Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Avulsion - Crimson Foilage Hit (1998)

Crimson Foilage Hit (1998)

Genre - Grindcore
Origin - Buffalo, NY.
Time - 29:57 min.
File - 60.28 MB (320 kbps)

Avulsion are very dynamic in that they play at a wide variety of speeds, such as fast, faster, absurdly fast and perilously fast. I like Avulsion if only because they are one of the few grind bands who seem to actually care what their guitars sound like. If you like Assück or Benümb then you will like this. Did I mention this record is fast? Well, it is, and it’s fucking good too. Still not sold? What are you, retarded?

(a review by JR from Disposable Undergound)

Track List:
1. Self Hypnosis
2. Beyond The Realm Of Donnie Moore's Understanding
3. Distoted Mirrors
4. Pineal Gland Breathing
5. Sha-Na-Na
6. Virtues Disappear
7. Jim's Power Play
8. The Crimson Curse
9. Fear Is The Leading Cause Of Death
10. The Fickle Finger Of Fate Pt. 1
11. Pt. 2
12. Black Line Crimes
13. The Unexpected Thrills Of The Overhunt
14. Pink Mastiffs To The Systematic
15. Green Scare
16. Boilermaker Straight & Boxed
17. Stakes On the Table
Split w/Forced Expression (1996)
18. Alpha Omega
19. Warlads
20. Tatler's Tale
21. Living Life Through The Five Senses
Split w/ Laceration (1996)
22. Plaid Fiction
23. Scenesters
24. Existence
25. Craves

Established in '93 and still grinding it out today. These guys are pretty badass! Here is their page for more info. Hit it up, Yo!


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