Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Autopsy Mayhem Hard Sound (Part One) "A Trainwreck Complication" (1998)

Autopsy Mayhem Hard Sound (Part One) "A Trainwreck Complication"

Genre - Grindcore & Sludge
Origin - Campbell, Ca.
Time - 18:24 min.
File - 35.58 MB (320kbps)

Track List:
1.Gob - Turkish Revenge
2. Noothgrush - Oil Removed
3. Bros. Jibb - True Love
4. Jenny Piccolo - Eight
5. Billy Clyde - Steinmetz
6. Shedwellaz/Agents of Satan - Necronomicon/Agents/No Less
7. Benumb - Pete Sure Is Angry
8. Deadbodieseverywhere - Born Ready
9. Utter Bastard - I Want to Kill
10. Makara - Paper Cuts

Here is a really good comp I picked up at a Gob show back in '98 at Gilman St. in Berkeley. I was scouring through Gob's distro box/Satan's Pimp Records, a label that was run by Jon Kortland of the defunct Gob (Reno) and member of Iron Lung, when I came across this slab.

This is a compilation recorded and put together by Trainwreck recording studios located in Campbell, Ca. This disc is housed in thick caustic orange cardboard jacket wrapped with a thick white paper band around the outside with the names of the bands featured, accompanied by a thick booklet of black and white photos of all the bands involved. This is still a favorite around my compound. Enjoy!

Audio Devastation!!

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