Saturday, June 26, 2010

Black Widow - The Ultimate Sacrifice (1970)

Genre: Progressive Rock
Origin: Leicester, England
Formed: 1966
Years active 1969 - 1973. 2007 - Present
File: Pt. 1 (original album remastered) 99 Mb (320kbps) Pt. 2 (Demos) 79 Mb (320kbps)

Jim Gannon - Guitar
Zoot Taylor - Keyboards
Clive Jones - Saxophone
Kip Trevor - Guitar,Vocals
Bob Bond - Bass
Romeo Challenger - Drums

Pt. 1
1. In Ancient Days 7:38
2. Way to Power 3:31
3. Come to the Sabbat 3:54
4. Conjuration 5:53
5. Seduction 5:37
6. Attack of the Demon 5:37
7. Sacrifice 11:13
Pt. 2
8. In Ancient Days (Demo Bonus Track) 9:26
9. Come to the Sabbat (Demo Bonus Track) 4:14
10. Conjuration (Demo Bonus Track) 5:53
11. Seduction (Demo Bonus Track) 4:42
12. Sacrifice (Demo Bonus Track) 10:52
Total Playing Time 77:55

I'm usually not much of a progressive rock fan but Black Widow were so occult and mysterious sounding that I just love this album. Check it out for something a bit different and unique. This is the original album "Sacrifice" on part one and demos from the session on part 2. Come, Come, Come to the Sabbat...Satan's there!

The Ultimate Sacrifice Pt 1
The Ultimate Sacrifice Pt 2


  1. Got this on vinyl when it came out. As you say, there's just something about this album that's a little different. Thanks!

  2. Thank very much, i have in original but my girlfriend took to she collection of black metal. I was looking to have in my pc.


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