Tuesday, June 15, 2010

V/A - Grind Crusher (1990)

Genres: Death Metal, Grindcore, Noise, Electronic
Label: Earache/Combat
File: 154 Mb (320kbps)

1. Morbid Angel - Chapel of Ghouls 5:00
2. Repulsion - Radiation Sickness 2:07
3. Carcass - Exhume to Consume 4:21
4. Godflesh - Streetcleaner 6:03
5. Terrorizer - Dead Shall Rise 3:04
6. Hellbastard - Justly Executed 4:12
7. Carnage - Malignant Epitaph 3:15
8. Naked City - Osaka Bondage 1:17
9. Filthy Christians - Extremely Bad Breath 0:51
10. Old Lady Drivers - Colostomy Grab-Bag 3:33
11. Intense Degree - I've Got a Cure 2:08
12. Sore Throat - Horrendify and Kill 0:23
13. Napalm Death - Malicious Intent 3:26
14. Entombed - But Life Goes On 2:57
15. Nocturnus - BC/AD 4:57
16. Bolt Thrower - World Eater 4:52
17. Lawnmower Deth - Satan's Trampoline 3:03
18. Cadaver - Hypertrophian 2:33
19. Sweet Tooth - Fat City 4:15
20. Mighty Force - Thrashing a Dead House 4:09
21. Spazztic Blurr - He-Not-A-Home-Me-Marco 3:24
22. Heresy - Release 1:11
23. Unseen Terror - Divisions 1:53
24. Napalm Death - You Suffer 0:04
Total Playing Time:  01:13

I thought I would make my first post coincide with my first CD purchase ever. The Grindcrusher Various Artists compilation released by Earache/Combat in 1990. I bought this when I was 11 years old in summer of 1992 at a little used record/book store in Santa Cruz California called Logos. I went there looking for Napalm Death and found the next best thing, or maybe even better. A compilation with all the greatest Earache bands at the time (or ever). Here you will find the most known bands including Morbid Angel, Repulsion, Carcass, Bolt Thrower, Entombed and of course Napalm Death with more obscure bands such as Sore Throat, Naked City, Sweet Tooth, Spazztic Blurr, Mighty Force and Hellbastard. This was a treasure trove of underground Death Metal, Grind and even Noise and Electronic back then, which were completely new to me at the time. Grind Crusher was eventually re-released in a hacked up form with most of the rarer tracks cut off, but this is the original complete version. Enjoy!


  1. Excellent post right out of the gate! I got this on cassette back in '90 and still have it, saved some time from making a mixed tape..haha! I caught Napalm Death, Carcass, Brutal Truth and Sleep plus a couple of other bay area local bands 2 years later on the Earache "Campaign for Music Destruction" tour at the Omni in Oakland, great time! I still have my Napalm Death long sleeve that has that slogan on the back

  2. Excellent post! Btw, that was a cool baptism ... thanks for the comp!

  3. I had this on tape as well. After a big move I sold all my tapes and its going to be nice to hear this once again. Cheers!

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