Monday, June 14, 2010

Deathbound - We Deserve Much Worse (2007)

"An overdose of violent Grindcore! This album has everything that old-school Grind used to have, it's vile, it's super fast, it's blasphemous, it hates politics and it's really fucking catchy.

Deathbound comes from Finland and delivers a blasting quality of Grindcore mixed with Crust and a bad-ass attitude. This band plays similar to their country-mates Väld but with less breakdowns, Deathbound focuses more on playing as fast as their body lets them and as hostile as humanly possible. This, their third album, shows a more dynamic band with slight shots of versatility and explosive structures, an album specially made for crazy Grindcore fans.

Half-Hour of continuous blasting and crushing music doesn't slides easily down your ears; this thing is fucking violent to the bone and will make your head ache after the first listen. So, as you can see, I can't talk much about virtuous execution or intricate musicianship, on the contrary, "We Deserve Much Worse" is a really simplistic album, it starts and ends in the same way, sounding like a machine-gun piercing a concrete wall.

This is surely a very elitist release; people with Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror and Terrorizer in their shelves will instantly fall in love with this band and will find themselves playing this album over and over again, while people into the melodious and fruity side of Metal will puke after hearing the first song...fortunately I have Napalm Death and Terrorizer in my collection. Grinders of the world, enjoy!!" ~

Track List :
  1. Deceiving Shortcuts 1:24
  2. End the Guessing 2:09
  3. Gain Control 1:30
  4. Revolutions Against Nothing 2:35
  5. Connected to the Confusion 2:25
  6. Torn 1:48
  7. Debate or Terminate 2:28
  8. Preaching Back to Preachers 1:00
  9. Betrayal Wears Your Face 2:02
  10. No Disease Like Us 1:33
  11. Final Element 1:44
  12. A Fraction of Truth 2:24
  13. Never Been Worse 1:43
  14. Rockthrowers Among Us 0:28
  15. Landmine 1:05
  16. Put the Blame on the Devil 1:44
  17. Vansinne 1:06
  18. Ward 77 2:55




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