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Hiems - 2009 - Worship or Die

2009 - Worship or Die

Agol - all instruments and vocals
Razor SK - lead and clean guitars on track 2, 6, 7, 8
m:A Fog - drums on track 3 and 10
Paolo Apollo Negri - hammond on track 8, 9 , 10
Daniele Mandelli - lead guitar on track 10

Total Playing Time: 54:22
File Size: 122.87 mb  (320kbps)

Formed in 2006, “Worship or Die” is the second full-length album by Hiems from Italy. Hiems is a one man band consisting of Algol (also a member of Forgotten Tomb and Dead?) on all instruments and vocals. Although it may be filed under Black Metal, it seems to be used more aesthetically than musically. There are moments of intense tremolo guitar and yes the vocals have a harsh rasp to them, but it definitely leans more to the Black and Roll side of metal with elements of Death Metal, Thrash and Hard Rock thrown in too. An interesting combination and happily Algol pulls it off effortlessly.
From start to finish, you might find an odd mix of music here. Starting with the short instrumental “Worship or Die”, kind of martial and somewhat cheesy is the best description. This all changes with the song “I”, which blasts off with bombastic drums. It’s a complex composition, but it still retains harmony and brutality. The full production adds to the wall of intense sound. “Scum Destroyer” is a harsh mid tempo piece. The Black and Roll sound is perfected here, that is until a flurry of blast beats punctuates our ears. “W.O.F.” is buzzing with dizzying guitars and savage riffs. There’s a short interlude called “Adventum” which gives us a breather from the break neck riffs. Here we have ambient sounds, babies crying and bells tolling, a nice touch all together. “Bringer of Light” jars us back to the theme with intense wall of sound. Slow and heavy as hell, but at the same time lots of interesting chord changes and thrashy rhythm guitars. It’s very atmospheric in a memorable way. “Wounds Just Death Can Heal”, this is an awesome mix of early 80’s thrash (think Exodus’ Bonded By Blood and early Metallica) and Enslaved. “Hiems” brings back the slow and heavy sound like we heard previously on “Bringer of Light”. It does feature a short intermission with a psychedelic Hammond organ that oddly works; if not adds to the dark atmosphere. The Hammond organ appears again in “290979”, this time with a background of stormy ambient sounds. Here’s a switch from the theme that’s just perfect, “Race With The Devil”. This is just a great 70’s hard rock influenced song (reminiscent of Coven, Black Widow and even The Devil’s Blood). Tons of memorable riffs are here and it’s something that you find yourself listening to over and over.
Apart from the intro, everything here is just great music. While they are comparable to bands like Averse Sefira and Leviathan, you can certainly add Virus, Satyricon and Enslaved to the list too. Vocals are a mix of Death Metal rasp and Black Metal growl; but not so much that the lyrics are not understandable. Overall you can say that Algol is an excellent musician as well as producer, his attention to detail and hard work is heard in every note. It’s really refreshing to listen to a cd that not only is full of surprises but is memorable too.- review by Viktorya @ Heathen Harvest

Track Listing:

01. Worship Or Die
02. I
03. Scum Destroyer
04. Wof
05. Adventum
06. Bringer Of Light
07. Wounds Just Death Can Heal
08. Hiems
09. 290979
10. Race With The Devil

I haven't been posting as much as I'd like to lately, work is kicking my ass, but I've got some stuff  coming. I have a bunch of videos that I have been editing from recent live shows here in New Orleans, as well as a bunch of cajun music that I have been ripping from vinyl's so be on the lookout for that.  Now, on to Hiems.

Let me just say this: This album ROCKS.  I have been listening to this a good bit lately, I'm sure most of you will enjoy it.  Especially you Mari!   This has been posted on a few other blogs, but all of them in horrible 128kbps, I personally encoded this in 320kbps. Enjoy.

Check them out HERE

Worship or Die!

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