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XCoalition Against ShaneX - Down With The King (1998)

Down With The King

Genre - Powerviolence
Origin - Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Time - 42.5 min.
File - 82.15 MB (320kbps)

XCoalition Against ShaneX is a band that me and a friend started for the sole purposes of being idiots and making fun of people. All of us in D.o.M. and XCASX have been friends for a long time, and are complete jokers and fools. We started off making fun of this kid Shane (original D.o.M. bassist) for being a complete skid and all of a sudden it blew up. I never thought it would go any- where, but a lot of kids are into this band. I think my favorite thing about XCASX is the fact that like 95% of the lyrical content, no matter how shocking.. .is completely true. Yes, we did make a kid eat a raw onion for a demo, yes, there was a kid named Tobe that drank a bottle of pee to amuse us, and ye.s we did get drunk metalheads to harass Corpsegrinder at a Cannibal Corpse show. We're dorks, but it's harmless fun, until someone gets stabbed with a pitchfork, which actually happened at a XCASX show, but that's a story in itself. We've collaborated with such heroes (well, to us anyway) as Dan Lilker of Brutal Truth, Chris Dodge of Spazz, and the mighty rock warrior THOR. We did a couple of demos that went out of print and were pressed onto the "Down with the King" CD on XProphecy RecordsX which is also out of print. Right now, we have" a split CD with THOR called "Keepin" the Dogs Away" which is doing really good. We wanna revive THOR, so we can tour with him and PILEDRIVER. (MRR interview)

Track List:
Down With The King (1998)
1.Comparison Between Shane & Geri Halliwel Of The Spice Girls
2. Pulling A Hurcules
3. The Brutal Truth About Dan (w/Dan Lilker)
4. Ken Is Turning Japanese
5. What's Goin On. Eh?
6. Forced To Pay To Play With Nile
7. Love Bites...Your Arms Off (a tribute to the one armed druumer of Def Leppard)
8. Don't Fucking Call Me Goatlord
9. Cold Lamping With Fudd
10. Rebuttal From My Butthole
11. The Blood On Satan's Claws
12. Makin Bacon
13. George "Corpsegrinder" Does Not Really Grind Corpses!
14. World's Largest Gangbang (w/your mother)
15. Sick Of Them All

16. Ode To Scary Red-Headed Pete
17. The Ballad Of Gary Glitter
It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold My Cack (1999)
18. March Against Shane
19. Nectar Of The Gods
20. W.S.C.O.T
21. I.N.S (I'm never sober)
22. The Tough Guy Song
23. The Ballad Of Puff Daddy
24. Joe's Tatto From the Hardside
25. 5 Second Spiller
26. XCoalition Against ShaneX Vs. Tony Ramhit In A No Holds Barred Japanese Style Death Match With Barbed Wied Bats & Exploding Tacks
27. 107 Reasons Why John Is A Complete Fucking Moron
28. Ringfinger (a tribute to the lost finger of Jay Kehoe)
29. Pumping Iron
30. Cannibal Crotch Crunch
31. The S In Nick S. From Soulstorm Stands For Sucks!
32. Kyle
33. The Militant Straightedge Anthem
34. Stone Cold Toby & The Golden Throat Charmer
35. Cockrock Warlock
36. Your Mom'sA Fat Bitch
37. Above The Rim
38. Suicide's An Alternative
39. Fuck You. Brampton Crew!
40. Untitled

41. Untitled
42. Untitled
43. Untitled

Check out the song titles and you can pretty much guess what's in store for your earholes from this Cannuck 4 piece. Information on this band is pretty elusive. I took the info above from an old interview the guitarist, Domenic did with Maximum Rock n Roll about his other band Day of Mourning and XCASX came up in the conversation. Check out the interview here. The cover of this disc is pretty funny,Screech (Dustin Diamond) chillin with King Daimond. Comments accepted!

Down With The King

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