Monday, May 31, 2010

Fuck On The Beach - Endless Summer (2001)

I had no idea what to expect from this band until I actually played this cd and damn, it's good! Killer thrash/power violence with completely bat-shit screamed vocals. Imagine if Pig Destroyer, Melt Banana, Spazz and The Locusts all fucked on the beach and had an angry, angry baby. That's this...

"Fuck on the Beach (AKA FxOxB) is a power violence/thrashcore band from Tokyo, Japan. They have released several records on the influential hardcore punk record label Slap-A-Ham Records run by Spazz vocalist/bassist Chris Dodge.

In 1999 the band played at Fiesta Grande, a power violence music festival put on by Slap-A-Ham Records, at 924 Gilman as part of their US Tour. This concert was recorded and released on CD as Power Violence Forever US Tour 1999.

Although the band's first language is Japanese, the lyrics and titles of their songs are in English. This often results in examples of Engrish such as the songs "I Cannot Stop Fall in Love" or "Never No Skin Fuck" from their Power Violence Forever CD" ~ Wiki

Track List :

A1 Fuck On The Beach 0:06
A2 Something I Don't Want To Know 1:38
A3 Too Sad To Be Alone 1:43
A4 All The World 2:26
A5 Broken Back Hole 1:16
A6 Alone In Your Room 1:48
B1 She Used To Cry For It 1:47
B2 Tired My Life 1:46
B3 Betrayed Again 1:35
B4 I Have Never Seen Myself 1:49
B5 Ride On Timing 6:55
B6 Fuck Forever

Get fucked (sorry, had to do that :)


  1. I caught these guys back in 1999 on their West Coast tour. High octane powerviolence! I think I still have the tour shirt? I need to get going on ripping some vinyl.


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