbps)

1. Morbid Angel - Chapel of Ghouls 5:00
2. Repulsion - Radiation Sickness 2:07
3. Carcass - Exhume to Consume 4:21
4. Godflesh - Streetcleaner 6:03
5. Terrorizer - Dead Shall Rise 3:04
6. Hellbastard - Justly Executed 4:12
7. Carnage - Malignant Epitaph 3:15
8. Naked City - Osaka Bondage 1:17
9. Filthy Christians - Extremely Bad Breath 0:51
10. Old Lady Drivers - Colostomy Grab-Bag 3:33
11. Intense Degree - I've Got a Cure 2:08
12. Sore Throat - Horrendify and Kill 0:23
13. Napalm Death - Malicious Intent 3:26
14. Entombed - But Life Goes On 2:57
15. Nocturnus - BC/AD 4:57
16. Bolt Thrower - World Eater 4:52
17. Lawnmower Deth - Satan's Trampoline 3:03
18. Cadaver - Hypertrophian 2:33
19. Sweet Tooth - Fat City 4:15
20. Mighty Force - Thrashing a Dead House 4:09
21. Spazztic Blurr - He-Not-A-Home-Me-Marco 3:24
22. Heresy - Release 1:11
23. Unseen Terror - Divisions 1:53
24. Napalm Death - You Suffer 0:04
Total Playing Time:  01:13

I thought I would make my first post coincide with my first CD purchase ever. The Grindcrusher Various Artists compilation released by Earache/Combat in 1990. I bought this when I was 11 years old in summer of 1992 at a little used record/book store in Santa Cruz California called Logos. I went there looking for Napalm Death and found the next best thing, or maybe even better. A compilation with all the greatest Earache bands at the time (or ever). Here you will find the most known bands including Morbid Angel, Repulsion, Carcass, Bolt Thrower, Entombed and of course Napalm Death with more obscure bands such as Sore Throat, Naked City, Sweet Tooth, Spazztic Blurr, Mighty Force and Hellbastard. This was a treasure trove of underground Death Metal, Grind and even Noise and Electronic back then, which were completely new to me at the time. Grind Crusher was eventually re-released in a hacked up form with most of the rarer tracks cut off, but this is the original complete version. Enjoy!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Falling Sickness - Right On Time (1996)

Genre: Punk Rock, Ska Punk
Origin: Riverside, California, USA
Years Active: 1989 – 2000
Label: Hopeless Records
File: 68 Mb (320kbps)

Mike Angel - Drums
Gabe Gil - Vocals
Zach Howe - Vocals, Bass
Fritz Aragon - Vocals, Guitar

1. Face The Clock 1:32
2. Too P.C. 1:24
3. Hard Enough 1:48
4. Fuk The Vote 1:42
5. Runaway 1:12
6. Dwindle 2:32
7. Ain't No Fun 1:35
8. Never Was 1:34
9. You Don't Fool Me 2:20
10. Ripperside 1:17
11. Ease Up 1:57
12. Holding Cell 1:14
13. The Sickness 1:17
14. Lurker 2:28
15. Start Over 1:52
16. I Like Drugs :58
17. Mixed Up 1:44
18. Drinking in the Streets 2:09
Total Playing Time: 30:35

Falling Sickness was a short lived band from Riverside who released two albums and this is their 1st (and best). They play fast as hell jumpy frantic ska punk without horns in the vein of the great Operation Ivy. After their breakup, they went on to form The Dogs of Ire. Check them out if you feel like bouncing around like a madman.

Right On Time

Deathbound - We Deserve Much Worse (2007)

"An overdose of violent Grindcore! This album has everything that old-school Grind used to have, it's vile, it's super fast, it's blasphemous, it hates politics and it's really fucking catchy.

Deathbound comes from Finland and delivers a blasting quality of Grindcore mixed with Crust and a bad-ass attitude. This band plays similar to their country-mates Väld but with less breakdowns, Deathbound focuses more on playing as fast as their body lets them and as hostile as humanly possible. This, their third album, shows a more dynamic band with slight shots of versatility and explosive structures, an album specially made for crazy Grindcore fans.

Half-Hour of continuous blasting and crushing music doesn't slides easily down your ears; this thing is fucking violent to the bone and will make your head ache after the first listen. So, as you can see, I can't talk much about virtuous execution or intricate musicianship, on the contrary, "We Deserve Much Worse" is a really simplistic album, it starts and ends in the same way, sounding like a machine-gun piercing a concrete wall.

This is surely a very elitist release; people with Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror and Terrorizer in their shelves will instantly fall in love with this band and will find themselves playing this album over and over again, while people into the melodious and fruity side of Metal will puke after hearing the first song...fortunately I have Napalm Death and Terrorizer in my collection. Grinders of the world, enjoy!!" ~

Track List :
  1. Deceiving Shortcuts 1:24
  2. End the Guessing 2:09
  3. Gain Control 1:30
  4. Revolutions Against Nothing 2:35
  5. Connected to the Confusion 2:25
  6. Torn 1:48
  7. Debate or Terminate 2:28
  8. Preaching Back to Preachers 1:00
  9. Betrayal Wears Your Face 2:02
  10. No Disease Like Us 1:33
  11. Final Element 1:44
  12. A Fraction of Truth 2:24
  13. Never Been Worse 1:43
  14. Rockthrowers Among Us 0:28
  15. Landmine 1:05
  16. Put the Blame on the Devil 1:44
  17. Vansinne 1:06
  18. Ward 77 2:55



Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lana Dagales - Demo (1999)

Lana Dagales - Demo

Genre - Powerviolence/Sludge
Origin - Oakland, Ca.
Time - 5:33 min.
File - 10.37 MB (320 kbps)

Track List:
1. Pocket Change Feeding Millions
2. Rebirth of Abuse
3. Generation X/Passed Down Cost
4. For Your God
5. Pushing For Something
6. Mother Nature's Conversing

This is the demo CDr version. I scanned the S/T ep cover art for the post,

the cover for the disc is blue with Lana Dagales printed across the front in small font and I thought this looked better, the songs are the same on both. This bass and drum duo's sound is mixed between Powerviolence and Sludge with the songs moving by pretty quickly. Bassist, Vokillst Greg, is also the singer, bass player in Brainoil, also from Oakland. He put out the Lana Dagales S/T ep on his short lived label called Boredom Noise.

Lana Dagales have the S/T ep, a split Lp with Iron Lung, a track on Reality Pt. 4 comp. and a few other compilation appearances under their belts. I have seen this duo unleash their fury a few times live, I think I have a video I recorded of them somewhere? I'll have to dig it out and post it sometime! Anyway here is an old interview done with Greg. Check it out and leave some comments, it's the least you can do!

Rebirth of Abuse!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Corb Lund - Horse Soldier! Horse Soldier! (2007)

Don't let the Civil War/horses theme of most of the album scare you away. This is some truly excellent alt. country/folk. Highly recommended...

"I’m sure Corb Lund knows about a lot of things but he knows about two things especially well: horses and military history. So it should come to no surprise that he named his fifth album “Horse Soldier, Horse Soldier!” And even less of a surprise that almost every song on the album deals with at least one of those themes. You would think that an entire album centering on the cavalry (something the American army hasn’t used in almost a century) would be limiting but somehow every song is fresh.

Corb does this by using timeless themes. For instance the title track is the story of a ghost soldier that rides horses with Genghis Khan, Napoleon and in the Civil War. He thinks his job is done in WW I when tanks are invented but soon he comes back to fight with the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan. The most “contemporary” song is “Students Visas.” It’s the true story of a soldier in the covert anti-Contra operation in Nicaragua in the 80s. In the song he asks “Did Reagan give the order? Did cocaine pay the bills?/ They said we were fighting Communists, but it was kinds hard to tell./ Ain’t no fun in killin’ folk and I don’t wanna do it no more.” Heavy stuff.

It’s not all sad though. “Hard on Equipment” is about a handy man that’s not particularly good at his job while “Family Reunion” is about just that. Let’s not fool ourselves though. This is is an album mostly about war and contrary to what Stephen Crane famously wrote, war is not kind. The songs “I Wanna Be in the Calvary” and “I Wanna Be in the Calvary: Reprise” bookend the album nicely. The original song states “I beg of you sarge let me lead the charge when the battle lines are drawn/ Lemme at least leave a good hoof beat that’ll remember loud and long.” By the end of the album the mood changes.

With morale in doubt and our pride run out no honor did I see/ All I seen were a thousand dreams piled dead in front of me.” Rightfully so the album close with “Taps.”

It has to be said that Corb has one of the best backing bands around in The Hurtin’ Albertans. Whether in the horn section on “My Saddle Horse has Died” or the tempo shifting in “Lament for Lester Cousins” their talent is always on display. Corb has built a reputation through his career for being a great story teller and musician. Horse Soldier! Horse Soldier!” is no exception and I’m sure there will be more to come." ~

Here he is playing "Student Visas" at a house performance.

Track list :
  1. "I Wanna Be in the Cavalry" (Lund, Stan Rogers) – 3:09
  2. "Horse Soldier, Horse Soldier" – 5:12
  3. "Lament for Lester Cousins" – 4:53
  4. "Brother Brigham, Brother Young" – 4:09
  5. "The Horse I Rode in On" – 3:51
  6. "A Leader on Losing Control" – 3:21
  7. "Student Visas" – 4:03
  8. "What That Song Means Now" – 2:37
  9. "Hard on Equipment (Tool for the Job)" (Lund, Mike Plume) – 3:14
  10. "Family Reunion" – 2:20
  11. "Especially a Paint" – 2:36
  12. "Ciesla's Revenge (Intro)" – 0:38
  13. "My Saddle Horse Has Died" (Lund, Dug Bevans, Michael Caldwell, Terry Johnson) – 3:07
  14. "I Wanna Be in the Cavalry Reprise" (Lund, Rogers) – 3:45
  15. "Taps" (traditional) – 0:32

Saddle up!


Friday, June 11, 2010

Poser Disposer - Waiting To Inhale (2005)

Waiting To Inhale - 2005

Genre - Grind/Thrash
Origin- Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Time - 19:43 min.
File - 38.76 MB (320 kbps)

Poser Disposer is a 3-piece thrash/grindcore/punk band from Saskatoon. They formed from the remains of DFA. Poser Disposer has an EP called “You Don’t Count”, a split with Massgrave called “Victims of A Bong Raid”, and a full length titled “Waiting to Inhale”. Poser Disposer just recently finished recording their side of a split with Splatterhouse which is due out by the end of 2007. Poser Disposer played in 2006’s Goregon Massacre Fest along side the likes of Impaled, Ghoul, Zombie Ritual, Splatterhouse and a few others. (LastFM)

Track List:
1. Dis-Gusting Bird Holocaust
2. Cutlass!
3. Better Than TV
4. Seagulls
5. Rollin & Controllin
6. Drugs Win Drug War
7. 27
8. Dishwasher
9. Shitty Deal
10. Kalabarayshun
11. Waiting To Inhale
12. Bonus Track

This is the CD version that came out on the German label R.S.R, a label that has a killer roster of Grind/Hardcore/Thrash/
Powerviolence bands.
The vinyl version of "Waiting To Inhale" was put out by Canadian label Unrest Records. I caught this furious three piece on tour with Dr.Know once and they tore it up! I got into these crazed Cannucks by way of their previous band, D.F.A, a band that kicked some ass too! Check this out and support them.

Welcome aboard GoatSerpent!

We've added another new member to the Nola Krewe; GoatSerpent, he's sick and twisted like the rest of us here so, be sure to check out his posts. 

Not to be confused with Lord Kur's new member @ Hatred Nation,  goatorgy, these are two different goats. 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lento - Earthen (2007)

Genres: Atmospheric Sludge, Post Hardcore
Lyrical Themes: Instrumental
Origin: Italy (Rome, Lazio)
Formed In: 2004
Label: Supernatural Cat
Status: Active
File: 94 Mb (320kbps)

Giuseppe Caputo - Guitar
Lorenzo Stecconi - Guitar
Donato Loia - Guitar
Emanuele Massa - Bass
Federico Colella - Drums and live samples

1. Hadrons 05:15
2. Need 05:50
3. Subterrestrial 03:14
4. Currents 05:17
5. Emersion Of The Islands 06:47
6. Earth 04:52
7. Leave 09:52
Total playing time 41:07

Lento is a pretty cool Italian band who play a laid back mix of post rock with hardcore. There are some hard moments on here but overall I wouldn't really consider this a metal album so I posted it here instead of on my own blog. I really enjoy this, though, because a lot of times with regular sludge I find the vocals to be godawful and too much like metalcore stuff so this is automatically better since it's instrumental.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Hanging live at The Bar in Metairie, LA. May 22nd, 2010

Filmed by yours truly.  Enjoy.

Monday, June 7, 2010

The New Orleans Bingo! Show - Soft Emergencies (2005)

Somehow this one slipped past me and I didn't even know it was out there til yesterday. But I made that right via Amazon (it's available by digital d/l only) last night and haven't stopped listening to this shit since!! I was originally just hoping it would at least come close to the awesomeness that was Vol. II - For A Life Ever Bright (2008) and now I feel silly for worrying. This one is just as good, if not better, and is straight up addictive. These guys are sure to blow up soon so check them out now before they're a household name :)

"The exclamation that is Bingo! has been running on maximum power lately. After rarely touring for the many years that the act has been together, ringleader (ringmaster?) Clint Maedgen, along with supporting cast-slash-henchmen Ronnie Numbers and Mr. The Turk joined a loosened-up Preservation Hall Jazz Band for several months' worth of international dates since this spring, and still found time to release this 17-track opus.

For the unaware, Bingo! is not just a band. Bingo! is a show, a gang, and a potential entire arts movement. Bingo! incorporates sirens, bullhorns, intimidation, confusion, sharp suits, sunglasses, fezzes and all the best aspects of sleaze, crime, luck, cabaret, carnival and romance. The important thing here is that they're capable of evoking the most important parts of the multisensory experience of a Bingo! show, which includes aggressive light, noise, film screenings and actual bingo games on a record.

Soft Emergencies is incredibly diverse. The nasty, distorted grit of "Looking For That Lucky Five," with its clanging found percussion sounds and fuzzy organ is a junkyard creeper that gives way to Maedgen's angel-sweet vocals and smooth saxophone on the whimsical, romantic "Little Kitten." "Requiem #9" is a Kurt Weill-influenced cabaret tale that seems to be about pirates, and "She Loves A Circus" is a shivery, autumnal track with a dizzy, drunken calliope sound. Soft Emergencies should go with the Mardi Gras beads and pralines in your next New Orleans care package to someone far away; it's a perfect snapshot of New Orleans' most original band. -- Fensterstock" ~








  8. 8.REQUIEM #9



  11. 11. SOLACE

  12. 12. HALLOWEEN

  13. 13. DETECTIVE SONG #2

  14. 14. I GIVE IT ALL TO YOU

  15. 15. MID-CITY BABY



Play some NOLA Bingo!


Buy it here

Generation X - Anthology (3 CD Compilation 2003)

Genre: Punk rock
Origin: London, England
Years Active: 1976–1981
Released: 2003
Recorded: 1977-81
Label: EMI

Disc 1: 157 Mb (320kbps)
Disc 2: 143 Mb (320kbps)
Disc 3: 136 Mb (320kbps)


Cd 1
1. Dancing With Myself
2. Friday's Angels
3. Your Generation
4. Ready, Steady, Go
5. Untouchables
6. Valley of the Dolls
7. Day by Day
8. Wild Youth
9. The Prime of Kenny Silvers (Parts 1 & 2)
10. Wild Dub
11. One Hundred Punks
12. King Rocker
13. Kiss Me Deadly
14. Gimme Some Truth (John Lennon)
15. New Order
16. English Dream
17. Youth, Youth, Youth
18. Rock 'n' Roll (Jimmy Page, Robert Plant)
19. The Hunter (Booker T. Jones, Chappell, Steve Cropper, Donald "Duck" Dunn, Al Jackson, Jr.)

CD 2 Sweet Revenge (Entire Unreleased Album)
1. Triumph
2. Dancing With Myself
3. Girls
4. Modern Boys
5. Cathy Come Home
6. Revenge
7. Flash as Hell
8. Anna Smiles
9. Psycho Beat
10. Stars Look Down
11. I Dig Everything (David Bowie)
12. Dancing With My Wealth
13. Interview with Tony James

CD 3 Live in Osaka, 1978
1. Ready, Steady, Go
2. This Heat
3. English Dream
4. Triumph
5. Anna Smiles
6. Night of the Cadillacs
7. No No No
8. Valley of the Dolls
9. Revenge
10. Kiss Me Deadly
11. Friday's Angels
12. Wild Youth
13. Day by Day
14. King Rocker
15. Your Generation
16. Rock 'n' Roll (Page/Plant)
17. Shakin' All Over (Kidd)
18. Youth, Youth, Youth
19. Outro Jam

Total Playing Time: 3:15:01

It doesn't get any better than this. This is Billy Idol's early stuff with the amazing Generation X and a lot of it here, so make sure you check out all 3 cds. Cd 1 Studio Mix
Cd 2 "Sweet Revenge"
Cd 3 "Live in Osaka, 1978"

SMD - Hatefed Motherfucker 666 (2004)

Hatefed Motherfucker 666

Genre - Hardcore Thrash
Origin - Pico Rivera, Ca.
Time - 23:14 min.
File: 48.54 (320kbps)

It started back in Jan. of 1990 in my garage in PICO RIVERA,CA with the Our first line up. (Vocals-Maury,Guitar-Burgie,Bass-Raul,Drums-Murtle) In Oct. of 1990 Rito joined the band on Drums and Murtle switched to Guitar. In 1992 we were ready to go in the studio to record our first demo, which was a 5 song cassette. At the time we where playing a lot of Backyard Gigs all around L.A. In 1993 we went back into the studio to record our first 7” which was a 9 song E.P. (SMD s/t 7” 500 pressed -out of print) that we released ourselves.

Around the same time shows started to get harder to get, so we played a few clubs in HOLLYWOOD and I remember one night at the ANTI-CLUB the owners were so pissed off at us, that when the show was over as they were kicking us out they said “you will never play HOLLYWOOD again” but we didn’t give a shit. In 1994 our friend Mike moved up to the Bay Area. So we had a out of town contact. By the beginning of 1995 we started going up North and playing shows all over the Bay Area with his band OPPRESSED LOGIC. We ended up meeting a lot of cool people which we are still in contact with today.

In 1996 we went back in the studio to record our second 7” which was a 8 song E.P. (SMD “KING OF DRUNK” 7” on BEER CITY RECORDS 1,000 pressed on Beer colored vinyl-out of print). The line up at the time of this recording was, (Vocals-Maury,Guitar-Burgie,Drums-Rito,Bass-Rose). In 1998 we went back in the studio to record another demo which was a 17 song cassette. The line up for this recording was, (Vocals-Maury,Guitar and Bass-Burgie,Drums-Rito). In 2000 we went back into the studio to record our first Full Length which was a 15 song CD (SMD “PISSING BEER” CD on KING OF DRUNK RECORDS) the line up on this recording was, (Vocals-Maury,Drums-Rito,Guitar-Nick,Bass-Rose).

In May of 2002 we were playing a show at Gilman St. In BERKLEY,CA. After our set my friend Jeff asked if we would be interested in putting out a full length on his label (SIX WEEKS RECORDS) So it took us 1 year and 4 months to come up with this MOTHERFUCKER! In Sept. of 2003 we went into the studio to record our second full length which was a 16 song CD (SMD “MOTHERFUCKER 666” CD on SIX WEEKS RECORDS) Released April of 2004 The line up on this recording was, (Vocals-Maury,Guitar and Bass-Burgie,Drums-Rito) In Oct. of 2004 we went on our first tour out of CALIFORNIA covering most of the Southwest. We met a lot of cool people and I’m sure we pissed off a few on the way just by our nature. (from their myspace page)

Track list:
1. Motherfucker 666
2. Hatefed
3. Bad Rep
4. Drunk & Pissed
5. Commit Suicide
6. Annihilation
7. Fuck Shit Up
8. Money & Power
9. Mended In Fury
10. Free Beer For The King
11. Reason For Treason
12. Sick Society
13. Why Aren't You Dead
14. Be All You Can Be
15. Leverage
16. Alcohol

This unit has been tearing it up for 20 years now with pretty much the same core, changing a bass player here and there along the way. I caught wind of these guys after picking up the "King of Drunk" 7" that came out on Beer City Records in '96. I was glad to see these guys hooking up with the cool people at Six Weeks Records and putting this disc out. They will be making a jaunt up the West Coast in August, maybe more dates will be added by then? Hit up their page by clicking here.

Fuck Shit Up!

Slackeye Slim - Texas Whore Pleaser (2007)

"Slackeye Slim began In the fall of 2006, with the demise of his noise/punk band in the recent past, Joe Frankland began to look for a new band. Growing frustrated with the lack of creative musicians in his rural Northeast Ohio town, he decided to begin a solo project. Having no experience with any instrument other than bass guitar, he began to collect various instruments and learn how to play them.

Frankland created a zombified and cannibalistic caricature of himself, based loosely on his frustrations with the modern world and American culture combined with his interest in history and especially the American West. He called this character Slackeye Slim and began to write and record a series of songs.

Less than a year after Joe Frankland began working on the first songs he had ever written as a solo artist, Slackeye Slim began to gain enough of a following to offer support for national acts, such as Slim Cessna’s Auto Club, Those Poor Bastards, The .357 String Band, and Graham Lindsey.

On Christmas Day of 2007, Slackeye Slim’s first album, “Texas Whore Pleaser” was released. Completely self-produced and self-released, Slackeye Slim’s debut features twelve tracks and guest vocals by Lonesome Wyatt of Those Poor Bastards.

In spring of 2008, Joe Frankland and his brother, Eric Frankland, packed their things and headed west to Anaconda, Montana." ~ Last.FM

Track Listing

1. Looks Like I Killed Again
2. Evil Eye
3. Missy Columbia
4. I Wanna Be Yer Zombie
5. My Name Ain't Tex
6. Cowboy's Lament
7. Wide Open Spaces
8. Don't Touch My Horse
9. No Place Fer Me
10. Chuck Violence
11. Texas Whore Pleaser
12. Just as Soon as I Wound This Man

SS - Texas Whore Pleaser


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mars - Reign of Suns

Mars is a sludge/doom band formed in 2006 from New Orleans.  After many lineup and name changes later, they managed to release this fucking jewel known as "Reign of Suns".  Mars has played shows with Mala Suerte, Coffinworm, Black Tusk, Tombs, The Gates of Slumber, Pentagram, Thou,  and many more.  I featured  a few of their songs on the last compilation that I made for Cheeto and the gang which can be found here and here.

2008 - Reign of Suns

Track Listing:

1.  Shadow Out of Time
2.  Nameless Shapeshift
3.  Golden Dawn
4.  Black On High

Check them out HERE

become a martian

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Avulsion - Crimson Foilage Hit (1998)

Crimson Foilage Hit (1998)

Genre - Grindcore
Origin - Buffalo, NY.
Time - 29:57 min.
File - 60.28 MB (320 kbps)

Avulsion are very dynamic in that they play at a wide variety of speeds, such as fast, faster, absurdly fast and perilously fast. I like Avulsion if only because they are one of the few grind bands who seem to actually care what their guitars sound like. If you like Assück or Benümb then you will like this. Did I mention this record is fast? Well, it is, and it’s fucking good too. Still not sold? What are you, retarded?

(a review by JR from Disposable Undergound)

Track List:
1. Self Hypnosis
2. Beyond The Realm Of Donnie Moore's Understanding
3. Distoted Mirrors
4. Pineal Gland Breathing
5. Sha-Na-Na
6. Virtues Disappear
7. Jim's Power Play
8. The Crimson Curse
9. Fear Is The Leading Cause Of Death
10. The Fickle Finger Of Fate Pt. 1
11. Pt. 2
12. Black Line Crimes
13. The Unexpected Thrills Of The Overhunt
14. Pink Mastiffs To The Systematic
15. Green Scare
16. Boilermaker Straight & Boxed
17. Stakes On the Table
Split w/Forced Expression (1996)
18. Alpha Omega
19. Warlads
20. Tatler's Tale
21. Living Life Through The Five Senses
Split w/ Laceration (1996)
22. Plaid Fiction
23. Scenesters
24. Existence
25. Craves

Established in '93 and still grinding it out today. These guys are pretty badass! Here is their page for more info. Hit it up, Yo!