Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Iron Lung - Life. Iron Lung. Death. (2004)

Iron Lung - Life. Iron Lung. Death.

Genre - Powerviolence
Origin - Seattle, Wa.
Time - 70:25 min.
File - 73.68 MB (320 kbps)

Iron Lung are a two piece hardcore punk act from Seattle, Washington heavily influenced by power violence and grindcore. The band formed in 1999 in Reno and is currently in Seattle after spending some time in Oakland. They have released music on several labels including Prank Records, 625 Thrashcore, and their own label, Iron Lung Records. In recent years the band has collaborated with other members of the hardcore punk scene, including Hatred Surge and Dave Bailey, formerly of Running For Cover. 2009 saw the release of Public Humiliation, a three-way collaboration between Iron Lung and Jon and Jensen’s side projects, Pig Heart Transplant and Walls respectively. The recording is of a one-off live performance from Halloween of 2008. Jon Kortland is also half of the art project Feeding, which has made artwork for several Iron Lung, Walls and PHT releases, as well as album covers for several other bands. (LastFM)

Track List:
1. Diagnosis
2. Condemned
3. Shingles
4. One Cure For Two Diseases
5. Cauterization
6. Paralyzed Words
7. Manufactured
8. Care For The Machine
9. A Grim Possibilty For Owen Moses
10. Life. Iron Lung. Death
11. Primal Therapy Pt. 3
12. Rate Of Respiration
13. Life's Worth
14. Cleansing Breath
15. Stricken
16. Complications
17. Jarvik 7
18. Focal Segmental Glomerular Sclerosis
19. Thankful
20. ...As Technology Advances
21. Sound Of Cold
22. Brain-Scan Excorcism
23. Iron Lung
24. Pushing Life (unreleased version)
25. Abduction Boots
26. Concentric Circulator
27. Arc Lamp
28. Regenerate
29. Mechanical Assistance
30. Placement Six
31. Modified For Arm Abduction
32. Positive Pressure Breathing Attachment
33. If Polio Strikes
34. Storage Unit
35. Body Enclosing
36. Pathoclast
37. Esocargophagus
38. Spirophere

From the ashes of Reno, Nevada's Gob came Iron Lung. What you have here is the "Life. Iron Lung. Death."Lp, the "Demonstrations in Pressure & Volume" ep, the split ep with Brainoil, and the split ep with Teen Cthulhu all here on one disc! It was a split release by two Bay Area labels 625 Thrashcore and the short lived Boredom Noise label. Here's the track listing for the ep's (I don't know why they aren't in order?) tracks 28, 31, 25, 35, 32, 30, 34, 27, 38 "Demonstrations in Pressure & Volume" ep, tracks 29, 33, 36 "Brain Lung" split ep with Brainoil and tracks 26, 37, 23 "Tenacled Breathing" split ep with Teen Cthulhu. Here is their blog where you can get all things Iron Lung, Walls & PHT.


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