Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lento - Earthen (2007)

Genres: Atmospheric Sludge, Post Hardcore
Lyrical Themes: Instrumental
Origin: Italy (Rome, Lazio)
Formed In: 2004
Label: Supernatural Cat
Status: Active
File: 94 Mb (320kbps)

Giuseppe Caputo - Guitar
Lorenzo Stecconi - Guitar
Donato Loia - Guitar
Emanuele Massa - Bass
Federico Colella - Drums and live samples

1. Hadrons 05:15
2. Need 05:50
3. Subterrestrial 03:14
4. Currents 05:17
5. Emersion Of The Islands 06:47
6. Earth 04:52
7. Leave 09:52
Total playing time 41:07

Lento is a pretty cool Italian band who play a laid back mix of post rock with hardcore. There are some hard moments on here but overall I wouldn't really consider this a metal album so I posted it here instead of on my own blog. I really enjoy this, though, because a lot of times with regular sludge I find the vocals to be godawful and too much like metalcore stuff so this is automatically better since it's instrumental.



  1. Thanks Kur! I've got an awesome split w/ these guys and Ufomammut that I play a lot...


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