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Grimple/Logical Nonsense - Split (1993)

Grimple/Logical Nonsense

Genre - Metal infused Hardcore Punk
Origin - Oakland, Ca./Santa Fe, NM.
Time - 34:41 min.
File - 68.47 MB (320kbps)

GRIMPLE was formed in November 1990 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a town cradled by the Blood Of Christ Mountains. We were raised on metal and early hardcore, but we were never afraid of listening to other types of music, like the SUGAR HILL GANG. GRIMPLE moved to Oakland, CA in August of 1991. The first GRIMPLE recording was a four song EP called, "Get Me Out Of My Van, I Have No Key." It was recorded in our Oakland practice space by Noah Landis (Neurosis) and our friend Darby. The music was melodic punk rock mixed with fast hardcore. GRIMPLE recorded its first full length LP, "Up Your Ass," in March of 1992. It was recorded by Kevin Army in San Francisco at Sound & Vision Studios, and mixed at Dancing Dog Studios in Oakland. "UP YOUR ASS," was first released by M&E Records (Murray Bowles and Eric Yee), and It was later re-released by East Bay Menace Records. Our first LP was a success, and thousands were sold in the states, as well as Japan. We completed our first American tour in 1992, and it consisted of playing small clubs, basements, and garages. It was fun, and it was a great introduction to freedom for all of us. Both of these records are now available, once again, from Prank Records. GRIMPLE'S next recording was a split LP with LOGICAL NONSENSE. It was recorded once more by Noah Landis in July of 1993 at Sergay's Recording Emporium. Our sound was still fast punk, but we were revealing more of our metal influences. This record was originally released by East Bay Menace records, but is now being pressed again by Prank Records in San Francisco. -Pat Vigil

LOGICAL NONSENSE Born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the six individuals comprising LOGICAL NONSENSE have been a band since 1989. no longer together, they began playing together in their early teens and - with no member changes - they have grown and evolved, creating a singularly unique, brutal style of hardcore. The drummer, Pat, says that being together as a band became a dominant force in their lives. He attributes their learning to play music together at such a young age to their closeness and dedication to each other and the music. Known for their fast, aggressive style, their music has progressed over the last three full-lengths (’93’s Dead Time LP on Very Small Records, Soul Pollution LP/CD), becoming heavier and lyrically and musically more personal... Back when we started, the music was more influence-driven. Soul Pollution, engineered and mixed by Neurosis’ Noah Landis, is a touch more stripped down and driving than the more recent Expand The Hive. But it’s every bit as brutal. It’s the aural equivalent of drinking a bottle of Jack Daniels, inhaling enough toxic drugs to bring down an elephant and then driving 100 miles an hours round hairpin turns with nothing but a rocky cliff and the ocean to catch you if you fall. Reminiscent of bands like Extreme Noise Terror and early Napalm Death, LOGICAL’s sound has grown more and more ferocious and unrelenting with each recording. Alternative Tentacles head honcho, Jello Biafra, claims they renew my faith in the power of hardcore, and they fill the gap left by Sepultura. The lazy listener may make the incorrect assumption that heavy = metal. But there is so much more to LOGICAL’s sound and to the people who listen to them. Their sound doesn’t easily fit into a genre, a category or a classification. Pat agrees, I don’t want to be classified. I want as many people to listen to our music as possible. LOGICAL NONSENSE’s aural attack leaves a residue upon your psyche not easily wiped clean. One listen to Soul Pollution or Expand The Hive and it will weigh heavy on your soul. With a brutal, rapid-fire verbal attack, singer Mikey Miller writes songs that revolve around a myriad of themes: corruption, social decay, despair, hypocrisy, addiction, stagnation and even aliens. Logical Nonsense belongs to of a new generation of extreme hardcore. Myspace

Track List:
1. Layed Back
2. Infierno
3. PC
4. Darker Shade Of Grey
5. Crucified
6. System Fukers
7. Forever Fucked
8. Dethroned Emperor (Celtic Frost)
9. No Return
Logical Nonsense
10. Legion
11. Razed
12. A Reigning
13. Before The Act
14. The Crushing
15. Pigs Blood Blues (alternate version)
16. Untitled Track

I bought this the day it hit the streets and I found it tucked away a few weeks ago and put it into heavy rotation around my compound. My boy and I have been circle pitting around the coffee table and doing couch dives ever since...haha! This nice little slab came out on the short lived, East Bay Menace Records out of Oakland back in '93. On this split both bands came out sounding a bit heavier than their previous outings by adding a little metal into their hardcore punk giving both bands a nastier sounding edge. Check out Logical Nonsense and Grimple, good tunes.

Forever Fuked!!


  1. East Bay Menace, nice! I posted the full length from Grimple on the Swamp a while back if anybody wants that one...Thanks for the split Mr. T

  2. You are welcome man! Yeah, I remember you posting it


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